Coronavirus Armed Gestapo Now Removing People From Homes

“Coronavirus Armed Gestapo Now Removing People From Homes”

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#Covid #Coronavirus #canada
Conspiracy Revelation: 11.5.2020: Another Ultra Fascist Super Police State…Another “Queen´s Land”… Medical Fascism in Realtime.
“So you sold your Soul.”
“Police officer: So I am not here to get into that debate.”
“Police Officer: I have to take both of you to St. Johns Hospital for an examination. It´s a form of the Ministry of Health..this is what I have to do.”
“No way, no way, you have no right.”
“You are not an authority.”
“You hypocrite.”
“This is intrusion.”
“You are fascist.”
“You come at night, you are thieves.”
“You are not our Authority, our Authority is God.”
“Police Officer 2: You want to go barefoot? Okay.”
“Police Officer 3: I apologize that this has come to this
okay we are just doing what we have to do would just which do what we, okay, I realize you don’t agree with it, but we really just didn’t want anyone to get hurt, okay.”
“You are just slaves to the system.”

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