Virus: Food Shortages and Panic

“Virus: Food Shortages and Panic”
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“So I think you know a lot of people are gonna see right now that the coronavirus is a little bit more serious than what
they thought and people that used to prep or did think prepping was stupid ..see it might not be that
stupid anymore ..there’s people that can’t get a basic household food supplies and things like that you know
the chronovirus is just a catalyst, just a catalyst like all other pandemics, disasters, anything like that it just
shows what social breakdown how quickly that can happen and how quickly after supply chains fall out quickly people
only care about themselves and looking out for themselves and do whatever it takes to take care of themselves just that society just dissolves and so I did two quick grocery
ones yesterday and today I just left again..
we normally do we met pace it emerges…it was like Thursday or Friday there’s one confirmed case in my town and that
sent everyone into panic mode, three days prior to that the only thing else going on here was sanitizer and toilet paper, you couldn’t find it so but that case led into a frenzy. Now 72 hours later we’re talking about everything was selling out of the stores I’m talking about you couldn’t.. get anything ..just a few minutes to go the the one guy that got
it was an extended-stay he actually passed away this morning says her first death has occurred from coronavirus today, so I’m sure things are gonna go get even crazier, the thing is YouTube doesn’t almost want us making videos about this at all. They’re trying to throttle each video. so if you will go down there and hit give me a thumbs up and share the video
please because they’re trying to throttle us we’re trying to shut us up from doing this and you’ll see CDC
information bar right here because they don’t want us even talking about it…I think you know the flu talk people saying oh there’s just the flu, just the flu, I think we’re past that, now right we are past that, it’s not like the flu the transmission rate is so quickly and the thing is so many people are saying well Oh if I get I’ll get over yeah but how many people are you gonna transmit and carelessly give it to in Kill, okay, thinking about some other than yourself hero you’re just carelessly transmitting it, what you need to do is stay home, don’t go anywhere you don’t have to don’t go to
bars, sit down and restaurants I’m not saying nothing to get food from restaurants.”
“He is in Italy.. we had him go out on the town and actually
go to a couple pharmacies and stores I mean it’ll like 28 days later like the movie like zombie apocalypse, there’s
nobody around and they’re under mandatory quarantine the other thing is they had to get special permit to leave
their house.”
“that here too they will quarantine us eventually if people do not adhere to trying to cut back and we don’t get a
grasp on the same we want this thing to stop you know what I mean the other thing is I had a lot of comments talking
about Italy the reason why they’re getting get hits the hardest or not as healthy listen they’re number two
healthiest country in the world behind Spain. America
way down on bottom less so go ahead and let it start circling right here and see how bad it affects you you know guys
with diabetes heart disease all these kind of things there’s nothing to play with.”
“and just you know think about other people just because you could survive the corona virus doesn’t mean
somebody else can and you may have some kind of health issue and they have autoimmune disease and then you kill them off, because of your carelessness, okay, so don’t travel, stay home, you know, enjoy time with your things like that, read some books out in your garage, whatever, so hopefully this helps, like I said, I’ll keep updating as time goes by.”

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