RR0203/A Canada: Cloning

“RR0203/A Canada: Cloning”
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Views of Montreal, Canada, geodesic dome, sports stadium, people passing in street; woman
looking towards shop window; chickens and lambs in shop window display; woman voxpop; man voxpop in French with English translation; man voxpop; File: Dolly the cloned sheep; Gene the cloned cow; various Dolly and ultrasound scan and lamb; various of scientists in genetic research laboratory; genetically modified pigs (APTN file); Dr Brigitte Boisellier, SOT, partially underlaid; volunteer surrogate mothers passing along corridor in Raelian Montreal premises; Marina Cocolios, Raelian, daughter of Dr Boisellier and would be surrogate mother, SOT; Anushka Bibans-Laucan, Raelian and would-be surrogate mother, SOT in French with English translation; travelling through Canadian countryside, past farm with silo; various views car arriving at UFOland; various views of corridors, stained-glass windows in UFOland; various views of Rael, Dr Boisellier in discussion in front of model of proposed Embassy for Elohim aliens; replica of UFO allegedly encountered by Rael in France; tilt up motorised rotating model of DNA strand; Rael, founder and prophet of the Raelian Religion, SOT; various views of apartment building exterior in Montreal; Professor Margaret A Somerville, ethicist, SOT; Raelian surrogate mothers walking down Montreal street (APTN)
Cloning threatens to change man’s relation with nature and many are worried it opens a Pandora’s box of dark possibilities for the human race. That asexual reproduction is possible is beyond doubt, and proof exists in the form of Dolly the sheep. But just what it could mean if humans are cloned? What rules should apply? What if the technology gets into the wrong hands? One movement in the forefront of cloning human embryos is the Raelian sect. Its founder describes all human life as a cloning experiment organised by aliens. The Raelians are completely serious about cloning and confident they will succeed”

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