EXTREME HEAT WAVE* over parts of Spain, France, Germany and Italy this week – temperatures locally over +40 °C, Jun 25th – 30th

“EXTREME HEAT WAVE* over parts of Spain, France, Germany and Italy this week – temperatures locally over +40 °C, Jun 25th – 30th”

“Latest model guidance is now in very good agreement regarding the development of a very intense, historic and possibly deadly heat wave this week, as a powerful upper ridge forms over a large part of Europe. A so-called Spanish plume will result in extreme warm airmass advection with afternoon temperatures soaring into 38-42 °C range across NE Spain and parts of south-central France. The heat (Heat index) will be especially extreme in urban areas and big cities, where urban heat islands (UHI) usually develop and lead to even higher temperatures (especially nighttime and daily averages) due to effects of human activity and indeed overheating concrete building and roads. Let us take a look into details with day-by-day model trends.
The overall pattern is supporting the strengthening of an upper ridge (an Omega blocking pattern) over west-central Europe, just east of a deep upper low placed west of Iberian peninsula. As a result, a powerful southwesterly jet stream will advect very warm to extremely warm airmass across Spain, France, W Germany and Benelux into UK and Ireland – a textbook Spanish plume event. Low/Mid-level airmass across France and the UK will be 15-18 °C warmer than average for the end of June period! To the east of the upper ridge, colder weather will result across north and east Europe as quite significant cold advection takes place in the wake of a large deep trough moving across western Russia.
Note: the Spanish plume is the pattern in which a plume of very warm airmass moves from the Iberian plateau or the western Sahara to western Europe and usually leads to extremely high temperatures over the region.
Below is an overview of various models (GFS, ICON-EU and ARPEGE) for the Tuesday-Friday period when the heat will be most extreme over the region. Some of these models are going into very high, record-breaking June values. These, however, might be too aggressive at the end. Extreme heat with temperatures locally soaring into low 40s is quite possible, especially over Auvergne and Rhone valley in SE France, Ebro valley in NE Spain and Po plain in N Italy where Föehn effect and dry SSE winds will result in even higher temperatures!”
“Tuesday, June 25th
Heat begins intensifying across N Spain, France and N Italy with afternoon temperatures soaring into mid to upper 30s in some areas – valleys.”
Wednesday, June 26th
Extreme heat develops as strong warm advection continues across France and UK. Models are hinting at peak afternoon temperatures in the low 40s across south-central France, while upper 30s seem also likely over NE France, W Germany, NE Spain and N Italy.”
“Thursday, June 27th
The heat wave peaks on Thursday when the most extreme peak afternoon temperatures are expected. Some models are exceptionally intense / robust regarding the peak values, as for example high-resolution models ARPEGE and ICON-EU push temperatures into 43-46 °C range in Auvergne (France) and Ebro valley (Spain)! Nevertheless, even GFS is hinting at peak afternoon temperatures up to 42 °C! Extremely hot day with temperatures climbing close to 40 °C threshold is also likely over WSW Germany and N Italian plains.”
“Friday, June 28th
The final day of the extreme heat wave over France, before weather change with a cold front pushes the airmass to the southeast. Most of the models are again simulating extreme heat with peak afternoon temperatures in the low 40s, especially across parts of southern France and NE Spain. Again, ARPEGE and ICON-EU models are the most aggressive, pushing towards +45 °C in some valleys!”
“Recap: parts of Europe are in for a very intense, likely historic and possibly deadly heat wave this week – temperatures will be soaring into the low 40s from Wednesday through Friday! Stay tuned for further updates and stay alert for dangerous life-threatening conditions!”

Source: http://www.severe-weather.eu/mcd/extreme-heat-wave-over-parts-of-spain-france-germany-and-italy-this-week-temperatures-locally-over-40-c-jun-25th-30th/
“CNN)Europe is only three days into summer, and Mother Nature is quickly cranking up the heat.
A “potentially dangerous” heat wave is forecast to engulf the continent this week.
With summer 2018’s devastating heat wave and droughts still fresh in the minds of Europeans, many are wondering whether this season will feature more of the same.

“Heat waves are on the rise,” Stefan Rahmstorf, co-chairman of Earth system analysis at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and professor at Potsdam University in Germany, said in a statement. Rahmstorf related recent heat waves to climate change by comparing them with 500 years of records.

“The hottest summers in Europe since the year 1500 AD all occurred since the last turn of the century: 2018, 2010, 2003, 2016, 2002,” Rahmstorf said.
Global heat records are being set five times as often today as they would in a stable climate, and according to Rahmstorf, what we are seeing is exactly what was predicted by climate scientists as a result of rising global temperatures caused by increases in greenhouse gas emissions from burning coal, oil and gas.”
“According to Météo-France, this heat wave “promises to be exceptional” for June. Heat waves are common in July and August.
“Since 1947, the only June heat wave occurred in 2005. This one looks much more intense, unprecedented in June.”
The frequency of heat wave events such as this one “is expected to double by 2050,” Météo-France said, and without significant cuts to greenhouse gas emissions, they could be stronger and last longer than in the recent past. Heat wave days in France could increase from five per summer to 25, the statement said.
The heat wave comes ahead of a stalled storm over the Atlantic, which will pump warm air up from Africa and the Mediterranean Sea.”
“High pressure will also park itself over the region this week, resulting in a dome of sinking air and warming temperatures over Europe.
Heat waves are some of the most direct manifestations of climate change, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and Europe is certainly not the only place feeling the heat.
Deadly heat waves are going to be a much bigger problem in the coming decades, becoming more frequent and occurring over a much greater portion of the planet…”
“Conspiracy Revelation Realistic-Addition: 25.6.2019: >>ESPECIALLY<<< because of >>CHEMTRAILS<<< and Tesla-Scalarwave-Standing-Wave-Heater like HAARP." Source: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/06/24/world/europe-heat-wave-climate-crisis-wxc/index.html

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