Demons In Human Form – Demon Spirits

Conspiracy Revelation: The socialism vs capitalism ideologic war is deceptive Nonsense….apart from the Debt-Capitalistic-Black-White-Dogma-Bias, most Info is relatively useful.
“Demons In Human Form – Demon Spirits”

“It consists of the things that we’re willing to fight for the First Amendment the Bill of Rights the rest of the Bill of Rights are prohibitions they’re prohibitions against powerful organizations and individuals taking
those god-given rights from us as individuals you better understand that because they’re taking them right now we have seen what they want to do they called it UN engine 21 now they call it the UN 2030 agenda they want everybody
off of the rural lands they want people out of the suburbs and want to pack everybody into the cities because that’s
where it is easiest for them to control everyone.” (Knight Show)
“People who carry this out are not human, that’s really important to understand, they’re not human beings, they may look human, they can speak like humans, they have a biological body just like a human, but inside the soul has been replaced, they are demon spirits and the goal of the demonic entities is the complete destruction of humankind and that goal has become very apparent lately when you look at for example the geoengineering that is designed to pollute the atmosphere ..and they want to pollute the stratosphere to dim the Sun, by dimming the Sun they want to diminish sunlight radiation energy, reaching the surface of the earth and thereby shut down photosynthesis which is the plant physiology basis for all life on Earth or practically all life, all the food webs that you know in the ocean, on land, human beings, mammals, everything, all depends on photosynthesis one way or another and if you shut down photosynthesis you not only get a food collapse, you get of course a depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere, because you no longer have trees and plants and generating oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis, so there is a there is a global suicide, maybe that’s not even right word, a global extermination of human beings taking place right now and it’s being carried out by people who appear to be human, but are actually demonic entities inhabiting human bodies that used to of course be inhabited by actual human souls, so this is the epic biblical war that you were warned about you know
in Bible School this is it this is God vs Satan and Satan comes into the world in the form of other people. Satan takes the form of a climate change political leader, let’s say the Satan takes the form of a politician, takes the form of somebody who says: oh we want to give you free everything, because socialism is good, government is good give us all your power and we will take care of you that’s that’s a satanic message that’s a demon spirit behind those messages and if you look into the eyes of some of the radical socialists who are proposing these kinds of things you can actually see hints of demons, just look into their eyes. (Mike Adams)”

“Counterthink: Countering the Brain Dead Propaganda.”
“What my dad could never do , as my parent alive, he did by the disappearance totally changed me. I became a very serious young person, anyone that knew me then would tell you that and my whole life became a different trajectory, because I chose, I chose in the moment of my biggest trauma to choose a different
path, that’s called free will, this is where our divinity takes us, this is why Alex is fearless, this is why I have been
fearless, this is why I stay on message, because I know this is a short, short stop, this lifetime, in Eternity, a short
stop in who we are and what we do here does matter and we have to have meaning in that, meaning for our individual life, so what my suggestion is look inside, examine your heart, examine your thoughts as you begin to change the world again and let us reshape this next century in the image of God. Wow, wouldn’t that be something, wouldn’t that be amazing if we could integrate those values and I believe at the 5 minutes to midnight the power of God is descending on the planet and the gifts of the Spirit will rise and the meek indeed with sword sheet we will be strong we will inherit the earth because we are strong. (Nick Begich)”
“We will be protected by God.”
“It is an attack on Neurology, because it is designed to be, vaccines are bio weapons, understand that now, vaccines are bio weapons, they are there to destroy you, they are there to harm your neurology, but not quite kill you, because they want you to be softened up, it makes you easier to control, turns you into a sheeple, makes you an obedient person and sometimes allows you to be possessed, literally possessed by demonic entities, that take over your body and then run you know around your body like a biological puppet I’m telling you this is all the vaccine conspiracy against humanity is very real, it is very dangerous and you must avoid vaccines at all costs if you want to save your life. .. but the bottom line is I want you to be safe I want you to protect your soul I want you to
protect your brain I want you to protect your health I want you to be empowered aware full of knowledge about how to
succeed as a spiritual divine being in a world that has been infested with evil, true satanic, demonic, destructive evil that wants to literally destroy humanity, we are all spiritual warriors, it comes down to that: we are spiritual warriors in an epic cosmic war of good versus evil and the evil is right in front of you, it takes human form, but it is not human on the inside, you listening to this,you are human you are warriors you
have an opportunity to help defeat evil and protect all that which is good, to protect the light and to protect life
and to protect health and innovation and creation, because all the powers are allied against you to try to destroy all that, right now. (Mike Adams)”

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