Ken O’Keefe – US Military Fighting For Israel – Israel, not Iran, is the Threat!

“A very peaceful history…standing up to the monsters, to the empire…refusing to bow, these are qualities that every self-respecting man or woman would appreciate, so Iran has very much to be proud of, but Iran is very much in the crosshairs, because although militarily it poses no real threat to us, it does pose a massive ideological threat, again, it refuses to bow, and of course what do we do when we go and fight Israeli wars? We bow to the jewish supremacist…satanic..bankster cult, that is the israeli power structure, which runs America…Americans are going to be used for another war for Israel, if we allow it…Donald Trump is continuing the legacy of embarassingly…sycophantic servile behavior towards Israel…going and kissing ass to the Jews at the Western Wall.. going to Saudi-Arabia and prostrating himself to the head-choppers, the head-choppers who continue to insult American Intelligence…please share (the video) it far and wide and let us not allow ourselves to be used as stooges for jewish supremacists any longer.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 24.6.2019: Approved by the most high…via transdimensional spirit resonance.
“Ken O’Keefe – US Military Fighting For Israel – Israel, not Iran, is the Threat!”
“Ken O’Keefe: is re-releasing his epic expose of the Israeli/Jewish lies about Iran that are being employed just as the “WMD’s in Iraq” lie was used to send American sons and daughters off to die for Israel in the invasion/occupation of Iraq. With Syria not all going to plan, the ultimate target of Iran and the World War III agenda looks to be in overdrive with President Trump continuing the sickening and sychonpantic role of Jewish US Presidents as Jewish whipping boys. How many more American sons and daughters will be sacrificed for Israel before genuine American patriots stand up and refuse orders and arrest the traitors in Congress? These questions and points and more are made in this, part 1 of a 2 part program that tells the truth about the what and why regarding Iran..”
“So if I understand the Truth is the truth & a Lie is a lie then; The CIA, NSA, (FBI?) CNN, Fed Res Bank, IMF, Bank of England – BoE, MI1…MI5…MI19, SIS, BBC, are all A Israeli (MOSSAD) Organized crime (Russian-Israeli Mafia – the global organized crime … investigating Israeli Mossad and Russian-Israeli mob)
Mafia West Wing of the Jewish Zionist Supremacist Talmudic Satanic Pedo Bankster Cult? But all of us Sheeple (according to them) should believe their Propaganda and take our Meds, while eating Monsanto pesticide filled GMO’s, fetal tissue in foods, Drinking Fluoridated water, accepting mercury vaccines, all the while supporting these wars that are pushing fake narratives & real Jihady migrates into all of Europe and North America as an invasion force toturing, rapping, kidnapping children into sex trades, drugs, stealing and Killing local populations, dying from a plethora of cancers all the while this Mafia runs up national debts for their wars over lands, oil, gold, and other resources that they end up with and will leave Western Civilization (USA, Europe) in a 25 year depression while with these new lands & resources these ZioNazi’s will build up Communism and Communist China to do the same exploitation to them 50 to 75 years in the future? Also if we question any of this we are dismissed as being crazy, off our meds, tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, racists, anti-semitic, anti-islamic (Islamophobia) etc? It’s beyond time “We the People…” of this world need to get ‘WOKE’ and form our own organization to end insanity wouldn’t you think? I believe what the 9/11 flight stewardess said “It’s a FRAME!” PS Name suggestions for this organization? I like “BLACK~JACKS”? Thoughts ? King of Kings, Lord of Lords. War does not equal PEACE.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 24.6.2019: Good…as long as they have the audacity to sabotage, infiltrate, invade, track, locate, irradiate and enslave every individual on the Planet with their USSOC Smart Dust Chemtrail Nanotech with Skynet A.L.F. – in the context of a NWO – they are marked as the biggest crooked criminal gang on the planet.
“The U.S. military drone Iran shot down over the Persian Gulf on Thursday was a high-flying prototype model belonging to the Navy.
The Navy for years has deployed the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance Demonstrator, or BAMS-D, drones on an emergency basis, stationing the 737-size unmanned aerial vehicles to watch over Syria and Iran.
The unarmed BAMS-D drone “was shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile system while operating in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz,” Navy Capt. Bill Urban, a U.S. Central Command spokesperson, told The Daily Beast via email.
“Iranian reports that the aircraft was over Iran are false,” Urban added.
Inside the U.S.-Iran Drone War
The Pentagon’s decision to deploy the rare BAMS-D underscores the military’s urgency amid escalating tensions between the United States and Iran. Prior to the shoot-down, the Navy possessed just four copies of the BAMS-D, which is a naval variant of the RQ-4 Global Hawk that Northrop Grumman builds for the Air Force.
A single Global Hawk sells for more than $200 million, counting the cost of its sensors. Operators control the drone from work stations on the ground, beaming commands via satellite to the pilotless aircraft.
The Pentagon began developing the Global Hawk and its variants back in the ’90s, hoping to replace Cold War-vintage U-2 spy planes. The idea was that a drone, with no pilot aboard, could stay aloft longer and fly riskier missions than a U-2 could do.
The Global Hawk and its variants can circle at up to 65,000 feet for as many as 30 hours while simultaneously carrying a camera, an infrared sensor, and a radar that can track moving targets.
In the end, the Air Force decided to keep the U-2 and build up a force of dozens of RQ-4s. The giant drones with the 131-feet wingspan have flown over Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2008, the Navy paid Northrop more than $1 billion to begin developing a version of the Global Hawk with modifications for tracking ships.
Iranian Revolutionary Guard ‘Shoots Down U.S. Drone’ in Gulf Crisis”

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