Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 70: Inform the Neighbors, Weaponized Neuroscience!
“Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 70: Inform the Neighbors, Wake Up about Weaponized Neuroscience!”
“Nobody, no one would be spending.. days later and weeks later calling the police station just because they got a letter..
no, but these people are calling them.., it is the attacks on them and now they say oh hang on this is what’s going
on in the neighborhood, this is why …this is why we have all these symptoms , this is why we have all these
pains, this is why we have the feeling that people keep breaking into our home
//..that’s absolutely fantastic
that the neighbors are taking action and ..the thing that’s great about your letter campaign is you actually spelled out how the radiation going through people’s walls, actually is going to hit them as well and they are going to come up with weird health
symptoms ..this is why they’ve become suddenly arthritic and this is why they’ve got heart pains and this is why they’re getting migraines and they’re getting fatter because their hormones are being affected ….
Exactly and also I more and more suspect when pulsed shots are ripping through your body that the cell tissue or the cell walls are being damaged because something is happening that are people start retaining a lot of water and..I think there’s some sort of cell
damage cell wall damage happening and I can certainly feel the shots ripping through and they have tortured me the last couple of days with swelling my legs artificially, so they can do that, but they seem to be machine gunning into people’s legs, so if you have odd swelling …
..and .. the other things that people report these days are short-term memory loss everybody’s got dementia and Parkinson’s
you know at the age of twenty and thirty and eight years old and as you know a kid in my neighborhood recently has been
diagnosed with short-term memory loss, we’re talking about 11 year old, so there’s brain damage being.. instituted over here on a large scale plus fibromyalgia how often have you heard that.. people suddenly developing pains all over their bodies
really ? … pains all of your bodies and what are they connected with your nervous system?.. no, they’re connected with these tiny little weapons that anybody can use …and that you wouldn’t see because we’re talking about invisible radiation
and spectrum weapons…
yeah and the other thing that really opened my eyes is um so for those people who um who are new to this: I’m sitting in a metal shard and I’m surrounded by metal and I’m not just surrounded by metal, I am surrounded by reinforced metal so there’s a metal shard and they’re extra layers of aluminium and steel okay and I’ve bought now all the metal panels…I’ve literally bought their supply off metal panels
I have to say that’s a very elegant solution … I don’t know if they have metals over here in the US …”
they can hit babies, they can hit toddlers…
.. so they want to kill all the children, they want to kill it off to control the population size..
what he actually is is a Nazi psychopath preparing to brain mutilate children, so that his own offspring can look better while
everybody else’s brain mutilated and we are talking about babies being brain mutilated in the cribs okay , in
your own home and you have no control over it, because as soon as you give birth you register your baby the
government which is now in deep capture (YT-Failtranscript: Russian) organized crime cartel.
Obama.. so basically .. he approved psyops ..he approved COINTELPRO under the aegis of behavioral science research and as as a result of that … now people are being neuro-attacked to brain damage them, people are being swarmed…
voice to skull is currently being deployed and tested, not on mentally ill people, but on perfectly well, perfectly mentally healthy people, people in fact who are highly accomplished, most usually high high IQ targets, people who are highly productive, highly vocal
..just smart, strong people in our communities, voice to skull is being used on people like that why? Because it’s being used as an neuro weapon to suppress, assault, abuse them internally and mentally with voices and sounds..
Claire Ryan​: Smart tech is not smart at all, in fact the dumbest things in the world.
Mr Truth​That flightracker is how i found out about chemtrails. Chemtrail planes are NOT on flightracker. They are black military aircraft, mostly.
Claire Ryan​Yes Mr Truth. I recommend all TI’s to take time out once in a while to do positive constructive things with their lives and not let this consume their lives ..
Claire Ryan​My foot is being zapped right now. Those things happen to me, when I associate with TI’s every time. It’s a punishment they do to me.
-mike- -mike-​: I think it´s the saints that are being targeted.
Mr Truth​Yes we all targeted differently as we learn of others targeting we can be come too aware, hyper sensitive almost paranoid. Then of course they project paranoid radiowaves at us.
Mr Truth​The shots went into hand and testicles. I wore a foil covered cricket box for a few months!!!
-mike- -mike-​im forced to have the phone by demonized stressed out person with panic attacks.
Claire Ryan​: Means these type have no brain cells or mental capacity to carry out a normal job that harms no-one and it’s why they do these kind of evil crimes against us.
-mike- -mike-​: the perps live in fear.
Jeanne Taurus​: It’s not just one thing/frequency it’s many. from my joint pain and my observation it’s terahertz.
ManilaEyes: ​they also direct sound coming towards an individual, being directed at you…to make you focus on that person…don’t believe it.
Jeanne Taurus: ​from across the street.
ManilaEyes: ​I´ve been.poisoned twice this week through food.
Chelsea Young: ​God bless you both. My neurologic abilities are being attacked making me physically sick.
mike- -mike-​: this subject is also connected to gaslighting and the supernatural involving demons.
Claire Ryan​: Jeanne it is all reverse psychology they use you must realise.
Jeanne Taurus​: a epidemic of psychopaths.
Claire Ryan​: Without us TI’s with true good leadership qualities, these perps have no chance of staying alive themselves.
Claire Ryan​: They are all so jealous these perps, it´s why they are trying to get rid of all us TI’s, who most of us have true good leadership qualities to keep our world evolving.
Jeanne Taurus: ​That’s psychosociopaths.

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