Human Hybrids – Scientists Admit Humans are Getting Alien DNA Upgrades

Stay Real and Heal from your false premises: >>> That all men are equal is a proposition which at ordinary times no sane individual has ever given his assent. (Aldous Huxley)(Proper Studies) [47493]” <<< PS: And don´t get it wrong..Do you understand now?
“Human Hybrids – Scientists Admit Humans are Getting Alien DNA Upgrades” 12/2017
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“I like the Term: New Human.
The indigo child has the warrior personality to break down a system that’s wrong and needs change, the crystalline child has the aura of love and peace and healer the medium to bring
in the sight, the rainbow child has the energy of the Creator ,leader, kingship, personality, it’s a vibrational difference, it’s a term humans are using only because of limited understanding
those who call themselves the labels are just resonating to the frequency of those attributes and are not staying with the status quo, animals are changing too, personality, wild animals. I believe humans are evolving into another, into another huge leap right now, our bodies have enough energy to make
the improvements…Dr. Olson told me this:
it’s a combination of genetically improved bodies in combination with souls from different places in the universe incarnated in these improved bodies the souls have different
frequencies and vibrations, depending on their evolutionary status that plays a role in activation of the DNA in that particular body we also have taken to account the collective soul of homo
sapiens so this is complex what was fascinating to me I’m going to go into some of the stories now because they
tell it more far better than I can ..”
“‎Do le Ha‎ an The Alien Connection Truth Network:
Let me repeat one more time and the next day and next day: they are real, are here, they are not only watching you, they fucking read our mind, control our body, they run the human race, everywhere.

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