SHOCKING Global Control System Exposed
Very very good interview…must listen.
“SHOCKING Global Control System Exposed”
“This is important information that citizens around the world need to know about (American Intelligence Media).
Serco companies work with the Deep State shadow government to implement 5G, and then manage the societal effects of their coming mass murder program. That’s why Serco runs FEMA camps, owns Nuclear industry, Space Technology, pathology companies, houses migrants, owns laundries, operates prisons, provides transport and rail, run hospitals and leisure centers, builds ships, Satellites — to zap the populace with 5G like a mosquito zapper, then handle the clean up.”
“Laronda Fogle
People refuse to open their eyes & see that our country has been ran by globalist for years! SERCO LITERALLY RUNS OUR COUNTRY which in turn means the British government runs our country because they own SERCO! SERCO basically runs the world! The Bush’s (1 & 2), Hillary & Bill Clinton & Obama are all globalist Nazi’s! EVERY American should’ve been shaken to their core last January when Jeh Johnson announced that the Dept. of Homeland Security would be taking over the US election process to prevent future hacking when it was in fact them DHS who tried to hack into the state of Georgia & Kentucky’s election system. The take over would include storage facilities, polling places and vote tabulation locations, plus technology involved .. FYI Adolf Hitler staged an attack and blamed it on communist terrorists. Shortly after, he passed the Enabling Act, which completely eradicated the German constitution, destroying people’s liberties. He then led a series of preemptive wars that were justified to the German people as necessary to maintaining HOMELAND SECURITY.
Homeland security, staged attacks, blaming terrorists, destroying people’s liberties…. ANY of this sound familiar or am I just another conspiracy theorist?! I’ve said for years that 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB! The traitors did it so that they can bring in “The Patriot Act”. “Homeland Security” was created to make American citizens feel more “safe”. Do you feel safer?!!! I don’t! It’s all a farce! Now I know how the Germans let Hitler do those terrible things, because we Americans let the Bush’s, Clinton’s & Obama do the exact same thing! It goes back further I know. I do not believe that a 2 party system has existed for a long time that to me is another farce. Are there good people in our government & “Homeland Security” yes but it’s infiltrated with evil. This goes back to Operation Paperclip.
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“Laronda Fogle
AKA The British Crown”
“Laronda Fogle
Satellites=Direct Energy Weapons”
“Laronda Fogle
All those CELL TOWERS!”

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