Children Kidnapped And Used As Psychic Warriors By The NSA

“Children Kidnapped And Used As Psychic Warriors By The NSA”
“This series…written in three parts is extremely eye opening. It is about the “psychic warrior program” our own NSA inducts children into. THIS is the true life story behind the..series “Stranger Things”. These are the details the show didn’t tell you about. About how these children are chosen….how they are kidnapped from their parents (if their parents won’t comply) and what their life is like in this program (if you can call it a life at all). I’d imagine this may be what Max Spiers childhood was like. It’s a long read but worth every minute…..for it will open up an aspect of our govt that is kept carefully hidden from the public. This is a black ops program. This is information you will likely never come across in this kind of detail ever again. It is disturbing to read… but imagine what it’s like for those living it. We must not look away. Evil must be exposed. So buckle up….and read on.”
“The NSA (national security agency) was created in 1952, is headquartered at Fort Meade Maryland, and administered by the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Government generated disinformation portrays the NSA as strictly involved in the collection and analysis of foreign communications. In other words, electronic surveillance of foreign countries. Although specifically bared from domestic surveillance of American citizens by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) of 1978, the NSA has recently admitted to limited spying on American citizens. If this were the limit of NSA transgressions, the essay you’re about to read would not be necessary. Sadly, the NSA is engaged in illegal activities that make electronic eavesdropping on American citizens seem almost trivial by comparison.
Over the years, there have been a number of newspaper articles and other media reports, claiming American intelligence agencies have tried to use individuals with psychic abilities to spy on other nations. The most widely publicized being project Stargate. In every instance, the intelligence agencies have claimed these efforts were a failure and terminated the project.
But consider for a moment…
How often does the CIA, NSA, or DIA openly admit to failure? Especially in connection to some new espionage technique.
What better way to deflect public scrutiny away form some topic (or secret project), than to announce that after spending millions of dollars, no useful results were obtained. The American government has a long history of using such misdirection ploys to hide its covert activities. In point of fact, the American government has a very successful psychic espionage/warfare program. It was initiated shortly after WWII, has been operational since the early 1950s, and is administered by the NSA. The primary motivation for keeping this program so highly classified (secret), concerns the appalling nature of how these psychics are created, trained, and deployed.
The NSA is involved in some of the most heinous crimes and vicious acts of barbarism ever perpetrated on humanity. Even the monstrous autocracies committed by WWII Nazi war criminals pale in comparison to the crimes of the NSA. This document concerns it self with nothing less than the wholesale medical experimentation, torture and outright murder of American children, some less than six years old. The rationale behind these despicable acts? To create a secret slave army of government controlled super psychics, which at present, number in the tens of thousands. The solders (both men and women) of this vast psychic army live and die at the whims of DNI (director of national intelligence) and NCA (national command authority). Its Ironic that Nazi biologists and doctors involved in human experimentation, relocated to America in the aftermath of WWII (under Operation Paperclip), were the precursors responsible for this foul excursion into the darkest corners of evil and depravity.
A nation is a political entity asserting ultimate authority over that geographical area. So when a government official uses the term “national security”, what he/she really means is the security of the entity that asserts authority over the geographic area we know as the USA. In other words, the term “national security” means the security of the government, not the security of the people. And the National Security Agency (NSA) is that part of the government tasked with keeping the government safe and secure.
But safe and secure from who?
Obviously, the people living within the geographical boundaries over which the government asserts its ultimate authority. In other words, you & me…
The rest of this essay outlines in graphic detail how the NSA accomplishes its government mandated mission.
Clearly, from the perspective of evolution, psychic ability would seem to be a very pro-survival trait.
So why are there so few examples of truly gifted psychics? The answer involves the love/hate relationship implicit in psychic abilities. Would you really want to work with someone who knew your innermost secrets? Do you want a neighbor who could see exactly what you’re doing in your bedroom, or in your bathroom, or even in your dreams? How would you feel about somebody who could influence what you’re thinking without saying a word, or even being in the same room with you. Would you feel safe around that individual?
But it gets worse.
What chance do you have for job promotion, when your psychic co-worker can covertly influence the boss, or see into the future and knows just what moves the company should make to thrive and prosper? And what if that psychic individual could manifest some of the more exotic abilities? Abilities such as telekinesis (moving objects with the mind), pyrokinesis (ability to manipulate fire), or even manifesting a double (bilocation) of him/her self (or worse, your wife/husband). If you’re anything near normal, then about now the hairs on the back of your neck are starting to tingle.
In religious terms, everybody wants Jesus to manifest miracles and save them from evil, but if the gentleman from Nazareth were to show up tomorrow, odds are real good he’d be nailed to another cross (or shot in the head, etc.) within a few weeks. Looked at another way, a certain amount of psychic ability (such as normal intuition) is accepted by society. But anyone displaying exceptional abilities will be quickly ostracized, if not outright murdered. An in-depth review of the historical record shows that many of those who possessed exceptional psychic abilities, met with an untimely and/or unnatural death.
Perhaps you begin to appreciate the dilemma American government officials faced, when shortly after WWII it became apparent, that by employing modern medical techniques it was now possible to routinely create individuals with prodigious psychic powers and abilities. Obviously these individuals would be useful. But how would the government control them?
A prison for the mind:
How do you control a person who is able to walk through solid walls,..A person who can see the future, and knows what you’re about to say or do. A person who can influence the weather, start fires by mere thought (pyrokinesis), or blackout an entire city by touching an ordinary power pole (electrokinesis). There can be little doubt that from a political, military or espionage perspective, such a person is both incredibly valuable AND unbelievably dangerous. Can you imagine an American general, his mouth watering at the prospect of commanding an army of psychic killers, AND his knees shaking when he considers what would happen if that army ever rebelled? Or a high ranking intelligence official, a gleam in his eye as he contemplates knowing his enemies deepest secrets, AND his palms sweating when he considers that a telepathic spy can send thoughts, just as easily as he or she receives them.
The answer is both very simple and chillingly gruesome.
You turn the mind of the psychic into a prison, and you make him/her both the prison guard, and the prisoner. The first step is accomplished through the use of extreme physical and psychological torture. This causes massive dissociation, thereby splitting the mind into multiple personas (personalities). Psychoactive drugs are also administered during this step to heighten mental impact of the pain, thereby accelerating the process of mental splitting. Next you train different personas to perform different tasks. Then, you use ECT electro-convulsive-therapy (also known as electroshock treatment) to “lock in” the personas, and destroy any trace of recollection in the dominate personality of the now split off personas. Finally, you do all of this to the psychic while he or she is still a child (under the age of 10). At this point, you have created the perfect psychic warrior. Capable of committing any act, no matter how vile or self destructive, all under the absolute control of his or her handlers. However, the physical injury, emotional scars, mental confusion, and spiritual rape inflicted upon the hapless psychic child by this inhuman brutality, will last a lifetime…
The next question that must be answered is where do you find individuals with the prerequisite expertise to perform such a detailed and thorough job of shattering, and rebuilding a human mind? The obvious answer is the government intelligence agencies. These organizations employ some of the best psychiatrists, psychologists and behavioral scientists to be found anywhere in the world. They’re also consummate experts at interrogation and psychological warfare techniques. Precisely the skill set required for building a psychic version of the Manchurian candidate. But of course, mercilessly torturing innocent children goes well beyond the constitutional boundaries of acceptable government behavior, not to mention violating local, state, federal, and international law. The solution? Use a secret presidential executive order (memorandum) to create a new intelligence agency that operates outside statutory law, congressional oversight, or constitutional limits. In this way, the NSA was created by president Harry S. Truman in June of 1952, and for the first few years of its existence, remained so secret that even its name was classified. A very odd beginning for an agency supposedly tasked with the mundane job of intercepting foreign communications, but the perfect disguise for a collection of amoral medical professionals and sadistic military thugs intent on turning innocent children into psychic robots to serve the malevolent interests of a government run amok
Definition – Psychotronics: The study of the interaction between matter, energy and the mind, especially the supposed relationship in Para-psychological effects.
Even with the brainwashing techniques described above (1.1.2), deploying and controlling thousands of psychic slaves is still a rather daunting task. The problem breaks down into three major areas of concern.
Security. There is always the possibility that a psychic might get caught. Or worse, might go rogue and escape his/her handlers.
Targeting. Somehow the psychic must be introduced to, or made aware of and familiar with, his/her intended target. A dificult task if the target is a foreign head of state or high ranking military officer.
Psychic strength or ability. Despite the use of intrauterine and neonatal hormone treatments (3.2.2), genetic variability still plays a large role in eventual psychic ability exhibited by the child. While certain psychoactive drugs could be used to boost psychic abilities..
A solution was sought, and eventually found. By using a combination of microwave radiation, modulated with EEG (Electroencephalogram) brain waves of the psychic, and aimed at the desired individual/location..

What a delicious irony!
The NSA, an agency ostensibly tasked with intercepting foreign communications, is in fact, using the world wide telecommunications network to piggyback the brain waves of its psychic army…
.. Furthermore, even psychics with weaker innate abilities could be used since the psychotronics network would amplify or boost their EEG brain waves to any desired level. Psychotronics also allowed psychoactive drugs to be administered via IV (intravenous) drip. This has several very beneficial advantages. First it allows psychic ability to be “fine tuned” to the mission profile. Second, the use of psychoactive drugs to boost abilities means that weaker psychics can be employed, thereby lowering the risk, should a psychic turn against his/her handlers. Lastly, a (weaker) psychic that does manage to escape his or her handlers will be far less dangerous to apprehend (once the psychoactive drugs wear off). In summary, the use of psychotronics solved all three problem areas listed above, and facilitated continued expansion of the psychic warfare program.
Another interesting aspect of Psychotronics concerns what can be influenced through a Psychotronics channel. At the present state of technology, only living things (plants, animals, humans, etc.) can be influenced through a Psychotronics channel. Influencing inanimate matter (telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, etc.) still requires the psychic to be located within a few miles of the intended target.
The Black Hole:
Its official name is classified, but those who work (and live) there simply call it “The Black Hole”. Located within the sprawling 100 square mile confines of Marine Base Quantico, The Black Hole complex consists of a multi-story black glass building (reminiscent of NSA head quarters building at Fort Mead, MD.), several separate underground dormitories, capable of accommodating several thousand psychics (plus their chaperones), and a number of above ground support structures, including barracks for a Marine security contingent, several dormitories for psychic handlers, a multi-bed infirmary, and most surprisingly, an onsite crematorium. The last is necessary because even with the extreme security measures taken to ensure absolute control over the psychics, there are still a significant number of, shall we call them “accidents” (1.1.2). It seems The Black Hole is deserving of its name, since many who go in, never come out…
The black glass building roof has a multitude of large satellite dishes and oversized cooling units (psychotronics consumes lots of bandwidth and generates a large amount of heat, see section 1.1.3). Inside the building, the above ground floors include office space for clerical employees, psychic handlers, and managerial personnel. The floors are covered in ceramic tile rather than carpet, since its less trouble to clean after a psychic “accident”. The multiple underground floors house the psychotronics (computers & electronics) equipment and ops rooms. There are underground hallways that connect the ops areas to the separate psychic dormitories.
..There is no dining room, the psychics are confined to their individual quarters, except when they’re involved in a mission.
..There is no behavior so vile, no crime so heinous, no deed so monstrous, that the NSA doesn’t already have a psychic warrior trained, and ready to induce some victim into performing the act.
Some psychics are so dangerous that an entire dormitory unit is used to house a single individual.
Along with The Black Hole, there is another major contingent of psychics housed in underground dormitories at NSA headquarters in Fort Meade Maryland. There are also smaller facilities (6 to 12 psychics) located on the outskirts of ALL major American cities, important military bases, and many political hot spots (northern Idaho for example). These smaller facilities are primarily used when a quick response is needed, and as a general rule, house less dangerous psychics (mind readers, thought/emotion changers, dream hijackers, etc.). Many of the smaller facilities use a common building plan, consisting of a 2 or 3 story building masquerading as a commercial business. The first floor is all office space, and acts as a ruse to hide the activities taking place on the second and third floors. The three story version (12 psychics) will have a kitchen, multiple ops rooms, and dining/recreation area on the second floor. The third floor consists of individual living quarters for the psychics and chaperones. The two story version (6 psychics) combines the living quarters, ops rooms, kitchen, dining/recreation area into a single upper floor. All smaller facilities have 2 or 3 oversized satellite dishes on the roof, generally mounted in such a way as to hide them from ground level observation. The dishes are aimed south at the geo-synchronous satellite belt, and serve as the Psychotronics link.
The Psychic: This individual is at the core of the team. Every one else on the team is there to support the psychic. Some teams include more than one psychic. For instance, a psychic that is skilled at causing pain but unable to read minds, might be teamed up with another psychic who is skilled at reading minds but unable to do anything else.
The Biomedical Technician: Also known as the “Bio Tech”. This team member sits next to, and monitors the psychic warrior. The bio tech also administers the psychoactive drugs used to boost the psychic’s mental abilities. Many Bio Techs flunked out of medical school or served as field medics in the Army.
The Communications Technician: Also known as the “Comm. Tech”. This individual is responsible for monitoring the psychotronics console (1.1.3), making sure the connection between psychic and target is accurate and stable. A sizeable number of Comm. Techs are convicted computer hackers.
While the psychics and suits live on-site, techs are civilian contractors and commute to work.
NSA psychics live in an underground maze of rooms, elevators, and hallways (1.2.1), never seeing the light of day.
Remember, these psychics have the mind of a child, even though they are full grown adults. They were never allowed to mature mentally, since that would just make them more dangerous and harder to handle. Some, depending on how their abilities are used, can’t even read. None of them can write or do simple math.
Next, the suit shows the psychic photographs of the target, and explains the mission details. If the psychic is going to speak into the targets mind, the suit has the psychic memorize the exact phrases to be used. Once the suit is satisfied the psychic understands the mission, they proceed to an ops room, where the actual mission will be carried out. In the ops room, the psychic is seated in a reclining padded chair, and the suit loads targeting coordinates into the psychotronics console (1.1.3).
After the psychotronics console indicates proper targeting has been achieved, the suit calls in the other team members (comm. tech & bio tech, see 1.2.2). The bio tech straps the psychic into the chair, attaches the EEG head band and heart monitor wires, inserts an IV needle into the psychic’s arm, and starts an IV drip. Next the bio tech uses a syringe to push the first dose of psychoactive drugs into the IV line, thereby boosting the psychic into the heightened mental state required to complete his/her mission. Meanwhile, the comm. tech is monitoring both the target’s heart beat and psychic’s heart beat. When these are synchronized, the psychic is in deep mental contact with the target, and the mission begins. As the mission proceeds, the suit issues commands to the psychic and technicians to modify mission parameters as required to complete a successful operation.
Once the mission is completed, the comm. tech severs the psychotronics connection, and the bio tech injects a psychoactive antidote into the IV drip line, thereby bringing the psychic back to some semblance of a normal mind state. Next, the biomedical technician removes the EEG head band and heart monitor wires, un-straps the psychic. Finally, when the psychic is able to walk, the suit takes him/her back to the dormitory and hands them over to the chaperone. At this point, it’s the chaperone’s responsibility to stabilize the psychic with still more drugs, feed them if they are able to eat, and then put them to sleep with an injection of sedatives.
After being mercilessly tortured as a small children (1.1.2), then ruthlessly trained to use their abilities in service of the NSA, the average psychic starts work in The Black Hole at age 17. By age 30, few are left alive…
Mission profiles:
In order to fully appreciate what the NSA is doing to the world in general, and America in particular, it will prove useful to examine some typical psychic mission profiles. While far from a complete list, they are representative of the myriad ways in which the NSA employs its army of psychic slaves on an unsuspecting public.
1.2.4a: Market Manipulation
What if you could use psychics to secretly influence key decision makers at major mutual funds, pension funds, and hedge funds. In other words, what if you knew which way the financial markets were going to move, because you were the one making them move that way. This is precisely what the NSA does on a daily basis. The goal? To systematically strip the small investor of his/her wealth, and transfer that money to government employee pension funds and those large corporate asset pools that are under covert government control. For large American financial institutions, the choice is very simple. Play along or go broke…
Is it any wonder that (federal) government budgets continue to rise every year, while American families make do with less?
1.2.4b: Marital Infidelity ..
What if you could have the woman of your dreams? An easy wish to fulfill if a psychic implanted the dream, and the NSA already has your “specified dream girl” in their employ (3.2.1b…Can you imagine the possibilities for blackmail?
This is precisely how many politicians and high ranking corporate officers are controlled.
Accidental death, courtesy of telepathic projection by NSA psychics.
Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral hemorrhage a “natural cause”? Not if NSA psychics influence your heart rate, blood pressure, or vascular dilatation…
1.2.4d: Tainted food supplies and E. coli outbreaks
Natural food sources such as meats and vegetables, are not entirely free of bacterial contamination. Rather, bacterial contamination of food is minimized through a combination of techniques, including proper washing, handling, and packaging to preclude any cross contamination from other bacterial sources, and refrigeration to inhibit further growth of native bacteria already present within the food. In this manner, bacterial contamination levels in foods are maintained at sufficiently low levels, as to pose a minimal risk to healthy individuals.
Suppose a team of psychics, adept at pyrokinesis (ability to manipulate heat and fire) used their ability to raise the temperature within a batch of processed meat (such as hamburger), thereby allowing the native bacteria to resume growing (and dividing) for a period of several days…
In this way, NSA controlled psychics are able to create wide spread outbreaks of food born illness, on command, and with complete impunity.
1.2.4e: Manipulating the foreign policy of other nations
To be blunt, the American government is using NSA controlled psychics in a secret war against its own citizenry. The ultimate goal being to turn every single man, woman, and child living in America, into a government controlled slave laborer. It has taken 50+ years, but the transformation of America from a bastion of freedom and democracy, into a vast slave labor camp spanning an entire continent, is almost complete. Slavery does not require guards with guns, or cells with bars, or even awareness of enslavement. If you can build a prison for the mind…
In part one of this essay, I touched upon the topic of controlling individuals who possess strong psychic abilities. In part two I will bring that topic into sharp focus by explaining in graphic detail how the mind of a psychic is turned against it self. Thereby transforming that mind into a prison with built in prison guards. This process is, to say the least, horrific. Especially when you consider its carried out on children, many of whom are less than 5 years old. It is the fact that a child’s mind has limited real world experience, that makes the method so devastatingly effective.
The procedure is carried out in two phases. The first phase is designed to shatter the mind into separate (and manageable) pieces. The second phase is intended to train those pieces to perform specific tasks. When completed, the psychic child’s dominate personality will have no recollection that he/she has been brutally tortured for months on end. Yet the child can be made to feel excruciating pain, or euphoric happiness, with the mere mention of a trigger word. In most cases, even their psychic abilities are repressed and inhibited, without first hearing a trigger word.
The brain of higher mammals is capable of some astounding feats of cognitive precision.
..These feats are possible in large part, because mammals are warm blooded. This allows their brain to process information at higher rates and with greater precision. Yet occasionally, the very strength of mammalian mental processing leads to catastrophic results. For instance, a dog fixated on catching the Frisbee fails to notice an oncoming car, and is badly injured. Or a monkey reaches for a branch, only to find its really a shadow, and falls out of the tree. Events of this sort represent a failure of the mind to properly assess and respond to external stimuli. Cold blooded animals, with their more primitive reflex driven mentality do not, as a general rule, make these sorts of cognitive errors. In other words, they just don’t have the prerequisite mental agility in the first place, to make mistakes of this kind.
Fortunately, evolution created a backup system in the mammalian brain. Its based, at least in part, on the more primitive reflex style of cognition. It seems that whenever the normal mind makes a mistake, leading to major physical trauma, all of the sensory/somatic perceptions along with all thoughts and feelings surrounding the “mistake” are stored as-is in a reflex driven avoidance behavior pattern. In other words, since the higher more agile mental abilities failed to protect the creature from life threatening physical trauma, the more primitive reflex driven brain steps in and creates the equivalent of a mental “book mark”, designed to avoid any future situation that resembles what is stored in the book mark. Put another way, rather than learning from the mistake, the creature reflexively avoids any situation that resembles the one where the mistake was made. While less than optimum and a bit draconian, such behavioral constrains are justified when the mental blunder is life threatening.
, the capacity of some humans to turn nature and evolution against it self, in order to satisfy their own nefarious desires, appears to have no upper limit…
The reflex based avoidance mechanism (described above) is the key behavioral phenomena upon which the NSA depends, when turning psychic children into psychic slaves.
You tell your self over and over. That person being hurt isn’t me. That person being hurt isn’t me. That person being hurt isn’t me.
The separation is complete. You’re now two people. The one being hurt, and the one who feels no pain. Your NSA captors have successfully used massive physical trauma, accompanied by stark emotional terror, to invoke the reflex based avoidance mechanism (2.1.2). Thereby shattering (splitting) your mind into multiple pieces. Each sub-piece is now a separate independent persona or personality, capable of thinking, feeling, and acting independently of your dominate (baseline) personality.
This is how you learn to endure the unendurable…
From the perspective of your NSA captors, the situation in the room while they’re torturing you, is very different. They don’t see you as a helpless terrified child. To them, you’re a little monster who is unbelievably dangerous..
The torture team:
The typical NSA torture team has 12 members. Each team performs 2 torture sessions a day, each session one and half to two hours in duration. For most team members, the rest of their day is spent trying to relieve the stress caused by intentionally provoking a psychic child into trying to hurt and/or kill them. Figure 1 shows a typical NSA torture chamber layout.
Targets: Six men surround the torture table. These men administer the torture, and are the only ones visible to their victim. If the psychic child is capable of retaliation, in most cases, it will be one (or more) of these men who suffer the consiquences, hence the term “targets”. They are considered expendable, and receive minimal training. The implements used by these men to torture their victim are stored on open shelves located under the torture table. They are under strict orders not to move away from the table. If for any reason, they fail to follow orders, or if they start acting strangely, they will be shot in the head by the Dead Man. One might reasonably ask how the NSA recruits men willing to undertake this suicidal job. The simple truth is these men have no idea what their job entails until they arrive at the NSA torture compound, and then its too late to back out. Targets have an average life span measured in months.
Dead Man: The Dead Man’s job is very simple. If anyone in the torture chamber leaves their assigned post, behaves strangely, or appears to be under attack by the psychic child, the Dead Man shoots that person in the head. The Dead Man is an excellent marksman, capable of killing anyone in the torture chamber without moving from his assigned post. The one person the Dead Man will not kill is the psychic child. That decision, and subsequent action is the responsibility of another team member.
Chemical/Biological Tech: This team member is responsible for administering the psychoactive drugs (via IV drip). He also monitors the psychic child’s vital signs (heart rate, respiration, blood pressure). The primary drugs administered to the psychic child are intended to enhance pain and promote feelings of terror. At the end of the torture session, a sedative is administered, thereby rendering the child unconscious. Along with the IV drip, he has a number of syringes, pre-filled with specific chemical and biological agents for use in special situations. If used, they are injected directly into the victim’s neck (carotid artery). One of these syringes is filled with a quick acting sedative to render the victim unconscious.
Electrical/ECT Tech: This team member is responsible controlling the severity of electrical torture used on the psychic child. He also handles the ECT (electro-convulsive therapy) machine, commonly called an electro-shock machine that is used at the end of each torture session. The electrical torture can take several different forms, depending of the generator settings and torture implements used. DC current is used to induce severe muscle cramping. Low frequency AC current is used to create the sensation of muscle spasms. High frequency AC current creates a very painful stinging sensation. Certain multi-frequency AC currents are also applied to electrodes embedded in the leather head band to induce mental states, ranging from confusion to severe headache.
Guards: Two guards armed with rifles, located outside the torture chamber door, act as the failsafe. There is a small strobe light with a red lens cover located on the wall just above the door. If this strobe light starts flashing, the guards will open the doors, and without entering the room, kill the child. Their orders are very specific: “No matter what you see. No matter what anyone else is doing. KILL THE CHILD”. Even if that means killing everyone else in the room, they will kill the child. Many guards are US Marines, assigned to the NSA.
Eye in the Sky: Not shown in figure 1 (above), the Eye in the Sky is located a sort distance away from the torture chamber, in a separate room. He monitors torture chamber activity via closed circuit TV, and brain activity of the psychic child via remote EEG (electroencephalogram). This person is the torture team leader, and issues commands to other team members via electronic reader boards located within the torture chamber. During the torture sessions, he uses a computer terminal to keep notes on the progress of the psychic child. He also has the “failsafe button” (used as a last resort) to alert the guards. He is always a trained psychologist or psychiatrist.
All team members live in an NSA controlled dormitory, co-located with the torture compound. Security is, to say the least, ruthless. NO torture team member, with the exception of Eye in the Sky, is allowed to leave the compound without undergoing drug induced retrograde amnesia treatments. Most targets leave in body bags…
A psychic child undergoing extreme physical torture will try to stop that torture any way they can. If their latent psychic abilities are relatively weak, their efforts may consist of (telepathically) convincing one of more of the torture team members (usually the targets) to stop torturing them. If their psychic powers are stronger, they may cause physical injury and/or death to one (or more) team members. If their psychic powers are prodigious, they may retaliate in truly spectacular ways. Hence the need for a failsafe.
However, in all cases (excluding the failsafe), the psychic child must learn that resistance or retaliation is pointless, and only leads to more severe forms of punishment (torture). If the psychic child convinces a team member to stop hurting him or her, that team member is killed, and the torture continues. If the psychic child hurts a team member, that person is killed, and the torture continues. If the psychic child kills a team member, the torture still continues. By their actions, the torture team members are telling the psychic child: “There is nothing you can do to stop us”. When combined with the debilitating stress of perpetual cold, malnutrition, and sheer physical/mental exhaustion, the psychic child is inexorably driven to the inescapable conclusion, there is nothing he or she can do, other than passively submit their fate. Of course, all psychic manifestations are carefully documented (inventoried) by the Eye in the Sky (2.2.1) for future exploitation.
Another aspect of trauma based training takes place at the end of each torture session, after the psychic child has been rendered unconscious. At this point, a very sinister and devious set of events take place that facilitate (and accelerate) the mental splitting into multiple personas. The bio-tech (2.2.1) whispers a series of commands into the child’s ear, followed by the application of low dose ECT (electro-shock) to “lock in” the commands, and make future recollection by the dominate (baseline) personality nearly impossible.
These commands facilitate the primary splitting between the one being hurt (persona), and the one who feels no pain (dominate personality).
These commands are designed to collect all desire to retaliate against the torture team into one (manageable) persona, no longer accessible to the dominate personality.
This series of commands places the ability to reason in a persona, inaccessible to the dominate personality. Furthermore, reasoning is divorced from any emotions or feelings. ..
Thereby making the dominate personality devoid of any normal human desires, such as self preservation.
.. future NSA handlers will be able to recreate any of these injuries (as punishment), using nothing more than a spoken command.
Every aspect of the torture experience is carefully controlled. From the constant cold, to the silence of torture team members, to the closet sized holding cell and lack of sanitation. Each part is specifically designed to keep the psychic child, bewildered, confused, and utterly alone. Cut off from any ordinary human contact. Isolated from any shred of normalcy. And above all, profoundly terrified. After several months of this daily torture regime, the basic personas have been established, and its time for the psychic child to symbolically join his or her captors. Throughout the torture process, as successive layers of humanity have been systematically stripped away, one fundamental distinction between the child and the torture team has remained intact.
Over the years, a number of pediatric care facilities, child psychologists, and family clinics have been co-opted by the NSA, for use in phase two training. The recruitment of child care professionals by the NSA is accomplished through a combination of monetary inducements and targeted telepathic projection of patriotic sentiments/feelings. Given the high cost of medical schooling (and resultant debt), many medical school graduates find it hard to resist NSA overtures. These individuals operate as a shadow group within their respective professional organizations. In the past, many state operated reform schools, mental hospitals, and orphanages also housed covert phase two training centers. Again it was NSA supplied money, that motivated state bureaucrats and elected officials to allow (if not outright condone) such blatantly illegal activities.

A lock and key for psychic powers:
Contrary to Hollywood depictions, psychic abilities do not require elaborate rituals, incantations, or exotic herbal potions to manifest themselves. For the psychic, these abilities are as much a part of daily life, as intuition or déjà vu are for the non-psychic. Its true these abilities tend to manifest more strongly in times of emotional stress, but the same is true of more conventional abilities, such as visual acuity or muscular strength. Its also true that certain psychoactive drugs will enhance (boost) psychic abilities, but again this is also true for more widely acknowledged human abilities (example: steroid injections to enhance athletic performance). In other words, for a psychic, their mental abilities are as fully integrated, as talking or reading are to the average individual. However, to the NSA, who require domination and control of these individuals for their own use, full integration of psychic abilities is anything but desirable.
Just as a conventional soldier is never allowed access to live ammunition, except during combat or training exercises. The NSA employs a persona to control access to psychic abilities. The persona, generally known as “The Powerful One” or “The One Who Holds His/Her Powers”, is created during phase one torture sessions (2.2.2), in a manner similar to other personas. And like many other personas, a keying gesture is used in creation of The Powerful One. Quite often, this gesture consists of rubbing the forehead, just above the bridge of the nose (purported location of the third eye). During phase two training, The Powerful One persona is first invoked for further interaction with the trainer, while the child is unconscious. Typical of these early interactions is the following:
Obviously, many years of research and experimentation by NSA employed behavioral scientists, psychiatrists, and medical practitioners were required to develop such a heartless and diabolical method of achieving control over a human mind. To use these monstrous tactics on children. Children whose only offense was the possession of a talent coveted by the NSA. Must rank as one of the most odious and evil crimes ever perpetrated against humanity.
ALL information contained herein is derived from public sources, widely accepted scientific principles, remote viewing, and/or deprogramming sessions of (former) government trained psychics. The author has NO written or verbal agreement with ANY governmental agency forbidding disclosure of the information contained herein. In disclosing this information, the author is exercising his right to free speech as a private citizen of the United States of America.”

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