Is Putin’s time up? | Garry Kasparov

“Is Putin’s time up? | Garry Kasparov”
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“War crimes on industrial scale is not new to putin, he never cared about civilian casualties,
when he was bombing more than 20 years ago russian citizen chechnya or in 2013 bombing hospitals in syria carpet bombing aleppo and others rebel strongholds, so why why being surprised that now when his um blitzkrieg failed, he is returning to traditional tactics of terror and bombing civilians using cluster bombs and other weapons banned by international convention. It is a war crime and considering the size of the russian operation in Ukraine,
we have no doubt about it…and putin had been preparing for this war in plain sight
you cannot blame him for hiding uh efforts and preparations to conquer Ukraine.”

“We all saw it and putin believed that he could get away with his crimes, as he did in the past, this is not just last two
years, this man is in power for more than two decades and staying in power for so long, having an absolute power
could have a negative effect, even to a person with a noblest instincts and greatest intellect.. as every dictator
he was emboldened by impunity of his previous actions and every dictator ended up, in history,
relying on a very small inner circle.”

“The military support uh humanitarian aid uh um political pressure boycott of russian organizations uh russian
participation in international bodies from sport to interpol um uh cutting russia
from from the rest of the world by blocking russia by aeroflot and other russian registered planes and
of course imposing really harsh sanctions that may have an effect because the moment putin loses his war chest
how he’s going to pay for his military for his police for his propaganda russian dictatorship is not an
old-fashioned, ideological dictatorship, based on some beliefs, as stalin’s or hitler, it’s a mafia-like
structure and nobody is going to stay loyal to a mafia boss if no protection is offered
and i think that in the next few weeks we could see dramatic changes in russia when putin’s power structure may crumble,
because he will be simply running out of cash.”

“Litvinenko, 16 years ago, Putin attacked Britain with a nuclear substance and killed former
russian spy Litvinenko, who was in Britain… how many consecutive british governments
decided to sit on this case because they didn’t know how to handle it, because they all knew that Putin was behind it.”

“..and again i hope that in the next few days they will hold their ground because if Putin doesn’t finish this war soon
enough, his army will disintegrate..”

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