Ukranian MP Kira Rudyk: Russians Invaded Our Country, They Have No Right To Talk About War Crimes

“Ukranian MP Kira Rudyk: Russians Invaded Our Country, They Have No Right To Talk About War Crimes”

“So when Putin says the word Peace, this means War, this means take your rifles and pretend to defend yourself.
When Putin says: I want to negotiate, this means I’m gathering troops to siege your city.
When Putin is saying: I’m going to withdraw my troops, this means: No. I’m gathering more and more of them, so, right
now we see it as the tactics of him to make sure that the western countries think that he is ready to peace. He is not. Yesterday Putin’s troops were bombarding the tv tower here in Kiev, so how peaceful do you think is that? They almost destroyed the second largest city in Ukraine: Kharkiv, where they were intentionally bombing the civilian
buildings. How peaceful is that and how is it possible to have a peace treaty with the
person who acts like that? It is impossible, he will lie, he will destroy us, so there is no peace that could be
made this way, we need to win.”

“This is what Putin tells us: Give this dream up and I will stop fighting and we are saying: No. Because it is our dream,
because it is what we want to do, so we will fight for what we think is right, for our country, for our future.”

“The Russians invaded our country, they have no say in what a war crime is, they have bombarded our cities, they are trying to starve us like what they even have to say about the war crimes, so i wouldn’t even discuss this position, he is crazy.”

“We will see him in Den Haag court where he will be prosecuted and hopefully hanged.”

“victor yanukovych is actually in Minsk and he’s the man that putin wants to install as president after
what what putin says uh president zelenski goes.”
“It’s like trying to put a zombie on top of on Ukraine’s government, we thought he was dead,
I’m surprised he’s alive.”

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