What is Putin’s Endgame? Garry Kasparov on Russia’s Attack on Ukraine | Amanpour and Company

“What is Putin’s Endgame? Garry Kasparov on Russia’s Attack on Ukraine | Amanpour and Company”
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A vocal critic of the Russian leadership is Garry Kasparov, the chess grandmaster who repeatedly ranked world number one for 20 years before turning his attention to politics. He tells leaders to “help Ukraine fight against the monster you helped create.” Kasparov speaks with Walter Isaacson.

Originally aired on February 24, 2022”

“You lead the democratic opposition to Putin…”

“This war has been prepared in plain sight..because for so many years for two
decades he saw no consequences for his actions, actually for his crimes and I think now it’s time to actually impose the price for what has been done, because it is the only way to prevent him from moving even further. I believe
that the free world still has resources to stop putin at this point, because what we
know from history uh from uh the 20th century and also from vladimir Putin’s recent a recent history that every day of delay uh of our response to a
brutal dictator simply is pushing the price to payr for his actions are higher and
higher. (Garry Kasparov)”

“Cut russia russia from energy sector, russian gas and oil export and alsoimmediately cut russia from all financial markets..”

“Let’s stop this nonsense, Putin is an absolute dictator, he doesn’t care about public
opinion, he doesn’t care about a free press, so it’s one man and his gang that are making all the decisions and you have to hurt them uh where it hurts. (Garry Kasparov)(Chess Grandmaster)”

“You say that Putin is at the center of a worldwide assault on political liberty.”

“I think you know just on the bottom of that it is Putin’s belief that uh dictators, they
are entitled to do whatever they want in their own countries, but also they can
use force as the main argument in international relations.Putin’s attack
on Ukraine is not attack on Ukraine only, it is an attack on the world security
infrastructure, because he thinks it’s standing on the way of him or other
fellow dictators to rule the world the way they want.”

“Life imitates Chess.”

“Dictators never ask why, it’s always why not and after so many years of paying no
price for his actions, he believes now that he can get away with that, because the free world showed nothing but weakness.”

“He’s quite cynical and and the fact is that he succeeded in buying
western politicians of a top of the highest caliber like Gerhard Schroeder and many others so prove to him that it’s all about a price to pay.”

“..and of course the annexation of crimea uh was was
another test that the free world failed um
and then of course Trump, I mean donald Trump was was a gift for Putin… Trump’s policies
weakened european solidarity and america european american solidarity
even even further what about.”

“They believe in authoritarianism as a way to solve problems and that´s why the showed sympathies to nazis in germany in in the late 30s and early 40s
and now they they have been they they’re not they’re not shy demonstrating their
sympathies to to Putin and his criminal regime.”

“I believe that the endgame will be the same as as before, dictators will lose,
it’s not about the uh the outcome it’s about the price we’ll pay the price.
Ukrainians will pay and maybe other nations and of course the free world uh,
because we’re now, we’re now seeing the end of the world that we used to live in…and we need to consider how we’re going to move uh forward, because United Nations now is paralyzed, this institution proved to be totally incapable of of addressing the issues that that became paramount in the modern world, so I think putin regime
will collapse uh but again it’s like an agony of a dinosaur,
and the agony of a dinosaur could be very damaging for those who are
nearby and um again it depends on our resolute actions now uh whether the price will will will keep coming up or we can limit it at at this horrendous cost today.”

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