Coronavirus Pandemic Update 83: High Fructose, Vitamin D, & Oxidative Stress in COVID-19

Coronavirus Pandemic Update 83: High Fructose, Vitamin D, & Oxidative Stress in COVID-19
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“The effects of fructose on metabolism of the cell and also on metabolic diseases, interesting point here it says finally
reactive oxygen species generated by fruit the oscillation increases oxidative damage and stress response in the inner of the cell, leading to DNA damage and post inflammatory cytokine production. They go on to say in this
article that exercise can actually reverse some of the oxidative stress as they mentioned here, at least in rodents…and apparently it shows that physical exercise can reverse a lot of what we’re seeing here in terms of fructose rich diets.”

“So think about this the next time you go to the supermarket to pick up food, look at the ingredient list and see whether
you see fructose and as you’re taking your vitamin D think about whether or not fructose is actually working against
your vitamin D, now remember we don’t have randomized controlled data with fructose in Covid-19.”

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