The NSA's Bill Binney and Chris Hedges discuss the targeting of civilians with microwave weapons.

“The NSA’s Bill Binney and Chris Hedges discuss the targeting of civilians with microwave weapons.”

“He set up this technology with the Department of Defense.”
“Blackmail and destroy the lives of dissidents that´s what what cointelpro was. And these were any Anti-War activists, Peace activists, civil rights acitivist, Canyon was a victim of it himself, but we have raised this to a new level.”
“At the time there were the same 3 agencies, NSA, FBI and CIA…Cointelpro..but the same three agencies who are doing it today, but on a much larger, more comprehensive, scale.
“Especially with things like the Internet of Things.”
“Or what the Russians did with Microwaves in our embassy in Moskau, they can do the same thing here with other people.”
“Well, what it will do…certain microwave frequencies coming in, it will burn down your skin (and it will go through walls), it will burn to certain depts…but they also have other kinds of laser type of things, even more intense. They can use infrared to find where you are in a building.”
“Once you know what everybody, what they are doing, what they are thinking, what they are planning, I mean you have the opportunity to manipulate them anywhere you want, causing certain things to occur.”

342321cookie-checkThe NSA's Bill Binney and Chris Hedges discuss the targeting of civilians with microwave weapons.
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