Coronavirus: Donald Trump stops US payments to World Health Organisation. / Trump stoppt US-Zahlungen an WHO.

“Coronavirus: Donald Trump stops US payments to World Health Organisation”
“The US is among the WHO’s biggest financial backers but Donald Trump is frustrated by the organisation’s handling of COVID-19.”

Donald Trump had said that the global health body had “failed in its basic duty and it must be held accountable” for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The WHO has praised China for its transparency on the pandemic, despite the fact there is reason to believe the country’s official tally does not reflect the true number of fatalities.”
“Beijing is another major financial contributor to the UN health agency, prompting critics to claim that the WHO lacks the independence needed to properly fulfil its role”
“President Trump announced Tuesday from the White House Rose Garden (pictured) that he was halting all US funding to the World Health Organization over its response to the coronavirus pandemic”
“The World Health Organization and its head Tedros Ghebreyesus (left), has come in for criticism over its handling of the pandemic, including accusations that it parroted Chinese government propaganda and was too quick to praise the regime (pictured right, Chinese leader Xi Jinping)”
“Hat es wirklich vermasselt”
Trump stoppt US-Zahlungen an WHO.”
“US-Präsident Trump hat den Schuldigen in der Corona-Krise gefunden: Die Weltgesundheitsorganisation habe im Kampf gegen die Pandemie versagt. Deshalb soll sie kein Geld mehr von den USA bekommen. Insbesondere die angebliche China-Freundlichkeit der UN-Organisation ist Trump ein Dorn im Auge.”
“Mitten in der Coronavirus-Pandemie hat US-Präsident Donald Trump einen Stopp der Beitragszahlungen für die Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) veranlasst. Trump machte die Organisation für die Vielzahl an Toten mitverantwortlich. Durch das Missmanagement der WHO…”

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