North Carolina woman gets coronavirus despite staying home for three weeks

“North Carolina woman gets coronavirus despite staying home for three weeks”

Victoria Nissen: so is it in the air? As in Chemtrails?
Nadine Nelson: Incubation is up to a month and yes it´s also Airborne, so maybe neighbours.
Julia Rose: on the shopping.
Tim Casey: She had an autoimmune disorder, anyone with an autoimmune disorder will test positive for covid-19.
The test for covid-19, tests for enzymes realised from cell death. So autoimmune diseases, stress, cancer, heart
disease, and many other things will test positive.
Danielle Rae: There is some BS here. So let’s start living again and all get it.
If we die, we die.. fuck it at this point.
Lori Dalton: Try reading the article. She let someone deliver groceries she didn’t know, who had it. Then she didn’t take it out of the bags or clean it, before she brought it inside.
Greg R. Dietrich: Ahh! the ny post.
Eric Lopez: That’s at least what she told her husband and the media.
Jody Bacon Sanders: 5G.
Puti Warbrick: False positive test.
Krisztina Halász: Coronavirus is the common cold. New strand is covid19.
So. Every covid19 is coronavirus, but not every corona is covid! But test can only confirm the common coronavirus..
So you can be positive, but not have the new strand!

“A North Carolina coronavirus patient said she was infected despite staying home for the three weeks leading up to her diagnosis last Thursday, a report said.
“This is the sickest I’ve ever been and it’s the most scared I’ve ever been,” Rachel Brummert told WCNC. “I’m absolutely terrified.”
Brummert, who suffers from an autoimmune disorder, told the outlet that she last left her Charlotte home for a trip to the pharmacy in mid-March.
Because of her underlying condition, Brummert, as a precautionary measure, had kept her distance from others, including her husband, who is living in a separate room.
Enlarge ImageRachel Brummert
Rachel BrummertTwitter
On one occasion, a woman who has since tested positive for the illness dropped off groceries on Brummert’s doorstep, the report said.
While Brummert didn’t come into contact with the woman, she said she retrieved the bags of food from her porch without gloves.
“I really thought I was doing everything right,” Brummert said.
“I’ve never had anything like this before,” she said. “I’ve had the flu. This is not the flu. It’s a whole other monster.””

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