"David Icke ~ "Mind Control / Censorship / Multi-Dimensionality"

“David Icke ~ “Mind Control / Censorship / Multi-Dimensionality”
“>>>>>>>>>>> Mind Control Everyone >>>>> by 2030”
“You see there will be wifi in this room and yet where is it?
If you said to someone who knows nothing about computers there is a field of energy in this room. Which you can tap into anywhere in this world and tap into this great global reality we call the Internet the world wide web – If you didn’t know about computers – they would say you are crazy. Your mad – I Can’t see it so it Can’t exist. To someone who knows about computers he’d say “Yeah I know all about that” You see the only difference is knowledge! Which is fundamental to peoples perceptions including life.
This end game is to go directly to the mind.
Every thought every emotional state, everything will be fed to us. Directly to the mind. By 2030!
The human mind becomes like a computer terminal on someone else’s Internet. We´ve got to realize what is happening.
All this stuff with 5G. It´s a frequency level that a power of communicative energy information. That is necessary for this mind control grid to opperate. This is why they are upping it more and more powerful and more and more dangerous for the
Human body. And why this 5g is being rolled out without any testing whatsoever. A.I. Connected to the human mind – the human mind is finished – that is the end game.”

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