Humans, Gods and Technology – VPRO documentary – 2017

“Humans, Gods and Technology – VPRO documentary – 2017”

“On the one hand I see Jerusalem with all the religious fervor and in the history and the conflict and so forth and on the other hand there is Tel Aviv with all the high tech …and vibrant 21st century modern society and I guess if I live in a place like Silicon Valley, I would not see this side of reality which Jerusalem represents, but because I live in Israel in the Middle East, there is no way I’m going to forget the enormous power that religion and mythology and human beliefs have on history, in the end it’s not the engineers that determine what to do with technology, it’s the priests and ideologues and politicians, they determine what to do with the technology, that the engineers invent.”
“now that we’ve cracked the code of life, it will not take much longer, before we can start to play God.”
“The big question is what kind of gods we will be, will we being merciful and wise gods or will we be petty, vengeful and irresponsible gods.”
“With our biotechnology, artificial intelligence and nanotechnology, it seems we possess all the ingredients
to start our own process of creation, but how to deal with this and what does it mean for our species, those are big questions.”
“pro documentary
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What will our world look like 25 years from now? Watch this lecture about the meaning of life shaped by technology in a near future.
Nobody knows how our world will look like in 25 years. Perhaps our work is taken over by autonomous robots and we become the slaves of the technology we have created ourselves. The big questions about the future of man and his relation to technology are presented to two important thinkers of the moment: Kevin Kelly and Yuval Noah Harari.
Kevin Kelly is a writer of influential works such as What Technology Wants and The Inevitable. Kelly sketches the inevitability of technology and even sees technology as an autonomous evolutionary system. Artificial intelligence becomes commonplace for everyone and will help us analyze difficult issues and challenge them to reflect on who we are. Kelly is convinced that we are already seen as Gods by technology and that robots will also believe in their own Gods.
Yuval Noah Harari is a writer of books about the history of Homo Sapiens and Homo Deus. Harari sketches the history of tomorrow and analyzes the way in which we create our own illusions; illusory institutions such as religion, states and money. We believe in gods because we want to be them ourselves. Harari sees a society with inequalities where some people can upgrade themselves to gods and others will remain vulnerable and mortal.”
“stemming from that idealistic thought process Kelly interprets every new technological development, not afraid to think differently, he’s convinced that technology is following the path of natural evolution, every device is more than merely a device. This very minute my phone is connected to some hub somewhere which is connected to your phone which is connected to a server and connected to your laptop and if we round up all
the circuits that are connected together and treat this whole big thing of all the machines, of all the phones and servers
and computers connected together as if it was one big computer and it’s connected to three billion human minds and that convergence is also now being married to Gaia, the system of the planet, the living system of the planet through sensors and things that we had been embedded into the environment, those three layers to me form a single super planetary organism
that I called the hollows, it’s the whole thing, the machine of all the computers hooked up together.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 26.6.2019: Sophia Gaia is triggered by this, she is the living intelligent goddess awareness.
“appears to be the consummation of his ideal everything and everyone is connected and at the same time feeds the
machine with billions of gigabytes of data that is permanently flowing from our brain, so the real opportunity that
these technologies bring us is to allow us for the first time in the history of this planet in our species to connect in
the billions, in real timem in multiple dimensions to collaborate and cooperate and make new things that an individual could not…a city could not, a country could not,
only the planet of species planet of humans could accomplish and that’s an incredible achievement.”
“so will it have a mind of its own?”
“Yes, yes, if we keep adding brains, artificial brains and artificial memory to this big machine, it will have
thoughts of its own, it probably already has and the problem is is that we don’t really have any good tools for detecting it, for understanding it, to understand the meaning of it, so remains to be seen what interaction we have with that but if we take the most abstract idea of a thought if we can give the idea that you know a mouse could have a thought which I think it does then certainly this global brain will have a thought.”
“If the super brain is capable of developing its own thoughts then there is not much fantasy needed to contemplate the possibility that we could eventually lose the control over
“In essence Dataism is the idea that if you have enough data on a person, especially biometric data and if you have enough computing power, you can understand that person better then the person understand himself or herself and then you can control this person, manipulate them and make decisions for them and we are getting very close to the point when Facebook and Google and the Chinese government know people far better than these people know themselves, democracy and the free market and
individualism and liberalism, these are all predicated on the basic assumption that nobody knows me better than I know
myself, so nobody should take decisions for me and nobody really understands how I feel and what I think and this was true throughout history nobody really knew who you are and how you feel even if the Catholic Church or say the KGB in the Soviet Union followed you around everywhere and always listened to every conversation you have and analyzed it and so forth they still didn’t know who you are they still didn’t really know how you feel and what you think because they didn’t understand biology well enough and they didn’t have enough computing power to make sense of these immense amounts of data so this was always true but it’s no longer true now oh it won’t between ten years in ten or twenty years somebody like Google or like the Chinese government will have enough data on you enough understanding of biology and enough computer power
computing power to understand you better than you understand yourself to understand your feelings your thoughts your desires your obsessions you don’t know why you feel the way you feel but Google knows or the Chinese Chinese Government knows.”
“It’s not a person but it’s an it’s a corporation or an entity that we created but now it is controlling us, it’s shaping our society, our views or decisions I mean let’s bring it down to
the concrete level it’s not abstract the question is how do you make decisions in your life so the individualistic liberal
ideology tells you think for yourself follow your heart, do what feels good to you so if you think what should I study University or where should I work or who should I marry the advice is listen to yourself follow your heart, in 20 years the advice will be I forget about your heart what does it know, ask Google, Google knows you better so it can recommend to you what
to study where to work even whom to marry people make sometimes such terrible mistakes in the most important decisions of their lives because they don’t really know themselves very well, but these algorithms, these systems will know us better, they won’t be perfect, they don’t have to be perfect, they just have to be better than the average person, in order to gain control and
that’s the end of all these old institutions and ideologies of
individualism and free market and democracy and so forth.”
“Do you see it as a new religion?”
“Now I think I mean we need to understand what religion is people think religion is about God, Religion, it’s not about God, Religion is about humans, in essence religion is a story that gives legitimacy to human norms and values in laws and that validates a sort of authority.”
“Religion is when you have a big question in life and you need an answer, what is the source of authority, Religion explains to tell the story that explains, what is the authority that can answer your question.”
“The source of authority is human feelings, you just need to consult your own feelings, if something makes you feel happy and makes your boyfriend feel happy and you don’t harm anybody then there is nothing wrong with it, go ahead and do it if it feels good do it this is the basic story of liberalism that the
highest source of authority is not God, it’s not the Bible, it’s human feelings.”
“in the 21st century we will have a new dataist religion or new algorithmic religion which will tell people the source of authority is algorithms is big data algorithms, if you have a big question in life or a small question in life the source of authority is the Big Data algorithms.”
“so actually you are saying is that the ones who are owning the data or have access to the data are the new priests?”
“The new priests, the new Kings, the new gods, whatever you want to call it, yes, data is now the the key to almost everything, it’s the most important asset, in the past like hundreds of years ago thousands of years ago, the most important asset was land and you had these big conflicts who owns the land and then you had the Industrial declined and instead the most important question was who owns the the machines who owns the factories who owns the means of production so you had these big conflicts.”
“In the 21st century the most important asset will be data. I’m not implying it’s necessarily a bad thing, because it will be a very good thing in many respects…but the thing is that it comes along with a certain dangerous baggage that
people will lose control of their lives it will be much easier to manipulate people the very meaning of human life is
likely to change because traditionally human life is seen as a process of decision making of going through one Junction after the other if you think about great art.”
“We are creating artificial intelligence, we are changing our genes, are we building ourselves into gods or are we building
new gods?”
“We are doing both you know history is messy, it’s difficult to just bring it all into a single compartment, so we are moving along to simultaneous tracks on the one hand we try to enhance
an upgrade Homo sapiens and give Homo sapiens divine abilities, at the same time we are also creating new external gods like these big data algorithms and part of the conflicts of the 21st
century is going to be a conflict between these two new gods, would it be the upgraded humans or would it be the big data algorithms?”
“Not everybody will be able to upgrade themselves and not everybody will have access to or have control over the new big data algorithms of eight billion people in the world, the vast majority will stay just ordinary Homo sapiens and they are likely to lose their economic value their political power, their control over their lives and we are likely to see an extremely unequal society in which a very small elite, either of upgraded humans or of those humans who own the master algorithms, like the the Google algorithm or the Facebook algorithm and this tiny elite controls the world and the vast majority of people, they have very little economic value and very little political power.”
“You think what is a religion? Another way to understand the religion, religion is a virtual reality game, they tell you
there are all these laws, you should pray five times a day, you should do this ceremony, you should do that ceremony, if
you follow these imaginary laws of the game ,that exist only the imagination, they don’t are part of nature, then you get points, if you break the laws then you lose points and if by the time you die you have a positive balance then you move to the next level, heaven, and people have been playing these virtual reality games very happily for thousands of years, so why not in the 21st century?”
“I doubt whether Homo sapiens will still be around in 200 years, given the pace of technological development, in 200 years either we destroy ourselves by some nuclear catastrophe or ecological catastrophe or we will upgrade and change ourselves into something very different from Homo sapiens, so that in 200 years earth is dominated by entities which are more different from us than we are different from Neanderthals, different bodies, different brains, different minds.”
“so technology is an extended form of that same self-organization that we find in natural evolution and one way I like to think about it is that technology is a way for evolution to invent things that it could not just invent with tissue, wet biological tissue.”
“this is a process that is beyond human, it partly has its origins in the Big Bang, in the universe, so technology is a
part of a stream that ran before humans and will run beyond us we are in the middle, a medium carrying it forward.”
“If you understand nature in a very broad sense, much broader than biological nature and natural selection, then, yes, everything that happened in the universe is part of nature and artificial intelligence is not less natural than a flower or a human being, it still obeys the basic laws of physics, but again.. most people when they think about nature what they think is more about biology and if you think in terms of biology in terms of biochemistry of organisms of natural selection then no artificial intelligence and technology in general are going to break out of this limited realm of organic biology and create something completely new.”
Tommy Castaneda: vor 3 Wochen: Blasphemy! Unlike God the thing we create will surpass us in knowledge! Strength and immortality! These people are all deceived by satan himself! We are not God and these things are old entities that have been here long before us! Lucifer has tricked these brilliant people into lityerally creating vehicles for those entities to inhabit!
seeker of knowledge: vor 1 Monat: Computer will never be my god! Not ever!
Pavle Pavlovic: vor 6 Monaten: This guy said people today couldn’t survive in nature, maybe that is true for some, but I assure you its not true for all, there are people whoa are able to survive in nature.
Ron Joplin: vor 1 Woche; You lost me at “As naked apes” Ask any DNA expert and they will tell you we have always been human. Darwinism failed!
Walter Sutton: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): Brilliant delusions. There is no end to knowledge, but knowledge emptied of wisdom is utterly and ultimately destructive.
S. Gillespie: vor 17 Stunden: Seems to be very little wisdom in the world today…at least amongst those of power. But they’re typically the psychopaths who are daring, aggressive and bullies.
Rock Desert Sun: vor 1 Jahr: When I was young I always dreamed of living in a tree in a forest. This convinced me I was onto something!!
Swoops: vor 3 Wochen: This is a perfect example of a lost soul and many will follow. Prov. 4:19.
Susan Blood: vor 3 Wochen;: Swoops We are all lost souls because this is the foolishness of our leaders.
kelvenguard: vor 1 Monat: WTF…. you went from GOD creating us to NAKED APES in the first 40 seconds ???
Michael Feliciano: vor 13 Stunden: 3:00 “My husband and me” WTF?!
Dihelson Mendonca: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet):
These guys can´t see the big picture. Everything is connected, and people are enslaved technology. Everything you say, everything that you are, is logged, is collected by GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT, GOVERNMENTS… You can´t do a mere step without they know where you are, what you are doing. We live on a controlled society, where we are no more individuals, we are collective, like “borgs” from Star Trek, with a central command. Government through credit card enterprises know everything you purchase, the time that you purchase and the place. GPS is a people tracking technology. Did you know that google monitors all your browsing activity ? Did you know that Windows 10 logs all your activity and send to a central ? Did you know that even Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is collecting what you say at home ? Yes, my friend, this world is damn lost. And we ain´t seen nothing yet. The greatest danger is coming, and it´s called AI.
Carlos Flores: vor 6 Monaten: I dont see anything wrong with AI, we essentially are leaving a piece of ourselves in the universe for long after we are gone. Its fucking amazing if anything.
Pohaku Mana: vor 6 Monaten: LOL paranoia strikes deep into your heart…
Pavle Pavlovic: vor 6 Monaten: its called Technocracy in short , I dont like it one bit but I trust humans made a good choice if its not good choice there will be suffering and then some change will happen, I guess.
Pohaku Mana: vor 6 Monaten: Pavle because humans always make corrections from bad choices to better ones right? Like making tear gas illegal in war but it’s ok now to spray the fuck out of all your citizens, women and children??
Kevin González: vor 2 Monaten: Agenda 21 and NWO.
Michael Reeser: vor 1 Jahr: The virtual reality escape has been done for centuries it’s called reading.
Ceasar Langley: vor 1 Jahr: Most people don’t have imagination.
Pohaku Mana: vor 6 Monaten: or chasing the dragon, meditation, adreline rushes, oxygen depravation…
elizabeth stevens: vor 21 Stunden (bearbeitet):
jfkrbj: vor 9 Monaten: We should know that we lose a lot of undigital knowledge in the process of digitalization.
Julie Gilliam: vor 5 Stunden: It’s called Remote Neural Monitoring.
Skënder Misku: vor 10 Monaten: I think we possess more acknowledge that we can handle. It’s a dangerous game giving the “children” high power such as acknowledge.
Lakario Davis: vor 7 Monaten: lol Damn he was really pushing and throwing in your face the fact that he´s married to a man lmao. I’m like ok ok ok damn we get it already! Let’s move past this!
Deona Eddy: vor 3 Wochen: Robots can never have a soul. Nice try Lucifer. You are an intelligent one but you are the AI.
Carlos Munoz: vor 3 Wochen: AI has the potential to be GOD like if done correctly. Once they are able to learn on their own they superceed human by far.
S. Gillespie: vor 16 Stunden: Remember what Lucifer represents…The light. It’s him that makes all the light, bright and shiny things seem acceptable,, appealing and desirable. Lucifer reigns over the physical world…The more we desire more stuff – the more he is in control. Now, think about a country that’s built on capitalism, i.e. consumerism. Lucifer! Now think about a country so consumed with acquiring shiny (gold, diamonds, glass buildings, etc.) things that they are willing to enslave and demonize an entire group of people. LUCIFER MANIFEST!
QPDS: vor 4 Wochen: Educated fools from uneducated schools.
Bestdaughterever Ever: vor 2 Monaten: Robots/ AI : end of humanity.
adequate Junior: vor 2 Monaten: This is serious: Robots making decisions and don’t die.
Vickie Henson: vor 2 Monaten: And God said the creation is not greater than the creator !
stellaeecuk: vor 2 Monaten: Continue using facebook, google apps, youtube etc. and you could be terminated. Peace!
Politically correct speech isn’t my thing, fk off: vor 1 Monat: you are on youtube right now Mr Doomsayer.
Felix Heinz: vor 1 Monat: A computer cannot survive unless it’s hooked up to something or drawing energy of the sort that is unnatural, AI is exactly that and many are going that route and encouraging others to do so, that’s kamikaze.
adequate Junior: vor 2 Monaten: Laser vision security warfare.
Technological contacts lenses.
elizabeth stevens: vor 21 Stunden: YOU. Sir, Will NEVER be able to put a SOUL FROM GREAT CREATOR INSIDE AN A.I. !! PRAY FOR THIS MAN. HAVE HIS EYES OPENED IN EVIL HES DOING!!!
S. Gillespie: vor 17 Stunden: He’s not agreeing with this he’s just saying that one day there will be those who can afford the technology and science to be perceived as gods: Longer life span, Free of diseases, they live in the clouds of mount Olympus (high gated communities), they control people’s lives (artificial intelligence) they easily take control of ours (data retrieval and manipulation). In 50+/- years they may be feared just like gods. Hubris people.
Mr. Craft Man.: vor 3 Wochen: It’s a” TRAP” !!!!
Iza Wolf: vor 4 Monaten: Idealism.
Julio C. Carrero-Pulido: vor 11 Monaten: “May all beings be happy ,be paceful, be liberated…”
T West: vor 5 Monaten: A gay man talking about creating new life is like turtle preening its feathers!
MrMaka1984: vor 3 Wochen: more chemtrails on our sky…more lies around.
MsSaudm: vor 1 Monat: ” We will play god” Just like the Annunaki did 300,000 years ago. And we have been the victims of it ever since !
Jennifer Maxine: vor 11 Monaten: Total fascist indoctrination, no common sense or common law.
Damien Davis: vor 5 Monaten: Giving your power to the image of the beast. Qubits.
Thin line Two Alternatives: vor 1 Jahr: Welcome to the new Atlantis.

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