Mark Hackard on Scientology, Cults, Freemasonry and the CIA

“Mark Hackard on Scientology, Cults, Freemasonry and the CIA”

“thkelly67: Am 24.03.2016 veröffentlicht:
Mark Hackard returns to the show to discuss “Scientology & the CIA” and “Malta, Masonry & the CIA”, two articles he translated. We talk about the use of Christian missionaries and cults by the CIA and the connections between Freemasonry and the intelligence community. We also discuss how conceptions like “democracy”, “religious freedom” and “human rights” are exploited by the United States and other western governments to destabilize countries outside the Anglo-American orbit.”
“The so-called Fake Plastic Spirituality.”
“Certainly Freemasonry has been the enemy of traditional society as far as traditional communities go..they have been infiltrating institutions and creating revolutions for centuries.”
“How they all overlap…”
“He called it the Masonic Intelligence Complex. I like that…”
“Just because so many of the leadership of the CIA were in fact Freemasons..who is really directing whom: Is the spy agency in charge of the occult or the oocult in charge of the spy agency?”
“Look at these intelligencie Agency, whether it´s MI6, CIA or Mossad. The forces that went and created these agencies, you have to look at that. Whether it is the British-India Companey or Wallstreet,.. Wallstreet goes back to the Opium trade, these are the interest that went into creating intelligence agencies.”
“The strategy of Tension, the strategy of Chaos that is being used to destabilize society and undermine the culture of traditional spirituality and religion and replace it with a simulacrum, a sort of a Disney style consumer Religion of whatever might be promoted.”
“vor 2 Jahren: “Annihilate identity”…”
“therealnightwriter: vor 2 Jahren: “Suffocating the truth” better words are rarely spoken.”
“Suffocating the truth” better words are rarely spoken.?
“Brainwashology: vor 2 Jahren: scientology-aka-Brainwashology, is a tax exempt business.”
“Janstein VonSquidmeirsteen: vor 2 Jahren: I’d like tho see the chaos thesis via secret societies be taken up in the context of European immigration to the States in the late 19th-century, as well as the European capitalist/colonial project beginning with the Portuguese and reaching it apex with the English and French.”
“Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren: MI6’s job is to protect the Thieves of the Bank of England….and CIA was formed to do the same thing for the thieves who own the Federal Reserve Bank.
And who owns ALL central banks?
Who pioneered psychiatry and mind-control?
Who invented ALL cults from Theosophy to OTO to Mormonism to Scientology?
Black and White Magicians … Intel agents (e.g., Aleister Crowley, Houdini).
Who heads ALL governments from Obama to Putin to Cameron to Merkel to al-Sisi, etc?
Who owns ALL mainstream media?
Who has funded ALL sides of ALL wars for the past 200 years?
“Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren: @LawrenceHill2010: Yes, they who must not be named led the Reformation (with Luther and the Puritans). They led the Counter Reformation, too, with their infiltrators in the Roman Church. Loyola was a Jew.
Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet): @2428744 Gestapo google spygrid
Putin’s mother Maria Shalomova was a Jew. Putin was mentored by the East German Jew, Markus Wolf. Putin’s co-president, Sergei Medvedev, is a Jew. Putin was annointed into position by the Jew Boris Yeltsin.
“Russia” has been ruled by Jews since 1917. Britain has been ruled by Jews since the days of Elizabeth I (the Boleyns and Cecils were crypto-Jews).
France has been ruled by Jews since the French revolution. The US has been ruled by Jews since the Jews got their Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. Freemasonic dupes…shabez goyim have done a lot of the dirty work for the Jews. Freemasons were tricked into thinking that the Tribe would share the spoils instead of stealing it ALL.
Obama is a Jew. He and Putin are playing bad cop/good cop. Jewish Banks don’t start wars until they control ALL sides. The Banksters NEED to get WW III started to hide their Grand Theft (crashing the value of the US dollar) with another GRAND Genocide. The same game plan that led Americans into dying into world wars I and II is being implemented. US MIlitary? Asleep at the switch??”
“Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet): Neither NSA nor DHS need the help of Scientology to spy on people 24/7.
Focus on Scientology is misdirection. All intel agencies are fingers on the hands of the Central Banksters. The Russian intel raids on Scientology are bogus – “theater” to sustain a bogus narrative of enmity.”
“Wilfried Meißner: vor 2 Jahren: +Oona Craig Right so.
A conspiracy theory that makes sense. “Scientology” is a yet another CIA front org:
Destroy these lying fortresses!”

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