Harald Kautz-Vella Morgellons and the Borg-ing of Humanity 1/2

Kautz-Vella there is only one big fail assumption in your reasoning, that people are intentionally poisoning themselves is absolute nonsense…and audacious to assume this.
How many people are totally oblivious of these advanced bioweapons and have not the intellectual background to handle this and how many people do you think have not the financial background or naturopathic wisdom to live completely offline and via organic food stores.. Audacious to think People always can choose what they take in…and your organic food stores are equally poisoned with advanced chemtrail nanotech fungus. The whole world has Morgellons, just not the visible Symptoms and not the full manifest pathologies, also you!!! You are fully nano-wired.
Dr. Ed Spencer and Me are a little bit more realistic…and your idea of Kundalini is outright disinformation…You have zero clue about Kundalini…the same like most brainwashed Christians.
Kundalini is the Holy Spirit and Divine Shakti aka Sophia. Another one who is so brainwashed by Christianity that he doesn´t see that “free will” is an illusion.
The Masses are easily fascinated and deceived… by People who have absolutely no clue about the fundamental principles of the Universe…

“Harald Kautz-Vella Morgellons and the Borg-ing of Humanity 1/2”

“Alexandra JB – From Illusion To Reality
Am 25.12.2018 veröffentlicht
German scientist Harald Kautz-(Vella) took a couple of hours off from painting walls in his house on Dec 23rd, 2018 and talked with Alexandra JB, http://fromillusiontoreality.com/, about the danger of 5G (Part 2) and other topics. Correction in min. 14 “on the surface of a main stem/trunk of a tree” (and not surrounding), meaning that the main stem was burned from inside and hollow, but the surface was intact. About man-made fires in California 2018:”
This is idealistic babble…the idea you could simply change humans with a click… Reality is a bit more complex…

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