Dr. Rauni Kilde Interview 2014

Dr. Rauni Kilde Interview 2014
Topics: Government atrocities /State criminality / European Coalition against Covert Harassment
Search for Punishment and Judgement for the Torture Perpretators (especially criminal misuse by Military and Intelligence Personal)
Ignorance of the Soul… Karma will come for the torture personal when not in this life in the next life for sure…
NWO / NSA / CIA / FBI / British Intelligence / Revelation of the dark occult Agenda against all civilians..
Human Robotization as reason for population reduction /
Human Energyfield manipulation / Brain-Research / Remote Neural Monitoring / Total influence of thought, behavior and dreams…
Mind-Body Control of Politicians and Manipulation of the Masses. / Soldier Microchipping
Governmental fascistic suppression methods and destiny redirection with drugs, demoralization with mass unemployment, keeping people away from deciding about their own destiny, creation of apathy, moral degradation, environmental toxification of water, food, air, spreading of false religious cults, subvertion and penetration of all rightful governments, taking control of the education with the purpose of destroying it (brainwashing), dumbing down of population, electromagnetic manipulation, they want to eliminate 85% of the population, they want to control the whole world, which is crazy, insane, Kilde states.
She says the NWO Elite must be replaced. U.S. wants to wage war with Russia with nuclear weapons. The mobile phone network (electromagnetic warfare against the civilian population) is one of the most dangerous installations of them and people don´t realize it. We need to educate ourselves, also watching other countries news via internet. 1874 they already implanted electrodes in a female brain in a hospital in Ohio, today they call them Microchips. This is very old technology only with the difference that is optimized and minimized nowadays. Vaccination as microchipping method. This is incredible technology they use in Military and Intelligence, it is 300 years ahead in time of current science! 300 YEARS ahead!!! Time Travel Technology, Teleportation Technology and People know nothing about.
Historically Projects: Tracking Mind and Behavior Control, HF/UHF-Frequencies used modulated at ELF. Programming of behavior, creation of Cyborg Mentality. Radar, Microwave modulated at ELF frequencies. MK-Delta: Fine tuned electromagnetically programming..Transmission and reception were TVs, radio antenna, Powerlines, Telefone @60 Hertz.. HF/UHF/ELF. Effects: Fatigue, mood swings, deep sleep, radio hypnotic intercerebral control… U.S. Airforce/NSA 1983. Population Programming for sensitized individuals. NSA/Office of NAVAL Research 1989 electronic targeting of selected individuals going in line with black helicopters in triad formations UHF behavior control. Phase modulation, subvertion of Psychic abilities of Population, they don´t want people to use their Psychic abilites, because that could take away their power. Targeting mass population, via frequencies Microwaves. DNA Resonance Modification. 1995 Project Haarp (Airforce/Navy involved) Mass Population Control, behavior modification. The worlds worst weapon, much worse than an atomic bomb, because it is invisible, it is also used for Mind Control, affecting your brain. We don´t see them, but we can feel them. Mind Control and Atom Bombs are in the same category. NSA Echelon Satellite Spy and Harassment Systems. EEG Cloning, Methods of altering consciousness, more than 100 U.S. Patents of Mind Control, Brain Wave Analysis, Remote Viewer Monitoring, Electronic Brainlinking via Satellite. In 1991, to read the minds of targets, terrorize and oppress completely, yet covertly AI, Human Cloning are also carried out, it has been done a long time ago 1977 already.. Neurophone to make the target hear voices via microwave radiation and sound modulation. No medical doctor generally knows about this military technology. This Technology of the Military can simulate schizophrenic episodes to enforce their Medical Oligarchic Complex and to apply Pharmakia to silence dissidents, whitsleblowers or writers. We have to change the way of our thinking. The world population should focus not to have World War III in their belief, nobody wants world war III, except the military, globalists, government people, politicians. Think: no war. We have to change the thinking otherwise the people of the world will perish.

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