On the hunt for the old chemtrail articles… / Auf der Jagd nach den alten Chemtrail Artikeln…

On the hunt for the old chemtrail articles… / Auf der Jagd nach den alten Chemtrail Artikeln… /
… and their low effectiveness on the masses, despite their fatal consequences.
/ …und ihre geringe Effektivität auf die Masse, trotz der fatalen Konsequenzen.
From 2001!!!
“By Amy Worthington
The Idaho Observer
To ignore chemtrails is to pretend that the DOD would never test its chemical and biological weapons on unsuspecting people. Most people living on earth want only life, liberty, peace and the pursuit of happiness. In grisly contrast, America’s military-industrial complex harbors an introverted and pathological fixation with war games and death technology. In its inexorable quest for absolute power — that evolutionary state of decay warned about by President Eisenhower so many years ago — the complex has unleashed a terrifying array of secretive and dangerous experiments. These include weather modification, earthquake induction and numerous chemical-biological tests on unwitting subjects.
Every aspect of our physical environment is now being manipulated for war games. Discolored skies are continuously polluted by jets spraying chemical aerosols. Bizarre and unpredictable weather is often military-made. Electromagnetic abnormalities — including artificial lightning — are generated by HAARP-like installations in sundry places. People are becoming increasingly ill and immuno-compromised from such ecological tampering.
What business has the military to be spraying “populated areas” with lethal toxins? This is not defense at all. This is genocide.
In 1994, Dr. Cole testified before a Senate committee that he feared the military might develop new and genetically engineered pathogens. He could not have known then that our government had been working on such heinous pathogens since the 1960s, when it initiated a special virus cancer program in order to create contagious cancers for biowarfare.
Still today the military continues with open air testing in populated areas across the United States, using dangerous live simulants to test biowarfare detection gadgets. These open-air tests involve the spraying of dangerous germs from backpack canisters and vehicles. Because these germs can cause everything from meningitis to heart disease, the personnel who conduct the tests are always protected with gas masks and body suits. People in the communities being sprayed are given no protection at all.
Biological weapons encapsulated in protective coatings like synthetic webbing would explain why so many people who see web-like filaments drifting down from the skies report illness after touching the webs. When the webbing is closely examined, it is proven to be man-made filaments of the type developed by both industrial and military entities.
This year, using both electrostatic precipitation devices and HEPA air filters to collect outdoor atmospheric samples, chemtrail researcher Clifford Carnicom and his associates have documented desiccated blood cells floating in the atmosphere in both New Mexico and Colorado. With so many atmospheric samples containing biological components, Carnicom has concluded that “crimes of the highest order are being perpetrated against citizens without their knowledge or consent.”
Who besides the Department of Death would have the money and inclination to keep our atmosphere besmirched with such biological materials? There is much accumulated evidence that gels, webs, fecal matter, powders and blood cells may be used to harbor viruses, mycoplasma and/or other bio-engineered toxins until they can reach their intended hosts. No big surprise. Anything is possible from a military-industrial complex…”
Source: Chemtrail Delivery System

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  1. Christopher daniels sagt:

    I suspect no one gives a shit on the people suffering in Fresno ca huh… one nation under GOD my ass

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