Avoid-false-light-teachings – Bypass The Matrix… Empower The Individuality.

Avoid-false-light-teachings – Bypass The Matrix… Empower The Individuality.

The system is everywhere and is in everything except your spirit. Your physical body is even in the system. The brain was tampered with by the Annunaki in order to achieve separation between the logical mind and the intuitive mind. The brain has been influenced and controlled for a very long time. The chakras are energy centers that are necessary for a 3d life but are also like power sockets for energy vampires to plug into. It seems impossible to think of how we will get out of this construct, but there is a secret that those who created this matrix do not want you to know.
The secret is that your soul essence is immortal and the spark that you carry within you (your spirit) cannot be tampered with. While it can be tricked into a body and kept in a recurring cycle of incarnations, it is also connected to the truth. It has the free will to pull out of the matrix. When everyone is given the opportunity to see the truth, very few people will decide to stay within a control system. The matrix itself will dissolve for those who choose and those who enjoyed it will be left with no purpose or way to continue their hierarchical control.There is evidence all around that the battle of freedom is coming to a head. The oppressors are desperately enacting control systems as fast as they can implement them, and the rebels are standing together in numbers never seen before. The showdown is definitely in its last throes and many people already say that we have won. The best news ever is that we all remember the possibility of a Cosmic Wildcard…There is a surprise in store for all of us that may keep us from having to die out of our bodies in order to be free. It will certainly be something that happens that will trigger memories and powers within..
However more and more people are realizing what it means to “be yourself” and by the rebel’s actions, words, deeds, and intentions, glitches in the matrix are formed. These glitches cause havoc in the hive mind’s system. The more people that say “no, I do not accept this way of living” by not conforming in a unique and peaceful way, the more opportunity for non conformity to take a hold in this illusion.
The matrix is the holographic illusion that runs the collective hive mind brains that are all linked together into a collective human consciousness. The way to affect all of humanity through this collective consciousness is to not look to what everyone else is doing, but to go within your own spirit to find who you really are and let that shine out as a beacon to everyone on the planet. This is one of the most important things you can do at this time. Finding creative ways of non conformity can be a challenge.. Everyone will have a different way of figuring out how to withdraw their compliance with the system.

Source: in5d.com/how-to-avoid-false-light-teachings/

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