FALL OF CABAL – This Video Will Leave You Speechless!

“FALL OF CABAL – This Video Will Leave You Speechless!”
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“The Fusion of Monsanto and Bayer was the Perfect Match made in Hell:”

“but we have to do the research and we do like nerds like an army of digital autists we connect the dots there is a war going on for world dominance for the absolute submission of the masses how is this achieved by the constant waging of war.”

“back in Nazi-Germany the Rockefellers financed the horrific
eugenics experiments performed on Jewish people trying to create a superior master race, so in short two very powerful families that rule the world and its population are the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and guess what they are not even the most powerful there are other families that exceed the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds both in money and in power but I will not go any deeper into that.”
“Deception is..the mind of the State. (James Angleton)(Head of CIA counter intelligence from 1954-1974)”

“Hollywood Elites are an enemy of Mankind…breaking every God-given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children. (Mel Gibson)”
“That God these people serve is Satan it’s not a God of love and mercy whether or not you believe in the existence of Satan is not relevant, they do and according to each and every eyewitness who has the guts to step forward..”
“Well it’s not, suppression isn’t normal, poverty isn’t normal, there’s enough food to feed the entire world,
the problem is uneven distribution of means, money and food, taxes aren´t normal, they’re not even legal.
Trump has already stated he will get rid of the fed and several taxes including income tax as we’ve seen in Part 2, they illegal, unconstitutional…I´m sure you heard of
Nikola Tesla, the famous inventor of many beautiful things in the area of electricity, magnetism and physics in general an absolute brilliant mind who wanted to share his invention of free energy with the world this was a thorn in the side of the Cabal who made billions of profit with oil, coal and
other fossil fuels. Tesla was arrested, his work was stolen, all his inventions were seized by the American government.
John Trump, Donald’s uncle was a brilliant physicist, electrical engineer and inventor during World War two he
joined the National Defense Research Committee in 1943 he reviewed and analyzed the Tesla papers right after Tesla died that’s right Tesla’s inventions and clean and free energy on
anti-gravity and much more that has been kept hidden from the public because there was no money in it fell into the hands of Donald Trump’s uncle whom he loved and greatly admired.”
“I wouldn’t be surprised either if they had invented a
time machine after all if you can bend space which was definitely within the reach of Tesla then you can change time
if quantum physics is correct if he can really jump through one timeline to another parallel one you can time travel
change certain things and go back without people noticing a thing unless you leave Clues behind like a magazine
that seems totally out of place, like Q predictions of specific outcomes that couldn’t possibly have been foretold not even with the use of quantum probability theory, is that how Q works with direct knowledge of the future through various timelines probability waves is that why Trump is still alive and even missile attacks have been countered is this how Q manages to predict exact pol numbers and
events to the minute and second precise as encoded in the Q drops… he is a genius, a 5-D chess player, a man with a huge heart.”

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