Steve Schmidt: Trump has made America 'sicker,' 'poorer,' 'weak,' 'divided'

“Steve Schmidt: Trump has made America ‘sicker,’ ‘poorer,’ ‘weak,’ ‘divided'”
“The United States is the Epicenter of the COVID Virus period. The United States is the place in the world where you are most likely to die of COVID-19 and if you do have are more likely to die from it in the United States.”
“At the Hight of WW2 we lived in a country that turned out 8 combat aircraft and hour and now we can´t make blockmasks and ppa, our health care responders, first care responders are underequipped, this has been a national disgrace…there has never been…in our life time or in the last 75 years where the United States has appeared more weak to the rest of the world than it does now..we look weak..we are looking like a basket case on the world stage with our dishonest, delusional, divisive president who just is not equipped, at a moral level, at a mental level, at a intellectual level to lead the country through this…it is delusional bs talk in the extremist.”


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