Report #58: Dr. Eric Karlstrom – Mind Control Tech & Intel Agency Crimes, Past to Present

“Report #58: Dr. Eric Karlstrom – Mind Control Tech & Intel Agency Crimes, Past to Present”
“Am 06.04.2018 veröffentlicht
Wide-ranging and illuminating conversation with Dr. Eric Karlstrom on the deep history of Mind Control as policy and practice and deep dark experimentation across the decades and centuries, as he traces the inception of People Control technologies from Freud and Tavistock in the ’20s through Mengele and Project Paperclip in the ’40s and the many horrors of Bluebird, Artichoke, MK ULTRA and the Monarch and Montauk projects from the 50s-70s and later. The connections of British Intelligence, early British spies and the ways in which American intelligence was born out of Britain and Germany, as well as how German scientists who landed via Paperclip worked by the thousands in Mind Control—a hidden history, largely unknown—is also aired.
Coincident with the growth of these technologies of course is the unfolding saga of the British and Zionist and Illuminati Empires across the world as criminal money-grubbers have taken control of banks and governments across generations, Monarching families and populations via private abuse and public wars. Which leads through occultism, Satanism, pedophilia/pedosadism, child abuse and trafficking and sacrifice to the distinct darkness underlying all of America’s and Britain’s Intelligence and Security agencies, marking their current forays in massive Surveillance crime which people worldwide are reporting as Torture with electromagnetic and neuroweapons on their bodies and brains.
We consider at length these horrors and crimes which truly mark the CIA, MI5, FBI, and NSA, and offer this information and conversation in the interests of raising public awareness and educate the public about the true horrors behind and within the Intel agencies which have currently taken over the American government and are running domestic terrorism and Surveillance crimes on all of us. There are solutions, Dr. Karlstrom offers, and they involve some mass eye-opening and restoration of power to the people, via repealing wrongful acts such as the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the National Security Act of 1947, and publicly uncovering the truths behind the JFK assassination and the mass killings of 9/11.”
“Lissa Humane_Life
Really well-done, well-stated and super well-defined. I couldn’t agree more. Thank you both, Ramola and Dr. Karlstrom. Its exactly what happened in our lifetimes, and what we’re seeing and feeling. That of synthethic mind-control and the take-down of America.
Respectfully note that I believe they are the not Hebrew, rather Khazarian Mafia Zionist’s who we’re told to choose a religion (Christianity, Hebrew, Buddism) choosing to be Jews ; they’re new world order Zionists, Synagogue of satan.”
“Bryan Tew
This is NOT a Jewish Conspiracy. It is a global inter-agency operation designed to diffuse, censor and control the sheepish masses whilst initiating the next stage in Human Evolution.. They need to achieve semi-completion of this global paradigm before the next stage of Human Evolution can begin: TRANS-HUMANISM!”
“I. Sokolov
Remote Neuro Mind Control is a growing problem. The NSA must terminate this program on not consenting targeted individuals. The new Mind Control programs has a huge military value and it can be used to fight terrorism, but the NSA is using the technology to terrorize innocent citizens.
Furthermore, the outsourcing of the technology to other intelligence organisations and private entities must be regulated.
There should be more openness about the programs. The latest document of interest is a CIA declassified document from 1987! Then we have only a few speeches from DARPA executives and ex-DARPA scientist. Now we get a flow of information from commercial use of some old DARPA research.
I disagree this technology is non-lethal. It has resulted in suicides, murders, and mass-shootings. In the initial phases the TI get distracted and should not operate a motorbike or cars. The health aspect is not properly evaluated. In Russia some projects has been terminated due to health risk to the VOLUNTEERS, in the West it seems there is no one care of the health aspects.
I have been going through the publicly available material in the Las Vegas massacre. Statements from his Filipino girl friend and his calm and calculated behavior indicates Mr. Paddock was a TI. In my humble opinion uncontrolled use of mind control technology is irresponsible and dangerous.
We should have a discussion if our tax money should be used to promote Satanism through this technology.
George Baez
Im tired of my stupid neighbor creating synthetic dreams with his stupid V2K device and the NSA’s help !
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