Report #59: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower, P2 — Terrorism, Torture, Crime

“Report #59: Geral Sosbee, FBI Whistleblower, Podcast 2 — Terrorism, Torture, Crime”
“Am 06.04.2018 veröffentlicht
Engaging and insightful conversation with FBI whistleblower, attorney, judge, former college professor and Army veteran Geral Sosbee (with decent audio this time:) where he speaks candidly about his own experience being wrongfully targeted by the FBI, the very agency he once worked for as a Special Agent, and his ongoing experience, begun 35 years ago, of being assaulted with electromagnetic weapons and neuroweapons.
Following his suggestions for a stream-of-consciousness conversation to build on his first interview, Report #56, we ranged widely across the FBI’s illegitimate practice of Parallel Construction which involves the illegitimate practice of Harassment, Provocation and Entrapment, and the ways in which Congressfolk who should respond to the public’s reports of wrongful targeting and terrorist assault don’t, but instead maintain a stoic silence or respond inappropriately. In addition, we examine the effects of this terrorist assault with weapons, which include heart disease, sleep deprivation—an aspect of Torture—debilitation of the immune system, and great harm to health.
Unafraid to name the FBI conducting such outrageously criminal programs on the populace as violent psychopaths, Geral offers rare elucidation of the true nature of this agency which purports to be engaged in the public good but in actuality targets for the sake of targeting, criminally defames and maligns targets, and works openly to provoke and frame targets. In close conjunction with the FBI’s defamation of innocent..s of course are the Strategic Deception Psychological Warfare tricks played by paid psychiatrists who are willing to name targets delusional, and the deadly electromagnetic weapons of sexual assault, sexual stimulation, emotion modification, and brain modification, which are all used in Harassment and Provocation operations to incite the target to self-incriminate and discredit himself or herself.
Those who suffer are the .. public, those deceived as well are the ..public.
I am grateful to this one outstanding FBI whistleblower who is unafraid to speak openly about what he perceives to be the true nature of the FBI and what the FBI is doing on the ground today in America and the world, from his own observations and experience. Because of wrongful targeting and deadly FBI/CIA/NSA/DHS misconduct and treachery—in collusion with lying media, psychiatrists, and police, thousands of Americans and millions of citizens worldwide today are being burned alive with microwave, millimeter wave, sonic, scalar, radar weapons, all being hidden under cover of Secrecy, National Security, and wrongfully classified labels. These are Crimes Against Humanity, and it appears that until the whole truth and reality of these agencies—and the US, UK, EU, AU, NZ militaries and private contractors working with them–is revealed and publicly known and understood, these unconscionable atrocities will continue.
We offer this conversation and podcast in the interests of informing and educating America and the world.
–Ramola D/4/6/2018”

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