Report #57 – Cassandra: "Voyeuristic Torture, not Surveillance–and a Societal, not TI Problem"

NHS..I noticed this abbreviation 2 Days ago and it goes hand in hand with British Military, British Police/Security or Agency people and Banking Cartel…they – their anti-intellect trolls and anti-truther-morons- erased a topic at Facebook that was probably to truthful.
“Report #57 – Cassandra: “Voyeuristic Torture, not Surveillance–and a Societal, not TI Problem”
“Am 06.04.2018 veröffentlichtSpirited and thought-provoking conversation with a young EFL teacher from the UK who reports torturous targeting with electromagnetic weapons, invasive neurotechnology, and abusive neighborhood and community stalking. The kind of torture and assault targets are being hit with today is gratuitous and voyeuristic, she notes, and should not be labelled Surveillance; with her language and linguistics background, she discusses the euphemistic quality of the labels Surveillance and Non-Lethal weapons as she describes her own experience as a victim of British Intelligence Agency crimes.
She also tackles the misnomer of the monikker “Targeted Individual” and points out how this is a Societal problem, not an individual problem related to a few individuals–which really signifies that the term TI is wrongful, pejorative, and misleading. Detailing the nature of the assaults on herself and her mother, she shows also how workplace bullying and harassment at the NHS at Oxford Hospital is a part of this crime.”

Christopher Howard
I am transhuman now and am getting confirmation research done currently, they ask me questions from my memory then listen to my answer, and give me compliments which triggers my stockholm syndrome . I have heard of and know personally many medical nurses and professionals who got targeted. I am a old gay dude and they have a thing about my sex life via the forced telepathy too, while the real gay people ( like me ) are busy having a life, the men doing this tech are closeted homosexuals in my opinion and are shunned because they are physically ugly and cannot get laid by women or man. They can get people to act a certain way remotely by influencing peoples moods and behaviour. They have now progressed to hurting my heart . When you spoke in section 1:32:00 that is exactly what my telepathy says every moment and all night if i wake up, always framing or threats, for 16 years nonstop. I also along with Omni and Cassandra the breathing issues described at 1:39:01 , very scary, i bet they do this when you sleep to ruin your REM .’
“Jan Brennan
That recording @ 1:20 was shocking but not surprising. Those kids were definitely harassing you. It amazing that they actually get children to gang stalk us! One time I had a busload of girl scouts stand outside of my bedroom window and scream like crazy for almost 30 minutes. Just bloodcurdling screams. And none of the neighbors seemed to care. I now realize that’s because they were of course in on it. After they screamed for a half hour their girl scout leader put them back on the bus and drove away as if nothing happened. Unbelievable!”

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