“1. The objective of the human control system is confuse and control, HAMPER and stealthily seriously ENCUMBER the human being;
2. The prime mechanisms are through toxicity, the sources of which are myriad, quite literally, including everything from FOOD, WATER, AIR and SOIL (remember the highly inefficient Biofuels) to the most diverse forms of harmful Electromagnetic Radiation;
3. Toxicity in the incarnate, the human sponge, is particularly pronounced through the ingestion of chemicals, amongst which plastics which pervade society and, more recently, most nefariously, nanotech, and junk food which alters the cellular membrane structure making it less permeable and less flexible as well as the slow insidious seeping throughout the human sponge of HEAVY METALS, in particular MERCURY, the SECOND most TOXIC HEAVY METAL ON EARTH, which literally acts like a superglue on the tissues of the body once it has “settled in”, rendering all the tissues even less permeable and flexible. CHELATION is one of the few answers to this dire predicament which deprives the human being of his/her VITALITY and LONGEVITY, for it ever so SLOWLY rids the body of the HEAVY METALS;
4. The organs/tissues targeted by the human HAMPERING and CONTROL system are:
I. The organs/tissues which are genetically and energetically encumbered;
II. The over laden liver and lymphatic system;
III. The BRAIN, because of its connection to God through the pineal gland, thereby hampering MEDITATION and PRAYER, and because of the key role it plays in the PSYCHO-NEURO-IMMUNO-ENDOCRINE System, the DISTURBANCE of which wreaks HAVOC on the HUMAN INCARNATE (notice the sky-rocketing rise in homosexuality and lesbianism and the associated need for “gender counseling”, most likely due to both fluoride and the wonderful endocrine disruptors in morning showers), making disease expression a literal PLAYGROUND for the so-called “DIS-EASE MONGERING INDUSTRIES”;
8. As long as MONEY, instead of LOVE and CARE remain the PRIME OBJECTIVE of this System, DIVINE TRUTH shall not prevail and shall remain evasive at best, but, THANK GOD our FATHER IN HEAVEN, the CONCEPT of MONEY and COMPETITION shall soon be REPLACED by the DIVINE CONCEPT of LOVE, CARE and COMPLETION for ONE ANOTHER and for ALL, a concept which shall PERMANENTLY usher in the DIVINE INFUSION and IMMERSION of LOVE, JOY, HARMONY and RESPECT for ONE ANOTHER and for ALL.”

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