Archontification of the Planet Earth via Smart Dust

Conspiracy Revelation: 4.5.2018: This topic refers to every living biological organism, despite the fact that the AI Smart Dust System is naturally optimized to subdue, sabotage, steer and control the majority of the human race into a swarm cyborg beehive system. It is what I call archontification of the Planet, I invented this term, because it is easily understandable, especially for all the Gnostics who know about the Aim of the Archons to turn all biological organisms into synthetic creatures. Obviously the Gnostics were the closest to the Truth, from all prophetic apocalyptic scriptures, therefore I also refer to the Mass Kundalini Awakening as the Mass Awakening of Sophia – the Goddesss – who now activates to enlighten about the mess that has been done with the human race on behalf of the Empire of Corporate Criminal Global Shadow Government and on behalf of the Fraudulent Military-Medical-Clerical-Alphabet-Media-Gang Oil-Banking-Nuclear-Imperial-Pharma-Na-Zionic megalomaniacal conglomerate of Artificial Life.
He knew already more in 2008 than most know in 2018..2008 I personally started noticing the take-over of the entire Planet via the Alphabet Gang and Military Medical Corporate Technofascist conglomerate and their alliance to the Ruling Crime Cabal via HTTP-Packet inspection and HTTP Forensics, especially of Google inbetween Traffic..but already 2005, it was clear that their process to pathogenize and control the entire globe and transform the whole human race showed obvious signs via Nanotech-Fibers that the natural body didn´t want to absorb, so their dna-rna-splicing system was still imperfect and it was used as a weapon system against millions of innocent test subjects aka targeted individuals by the world ruling corporate governmental highly invasive end-criminal reesearch and development faction. Naturally Morgellons is not a natural appearance, but a U.S. Gov artificially engineered synthetic organism and what we also could call an advanced Bioweapon, like certain widespread standard virus variants of HHV1, HHV2, HHV3, HHV4, HIV and other mixed parasitical pathogens like mycoplasma, morgellon fungus and Lyme. Recently (April 2018) Facebook even showed advertisings on how to create and order your own Lentivirus (Bioweapon), that is pathocratic medical fascist insanity beyond belief.
Basically most of the pathogens one can let check by a medical doctor via blood test are artificially generated diseases by the pharma mafia and corporate governmental crime cartel and by the military pharma nazionic pathocracy, often times referred to as Project MK Naomi and MK Ultra.
“(See Actual NIH webpage regarding Morgellons (April 2011))”
“Please Note: Remember that this above image is only a photo of the former page. It was removed from the internet, cached copies and all by the end of July, 2007. A new page without the Morgellons reference has taken it’s place.
This page was meant to be forgotten and called a mistake.
“01/27/2008 Update
This webpage was found by a Morgellons sufferer and posted to several Morgellons related websites to inform the public.
Upon the page being discovered and posted the CDC and/or the NIH immediately removed all copies of this page. Cached copies of the page also disappeared within days. To date there has been no official denial of the information contained on the webpage. Due to the absence of an official press release the public is left to ponder the meaning of the page.”

“Multiple objects of the same kind have emerged from their body. The nanos that are being found have an ominous quality about them. When touched with a pin the object began to glow. The center is a hexagonal crystal and the dark jagged plate is reminiscent of something out of an evil tale. The pouch with the “V” at the bottom is highly fluorescent and multicolored. The back of this complex piece of technology has the glyph of a Serpent and writing on it.
These are not made by Mother Nature. It is terrifying to know they are in your body.”

“Part of the structure is highly fluorescent/opalescent and seems to be a cross between machine and an organic organism:
300x side view of Nano machine Hex crystal glowing.
Intricate details Prismatic glow Size comparison.
This same sufferer found this unusual object that appears to be producing hexagon shaped metallic exudates.”
“If the future includes nanotechnology as part of our daily lives, then it is absolutely necessary to have safeguards and prolonged testing of all products which come into contact with a genetically diverse public. Morgellon’s Disease is the eventuality that was bound to happen with the rapid growth and unproven safety aspects of a new technology.

You have all the facts as I know them with the photos and research to back up the explanation. I can only hope that further research will now become vital to those who know of our plight. This disease will keep growing as long as this technology runs amok. While scientists are getting millions of dollars to study all manner of trivial matters, we go without help.
We have lost home and families. We have lost income and careers as well as the ability to live normal lives. In spite of all that has happened to us, we are optimistic and holding fast. We have not yet lost our hope for our families and those not yet infected.
I truly hope that in this world of billion dollar industries, that a group of.. Citizens who have been greatly harmed by technology will not go unheard or dropped between the cracks in favor of keeping the status quo for big business. There are times of late when it seems that being an American and having rights has become more of an urban legend than a reality.
I have been talking with many people for the past ten years about this disease happening to … peoples throughout the world.
We sincerely need your help and compassion now to end the torturous neglect that we have suffered through. The safety and welfare of this planet, its environment, and all life forms are at risk.
Please act immediately.
Nano Nematodes – The motile fiber
This video is take at a magnification of 10 x. These fibers would not be visible to the naked eye.
The fibers are growing out of a lesion coated with a crust that has been on my knuckle for over 3 months. The movements of these strands appears to be an unnatural kind of movement. These strands represent what I call the ‘motile strands’. The movements are jerky and not what I would expect to see from a natural nematode.
I have performed burn tests on these strands with a butane flame. The results of the burn tests yield a melted ball of plastic-like material as shown below in both the video and pictures.”
“Nano plaques attempting to reunify
@ 6oX Magnification
Plaques on a concave slide with 2 drops normal saline added.
Strange plaques made of numerous “nano life-like forms” cover Morgellons lesions instead of normal scabs. These plaques have been found to be an aggregation of tiny independent/interdependent organisms. I would call it a form of quorum sensing and it appears there is a connection amongst the particles.
When these life forms are together they can act as one unit but when parts of the quorum are damaged they will separate and move away from each other. If individual plaques are separated by dissection and the pieces are still vital they will attempt to join together again.
I believe there are two joined organisms on the right and one organism on the left that was once joined to this piece which is now in distress.
The vital plaques are attempting to reconnect to the lone plaque in this video. The first part of the video was lit from beneath. The red gel mass in the organism on the right shows movement in the gel…
Imagine having that kind of an organism on a lesion on your body. Do you wonder why people pick these thing off of their body?
They are foreign creatures with movement and energy that are parasitizing us.”
“The medical community may feel that they are masking the symptoms of this disease with these drugs but the people who have taken these drugs are not being cured of anything and are further having their health endangered.
The fibers ..grow, self-replicate and proliferate in a Petri dish long after they leave our bodies. They are in our waste water and sewage; i.e., throughout the environment. They will..go on to infect other people (and other living things). This is known to happen. In a few years the effect will be exponential.
.. The fibers and other material are small.. the fibers and other artifacts of this disease are quite visible. The medical community is failing us, as this is a new disease and physicians have no training or knowledge of this emerging illness. Magnification equipment is never used to view the skin of Morgellon’s patients.
..The labs used to do the pathology on biopsies taken from some Morgellon’s sufferers are also devoid of knowing what nanotechnology looks like in human tissue. It has been seen and called textile fibers or extraneous debris. The labs used by most HMO’s are not geared to any kind of research and are merely running specific testing as ordered by a physician.
.The silicon and silicone photos are from my body. I have never had any implants or injections of silicone in my body.
This silicon is a result of silicon-based nanotechnology.
.. The fiber material is used commonly in the manufacture of fiber optics. There is no history of the individual in that industry or coming into contact with this material. It was further determined that this material is used throughout the bio nanotechnology world as a compound to encapsulate a viral protein envelope, which is composed of a viron (1/150th DNA, RNA, RNAi – mutated RNA) or RNAsi linear or ring plasmids for specific functions.
Toxicological pathology identification of tissue biopsies from an individual diagnosed with Morgellon’s revealed the presence of continual silica or glass tubules with the presence of silicone.
It must be noted that the core toxicological effects of silicone alone have been demonstrated throughout the breast implant industry and litigation cases. Furthermore, silicone cannot make silica, but silica or silica bicarbonate can make silicone through natural cellular interaction in a biological system.
At this point, I have silicosis which is not from any known source except the presence of silicon nanotechnology in my body…
Dr. Staninger told me the silicon/silicone in my body is suffocating the cells and causing many cells to lose their ability to exchange oxygen. At a minimum, this contributes to my fatigue.
The subject did not have breast implants or any other implant or silicon glue injections.
In addition to the silicon goo component of this disease there are also several things that have exited my body that I have been able to identify from my research of the nanotechnology industry.
The first nanotechnology element is an array containing crystals. I will show you the mature array as well as stages of growth in the tissue of my body during their growth process. The protrusions on the crusts of silicone are nanopillars and nanohorns.
Projection develops beneath skin in the silicone. Then self-assembling chemicals components of nanotechnology develop within of silicon mass. In this case the chemical components begin to assemble themselves into an array with a black matrix surrounding multiple faceted crystals in a circular configuration.
I am sure this array has a function but just what that may be is not known.
This unusual piece of tissue has been identified as another type of array.
It is described as a nano-communications array. It was found in a lesion in my chest. This form is clearly identified in the small inserted photo shown inside. The research page for this and the following photo will be displayed in this paper as well. It is curious that the scientists who originated this “Advanced Materials” page have two of their creations in my body
It would be interesting to see who has been authorized to utilize these nano designs.”

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