Mark Passio – The Deadly Pandemic That’s Killing Anarchy

“Mark Passio – The Deadly Pandemic That’s Killing Anarchy”
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Mark Passio originally delivered this presentation at Anarchapuclo’s virtual conference in February of 2021. In it, Mark explains that the modern Anarchist movement is failing instead of growing, and that Authoritarianism is steadily on the rise. Mark goes on to discuss how there is a Deadly Pandemic, fueled by a vile and highly contagious virus, that is sweeping through the Anarchist community. What is this deadly plague? And more importantly, how can we stop it so that True Freedom may flourish? Watch this hard-hitting, thought-provoking presentation to find out.”

“..the real dynamic that’s taking place in the world, so let’s look at this question why have anarchists failed to stem the rising tide of authoritarianism and there’s there is a correct answer to this and here it is a deadly pandemic has spread through the anarchist community itself. We do have a real pandemic folks it’s not COVID-19,
it’s not COVID-2020/2021 or whatever else, the garbage mainstream media at the behest of their government met you know puppet masters are going to tell people, but there is a real pandemic taking place in our very community… it’s certainly destroying anarchy, it’s a virus… it’s a mind virus that’s what it is it’s a virus of the mind and if we want
to even go a little bit deeper than that i would say it’s a virus of the human soul, it’s a virus of the spirit
that is blocking the reception of real spirituality of the real understanding of who we are because it’s not really that present in the anarchist´s a virus of the mind…it´s not even the own person doing this..and it works just like a computer virus.”

“..and they don’t understand what the occult is, it is deep ancient psychology
about how the human mind works and a small amount of people
understand how that those dynamics work and the bulk of humanity does not it’s a piece of cake to manipulate people and bring them into whatever mindset that small
.. community of people in the know want to direct them,
piece of cake, taking candy from a baby, so the question that this community
really needs to be be asking is whose hands are these,
that’s the question that you guys need to ask and learn, the scope of that is an entirely
different presentation i’m not here to talk about that today i’ve talked about
it extensively in my other work, but that’s what you guys need to ask yourself and
you need to find out about learn and let me tell you something i’ll
just give you a quick hint folks, it’s not just the international bankers,
most of you think that that’s who it is it’s not the politicians
and it’s not the bankers behind a lot of the political machinations,
it goes way deeper than that and you need to understand it and you need to understand that it’s an occult priest class and most of you will be resistant to that idea and like i
said go ahead and ignore what i’m saying at your own peril,
it’s your funeral, it’s actually all of our funeral but largely this community
will be driving that dynamic, because you claim to be the people in
the know and you claim to be the people who will help steer society in a better direction..”

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