I Believe One Million Indians Have Already Died of COVID

“I Believe One Million Indians Have Already Died of COVID, Says Mathematician Murad Banaji
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Conspiracy Revelation: 11.5.2021: And half-a-million in China?

“there’s one issue that is absolutely beyond doubt,
far more people have died than the government is prepared to admit,
so today we asked do we have an accurate way of calculating
how many may have already died and secondly do we have a
reasonably accurate way of estimating how many more could die before the present surge subsides.”

“as of today may the 8th the official death toll is just over 238 000,
but absolutely no one either in india or abroad believes that this is the correct figure we’re all convinced it’s a gross underestimate and you only
have to look at the evidence from graveyards, cemeteries, obituaries
to actually see why people believe the death toll is much much higher, so
let me start by asking you do you have any sense of the scale of
under reporting and secondly is there a way of arriving at a more reasonably accurate figur for the death toll up till now?”

“in other words you believe that already as of the 8th of may 2021
over a crore people have died rewind over a million sorry not over a crore
over a million have died yes okay this is an astonishing figure but
I’m simply underlining it that the actual death stone you believe
is over a million…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 11.5.2021: There you see the stupidity of
woldometers.info and Hopkins-Stats..all their global smart dust human infiltration via chemtrails and they still are unable to get the real stats…

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