Incapacity of humans to build a unified civil opposition – TIs in competition for fame and attention – divide and conquer.

Incapacity of humans to build a unified civil opposition – TIs in competition for fame and attention – divide and conquer. Ego Wars. A prime example of the disastrous state of humanity trying to build supportive communities.

“The End of Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum (Stop 007)”
“Donna Juanita
Honestly,I switched off from all Ramolas posts, I tried several times to watch, but her interviewing style bothered me immensely….. I had complained a few times to her, that she constantly interrupted her guests when they’re in the flow. She butted in constantly & repeated what they said. I don’t have time to listen to that. I’m a t.i. too,I’m in enough pain & discomfort. I think Ramola is jealous & it’s a shame.I agree with your decision Katherine. I’ll now tune in & listen & learn again.”
“Alive Forever
It is not Neurotech, it is climbing up the fame ladder for Ramola to be known as a critically acclaimed journalist and investigator, and anyone who cannot see this has to use their discernment and critical thinking skills.
She grew up in India yet has a totally fake awful aristocratic accent, an accent I am familiar with.
For instance, she has pushed the fake accent to the point it is ridiculous if you understand or have even heard the aristocratic accent. All you have to do is listen to those born with this accent for starters.
IE: Karen-Ramola=Kerren. There are so many more absolutely laughable terrible obvious high-jacking of the accent of the aristocracy. You cannot get an accent like that growing up in India and I am not saying that one should. Be yourself! She lost herself a long time ago and that is proven by this fake accent. She is on a quest to become the leading investigator of this and you are in the way, Katherine. I am not saying I agree with everything you say, this was as low as it gets though, especially when I clearly remember Paul Markos making YOU the one to be the ONLY person to head up JIT. He began with you.
Ramola took over JIT and Paul had to ask to get back on his own show which he had only handed over while he was sick. That made me begin to ask questions and do some research.
Ramola is a terrible interviewer, she has a high pitched shrill voice that keeps disturbing others when I am listening, it is a pity she could not have changed that! She also has to be in the spotlight when she is interviewing, taking away from the speaker. I hate writing this because it is not how I roll. I have watched her closely and came to these conclusions a long time ago. She is a wealthy woman and I know she is. There is nothing wrong with that but folks go easy on the giving, she has chosen this path and she relishes it. What we see with Katherine is real whether we like it or not or agree with her or not, it is clear she is real.”
“Donna Juanita
I just watched Ramolas show then & surprised that Ramolas didn’t allow you on!Yes & slandered.I don’t think she liked the point Karen brought up,that Paul Marco & Mindy started this.When Ramolas raved on I noticed the other women weren’t nodding in agreement & Karen was in shock….Ramola has acted so selfishly & egotistically. Terrible behaviour. I’m appalled.”
“Alive Forever
A case of gaslighting Katherine clearly went on by what Katherine has shared before she even told Katherine she wanted her kicked to the curb and why.”
“Marijke Eken:
Dearest Katherine, I am so happy to see you explaining what has hapened. I detest what Ramola has done. It is so strange, these woman exclude you and leave you alone….it is not good at all……i wonder what is behind it more…?

James Lico
I very much agree with what you are saying. It seems like your talks is going well. You did not advocate violence. They are afraid of you Katherine. The blow up with Techno was a Trauma which was engineered to take you down and it didnt work. I just had my doctor dump me even though I had phoney sleep studies they wont accept. .. Yes, you were doing too well, so they sent a mind control hit team in to knock you off…

Giulo Figlio
your cursing never bothered me, I am a Christian….But I have a question, you have said many times these evil people are satanists, but why do you try to beat them on the courts if you yourself say they control the judges? Trump can’t beat them on the legal way but he is destroying them because he is acting according to the word of GOD. Please open your eyes, this is a spiritual war also. GOD Bless.
Iaman Empoweredone
Divide and conquer. They have succeeded again in dividing two TIs that were trying to work together. This system is designed to isolate. It is rare that TIs can work together for any length of time.
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Iaman Empoweredone
Reviling and seeking vengeance is what this thing wants. It feeds off of fear and anger. Remove fear and anger and this thing fizzels out.
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…Power to you and all Transylvanians! 😀 You are so intelligent and well spoken and a bit of swearing and even sometimes a lot when you feel like it. It is NOT A CRIME in any way to swear it’s just politically incorrect in some circles, who fail to see the difference between a real crime such as murder or many murders ie mass murder and a theoretical crime, hypothetical crime, or etiquette crime, or thought crime, or even petty crime!!!!!! Big up to you Dr Katherine Horton I love your style and I agree with you completely!!!!
I really really love your intelligence and your vibe!!! Big up to you!!!
By the way I also agree with you that the bible is a dubious book, primarily an instrument of mind control on how to screw over the ‘little people’ and mould them into good little mind controlled slaves….there may indeed be pearls of wisdom or valuable information gleamed from the bible….but yeah I would not follow it religiously at all.
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“kevti 1
the TI movement needs to drop the ego, it’s a self-destructive force,… uk ti
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