Neighbour Campaign..Crown Corp's MI6 and CIA – Techno Crime Fighters Forum 55

“Neighbour Campaign, Assange & Crown Corp’s MI6 and CIA – Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum 55 (Stop 007)”
“Am 05.04.2018 veröffentlicht(LINKS TO REFERENCES BELOW) In this 55th edition of the Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum, the Joint Investigation Team discuss the launch of the neighbourhood campaign (see link below), Julian Assange and how MI6 and the CIA are branch offices of the Crown Corporation, which is a front for global organised crime.”
“The Techno Crime Fighters’ Forum was founded by Dr. Paul Marko, an Organisational Psychologist with 30 years experience, who passed away on 6th February 2018. His work can be found on:
“Rolf Lagerquist
I thank the women of this planet for our vanguard, as we see here. Is the CIA world HQ located under Lake Leman, Switzerland? Humanity’s collective focus is, in my opinion, to protect our children from being victimized by satanic rape/murder/sacrifice. Brennan/Obama/Pence rate “high” as evildoers, very negative energy. Incidentally, everything is vibration, ie. the core of our misunderstood physic/chemistry et al.”
“I. Sokolov
Use of sex in the intelligence industry is nothing new, it has been going on for decades. The purpose is to compromise the target and make him/her to cooperate. In the “old days” adult males and female was used as a lure. In these days it seems the are no ethics, Epstein’s “orgy island” is only one of many examples.
People working in the intelligence industry is no choir boys or girls. A prime example is the new CIA leader appointee, Ms. Haspel. She oversaw a CIA “black site” in Thailand and by statements she has made, it looks she enjoyed the torture of men. If you work in the field for the CIA, it does not hurt to be a psychopath. The handlers of TI’s are all psychopaths.
In London we had one month ago the nerve poison incident where two Russian citizens was targeted, a very cruel method to kill people. Fortunately, the daughter has fully recovered. They blame it on Russia, but it looks more like a MI5/CIA false flag operation. The Intelligence industry often use external “wet boys” to do their crimes, so if detected, they deny any involvement. To do efficient intelligence work it is essential to have contacts with organized crime so that is normal modus operandi.”
uclamotte -Wisdom Core
… many of us are undergoing some of the same persecution. Only issue I see with your presentation is your oversimplification of the origin and methods of the attacks you are receiving. Though there are some line of sight microwave weapons used in ground assaults, I believe your situation is a little more sophisticated based on your complaints from previous videos. I personally believe the majority of your attacks are coming from satellites and your personal cellphone and/or internet modem are being used to help triangulate your position around your home, as well as satellite Xray technology are being used to track your movement right through your rooftop. Other times they are linking you to a neural interfaced via satellite tracking or through a neighboring house in close proximity. When it comes to vehicle traveling, I believe that’s when cars equipped with sonic, microwave, and radiation emitters, are used to fire upon you on the roadways. One of the basic key ways of determining what method of attack is being used against you is by determining whether the radiation emission is ionized or non-ionized because the two waves travel differently therefore making distance and mode of transmission a factor. I don’t presumed to act as if you don’t understand these things. I’m just bringing to your attention to expand a little more in these areas so people can have a more clearer picture in your presentations.”
“I. Sokolov
When the brain is mapped, then the handlers can inflict pain or irritation in any part of the body. Often the “private parts” is targeted to see the TI reaction. For the modern mind control programs, they even use interactive adult movies. This technology has improved a lot the last five year, and it has nearly HD quality. Some programs even have hologram features.
..She could have been a TI. Anyway, we see even animal lovers and vegans can do horrific crimes. Adolf Hitler was a vegan, so she is not the first vegan doing crimes. I think there has only been 2 female mass-shooters and 94 males in the USA.”
“ambr r
you never bring up Canada and they’ve been a big part of this all along,
Politicians are largely into this or sucked into it by money or blackmail if they’re not into all the sick, disgusting degradation to begin with.
This really needs to be stopped.
It’s horrible
this and the chumped up wars
It’s insane
All of it!
I know it’s depressing, maddening, but if ppl ignore it, nothing will ever change!
take care.”

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