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“My electromagnetic field and my light body was amped up into my Merkabah which was very recognizable if anybody was doing a fly by or remote scanning. So when you have an enhancement in your Psychic Abilities and you are already amped up that gives them kind of green I was attacked..due to this ability…once they attacked my own signal they interfaced it out to their own communication system. Where it would be bounce around music on radios..frequencies…voice patterns you name it. .. My light has shifted into a multi-dimensional space of is a very powerful signature universal celestial heartbeat and pulse..and this pulse.. with the universe universal energies.
I was going into ascension work which is based on DNA activation and activating certain using codes within the body to enhance the abilities of an individual. (Solaris Raven)
Something which we’ve noticed here in Britain is that people with certain blood groups are being specifically targeted by certain organizations I don’t wanna say too much a but their organizations a lot of people would treat every day as the most trustworthy people. …
A guy called John Shelton and he has very similar qualities and he actually used to work for the British Ministry of Defence, but it was the health service that was targeting him, we find they seem to be are after certain people.
..Why does a rock band get involved with this stuff?  (Miles Johnston)
They are musicians..and overt technology is probably first for them. It’s hot possible they are hybrids but I would say they’ve been enhanced…they’ve been involved in the covert aspects of the technology for very long time… it’s more than a scalar wave at work and it works a lot with zero-point-energy that I know, it’s not just a regular mock radio signal up.
(Solaris Raven)
Now for instance a scalar wave is an acoustic wave. (Miles Johnston)
But it’s beyond that it´s more like a zero-point I know that because I’ve been kinda researching different kinds of waves of the technology itself. I do know that ..brainwaves to such an extent that it interfaces it on to their communications to where it’s almost a copy of the holografic body..
They are misusing the technology and they’re using it for programming people… It’s a satellite driven technology but they tag your electromagnetic field.. but they are also using a type of zero-point create  certain signals and signatures within the body.. it goes beyond regular implants…
I was inducted in 2004… Satellite Communications System…originally it hit me in my bed at night and that’s when I felt all these weird energies that someone sexually-oriented.. and when they tag you..I could start to hear the communication system.. I started to hear the handler and that .. it kicked in full-speed where I was hearing dialogue and I was learning the dialogue.. these are real people at and opening up a communication system with a live agent in real´s kind of frequency transmission was a very euphoric space…I just felt my shield were down..and they were just completely infiltrating… it feels like an atomic split in every cell and atom in your body.. it was just very intense…my body was shaking it was that much power and that much energy transmitting… but when they tagged my chest cavity it that was uncomfortable I felt the pain …when they tag.. it felt like pressure and uncomfortable like surgery that was done..that was done more satellite orientated. …but I know this was Satellite driven.. and they do a black satellites and even what we think we know about the technology of
satellites is nothing compared to what they’ve been experimenting with..
MK Ultra..depending on what they want to do with that person…you know they have women that are prostitutes..they wanna make them whatever personal escorts I think I’m not sure what they had in mind for me, but I do know they train me on a lot of different levels and they use a lot of sexual assaults on me to kind of involve me into a different kind of workspace as well.. . … What they now have is are based on what I think is it’s just a black ops..where you´re being programmed on a very high level of consciousness, you
interface with a lot of different things but you’re also being acclimated to radio frequency and things that would normally probably would make you sick it reminds me the super-soldier program actually to some extent.. I think they’re creating a different breed and something that’s a  little more resistant and not as fragile as the earlier programming with MK ULTRA…
They were trying to break me down. I think they were trying to see what my breaking point was, like how much can she take and I could take a lot apparently.. When I was first abducted in 2004 I was told not to sleep with my husband. I was told I had to sleep in my clothes.. (Solaris Raven)
to continue to grind you down… (Miles Johnston)
It’s like an intelligent design, a very covert extraterrestrial type thing, signature, that’s what it reminds me of where it’s able to communicate with all sorts of thing and even if the wind is blowing outside by electromagnetic field response to see how the signals respond, so it’s a  really strange thing and I don’t talk about it as you know I’ve had it since 2000.
Black Ops missions of covert technology seems to be a hybridization of stolen technology that they’ve gotten their got hands on, that they are interfacing with a type of terrestrial where they’re creating their own hybrid and to me I think they’re developing kind of extraterrestrial themselves.  (Solaris Raven)
Essentially in England they are calling them programmable generated life forms and it seems to go back as far as world war two or further back. (Miles Johnston)
That´s just the tip of the iceberg, they’re basically victimized just like anybody else, but they have access to the covert technology. we’re dealing with somebody in black ops, all organizations that are military based or obviously have CIA connections, FBI, anything connected to DARPA. All those divisions to some extent are involved… It´s like many tentacles of a monster, I mean they all have their own contributing factors…
But then there’s the real black budget covert Cabal that’s doing this and indoctrinating people and programming people and manipulating people.
I believe we’re dealing with people in covert intelligence and I believe we’re dealing with people for NSA connections. NSA for sure, DARPA sure CIA probable because of mind control and FBI also notorious…so all these divisions and they’re just a little divisions, but they’re all part of the problem and not the solution and then Black budget we have a lot of – I don’t want them call Elites – but people who have a lot of money to pull the strings and call the shots. So that are really the ones who are controlling and manipulating the entire arena. ..and I don’t have exact names but to me I can tell you they’re just the Cabal, a lot of the Rothschild types, you know, the ones that are doing things that are not aligned with anything with integrity…I hate it to give that kind of credibility of Powers of anything.. they can control and manipulate everyone on the planet I don’t think they are extraterrestrials these people are people but they’ve had technology like the nazis and and they’ve taken this technology and they’ve been running with it like rogue animals.
(Solaris Raven)
I think the nazis simply relocated to the States and Britain. (Miles Johnston)

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