BRUSSELS – When asked if she wished to have her own talk show today to let the world know how the medical system and NSA mind control in the Transhumanist Agenda have now led to a Medical Professor blocking an operation to remove a lethal Motorola/NSA weapon from her throat, TI Melanie Vritschan, mother of a six year old boy, responded:
“Not really, as I honestly do not know how long I’ll still be here. The strangulation technology has moved again further constricting my windpipe. It makes it difficult not only to breathe, but also to talk, as there is one of these leads with implants in my tongue, also. Also it is difficult for me to plan anything and to keep a schedule being constantly tortured. At least, if I should “follow Rauni” in not so distant time, I consider having done everything I could to wake people up and make them stand up for their children’s rights, their children’s children’s rights as well as their own.
Strangulation Nano-technology promoted by Motorola’s Regina Dugan, Obama first DARPA Director
FIGURE A is a physicians drawing of the deformations in Melanie Vritschan’s hyoid bone throat area, reportedly caused by the NSA-DARPA-Motorola nanotechnology.
The NSA/CIA Pegasus strangulation nano-technology was developed by DARPA and Motorola and is now promoted by Regina Dugan, Barack Obama’s first Director of DARPA. This reporter has previously revealed that Obama and Dugan were fellow participants in a 1980s CIA Mars teleportation program and Mars colonization program that experts have now stated was under the over-all directorship of Richard B. Cheney.
DARPA/Motorola Strangulation Nano-technology
With a successful Nov. 20, 2014 Brussels Transhumanist Agenda conference, a forthcoming War Crimes Tribunal, and EU legislation to ban these new physics torture weapons, NSA and CIA Pegasus intent to kill her is accelerating Ms. Vritschan reports.
The DARPA/Motorola nano-technology is also embedded in her eyes and has voice to skull capabilities. Ms. Vritschan stated that holographic images of Pegasus, sacrificial altars, Satanic images, and large snakes about to attack her are run in her field of vision at night, along with voices which warn her that if she falls asleep she will be strangled.
Melanie, who represents the European Coalition for Covert Harassment in Brussels, has gone public in this video asking if any physicians or scientists to come forward who know how to remove the technology from her neck.
Expert confirmation of the DARPA/Motorola strangulation nano-technology & NSA delivery system
Melanie Vritschan also released the sworn affidavit of international expert Dr. HS, RIET, author of The Comprehensive Handbook of Hazardous Materials: Regulations, Monitoring, Handling and Safety.
Dr. S’s affidavit confirmed both the existence of the DARPA/Motorola strangulation nano-technology, and of the NSA delivery system. Relevant portions of her affidavit read as follows:
Ms. Melanie Vritschan contacted me on October 10, 2014 to determine, if there was any innovative nanotechnology that could cause one to experience choking, strangling of the throat and/or other physiological occurrences as she has experienced after discovering scars and other physical changes with her body.
The innovative nanotechnology that may be applied to the symptoms described in No. 8 are known as crystalline polymers and elastomers of optical colloidal and nanostructured systems as developed through scientific programs with the University of Wisconsin at Madison, United States and the Netherlands, University of Twente and Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom through collaborative research funded by DARPA and the US Air Force. (http:…/scientific-program…)
10.The throat area innovative nano technology is known as smart skin, which will electronics to bend and fold like a stretchable e-tattoo. The primary material that is used in its development is a thin film process that uses carbon black, which was then replaced by nanoclay for enhanced crosslinking. The on the Black Silicon Method was developed at the University of Twente as referenced in the US Patent 5054339, December 19, 1990, October 1991, Harold Yacowitz, Tattooing assembly.
The use of the Black Silicon Method was further expanded in the US Patent 6,503,231 B1 issued January 7, 2003 Georgia Tech Research Corporation, Atlanta, GA entitled:
MICRONEEDLE DEVICE FOR TRANSPORT OF MOLECULES ACROSS TISSUE. Referenced in this patent are the terms tiny tubules and single-crystal whiskers, which are older nano technology terms and the reference to Edel, et al., “Factors Influencing the Biocompatibility of Insertable Silicon Microshafts in Cerebral Cortex.” IEEEI Transactions on Biomedical Engineering 39(6): 635-43 (1992). The patent further references the Black on Silicon method as part of the process to develop micronanoneedle technology, that is now being used in voice recognition e-tattoo technology for telemedicine, security and multiple applications through Motorola’s patents that are now owned by Google with research headed by Regina Dugan, the former DARPA head who is now in charge of advance research at Motorola.
The Motorola Mobility/Google patent for e-tattoo may be used to read your thoughts by listening to unvocalized words in your throat, it also has a pickup signal (RF/Terahertz) for “auditory signal,” as in transmissions to the base of the skull, so the individual may hear a vocal transmission through their brain as in Remote Neural Monitoring, thus a two way radio communicative device as smart infusion systems.
The smart e-tattoo technology was pioneered by John Roger’s Illinois-based research lab through built-in EMG and ECG electrodes. The electrodes would not pick up individual spikes, but could generate electrical records of muscle activity and eventually compound nerve potentials.
14.The use of Neural Swams and Brain-Machine Interfaces for Mind Out of Body: Controlling Machines with thoughts (not hand held devices) was reported in Scientific America, February 2011. Listening to the voices inside your head through the neuroscience ability to hear the imagined speech of a patient unable to speak due to a stroke or paralysis is being developed at the University of California, Berkeley Researchers, Pasley at al. PLOS, 2012. The wireless uECoG chip which may be implanted in the brain (5 mm in width) would provide 1,000 channels with pitch as low as 200 um, powered wirelessly and antenna printed on electrode polymer substrate as developed by P. Ledochowich, R. Muller, M. Maharbiz and J. Rabaey in 2012.
“Skynet” is a quantum computer from D-Wave that research into alternate universes to derive the correct answers to highly complex computational problems was acquired by Google, which will be used by NSA, the CIA and other agencies.
Dear Dr. VG,
A friend American radiologist – Dr. DL – confirmed your reading, namely a shift in my last hyoid noted by CT scan. It would certainly be wise if not desirable to also seek the advice of a medical examiner on the displacement of the bone. Without seeing your drawing, D had quickly replied that: “I Looked at the scan The left side of your hyoid is Displaced medially..”
Indeed, as I said in consultation, I feel a consequent discomfort constantly, pain and a growing feeling of constriction, with which it is increasingly difficult to live.
Industrial toxicologist – Dr. HS – describes in his statement under oath that attached the “throat area nanotechnology innovative” causes pain and constriction sensations in people with this condition (see paragraphs 8, 9 and 12) .
I also attach the document “Motorola patents tattoo e-throat”, in which there is a drawing of this technology around the neck of a mannequin surrounded a “throat microphone.” That seems very accurate; my Adam’s apple is also compressed, which makes me very badly. I also copies Dr. L for its information: He has my complete file and followed me from the beginning of my illness. He can take notice of your drawing, which quite impressed me.
After undergoing a minor procedure in February for which I should have taken another medical recommendation or request additional information, so I would like to have the opinion of the coroner, because I’d like to be well documented and be prove justification for each future intervention.
In this case, it seems nevertheless established me, because I know that a fracture of the hyoid bone is proof of death by strangulation for forensics. I will provide documentation of Dr. S – who dedicated his life to the study of nanopathologies often largely unknown – the coroner before making an intervention.
Perhaps you have already had the opportunity to also share with your colleagues about my medical problem?
I will quickly go in consultation so that we can discuss and decide together.
Best Regards,
Melanie Vritschan”
Dr. Rauni Kilde, Melanie Vritschan’s colleague at, was assassinated by NSA and the Transhumanist Agenda networks in hospitals and compromised medical and other networks

Source: Professor-blocks-operation-to-remove-lethal-transhumanist-agenda-motorolansa-weapon-from-ti-melanie-vritschan-ti-conference-oct-1-2-2015-eu-bill-bans-haarp-mind-control-weapons

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