Downward Spiral Of Death: They Are Experimenting On The Vaccinated Using 5G 💉(2023)

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“Look over the shoulder, followed by sudden collapse and death… ☠️

They are experimenting on the vaccinated using graphene oxide, 5G and smart phones. This is what Dr. Deagle has been talking about for 20 years. They can literally flip a switch and eliminate you. This might sound insane, until you look into the research. and brought most of these “spinning” videos to Telegram and other platforms. You won’t find this type of footage anywhere else.”

TheRevelator2021just now:
The magnetic forces of death always attack from the right side, as you can see…he turns left…Dion Fortune was the first who noticed this.

3 weeks ago
He seems to have a moment where he regains composure and then kicks his phone away and gets rid of other electronic devices in his pocket.

3 weeks ago
I am seeing more and more videos of people looking over their shoulder and spinning around to their death. Whatever evil these people have concocted for the vaccinated, you know they will never be punished. The gates of hell are open.👿

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