Scalar Waves and how they are used to torture Targeted Individuals

“Scalar Waves and how they are used to torture Targeted Individuals”
“David A
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“Rune Grødal: vor 1 Stunde (bearbeitet):
They have to use Satellites as well as I have this experiences with me 24/7, at my Home also when I’m traveling with Air Plane, anywhere where I am actually and also any Country I’m Traveling to ….. The Voice is always there and the Torture is there 24/7…. No Rest …. Thank You David for your Videos…. “Stay Strong”.”

“Lindy Ellinger
vor 1 Stunde (bearbeitet)
Once they get your unique bio frequency they lock onto you and they got you, they have it locked on me but they can turn it off or way down they did that to me once for 2 hours and I felt myself I got up to do something and they turned it up or on and I was back to not feeling myself so for 5 years they have not let me be myself except for 2 hours, these are some evil people doing this, I pray God exposes these people and shut this down I am sick of it!!! Thank you Davidand God bless you and everybody who reads this!!!”

“Prims and Whims
vor 3 Stunden
I know it’s happening to me. Esp in the old apartment where I almost died . Thankyou David.”

“Prims and Whims
vor 3 Stunden
They hit me with fatigue, and the other night a dream. Bad dream. I ain’t had a dream in months or years.”

“David A: vor 3 Stunden: Yes, it’s definitely scalar waves in my opinion.
I´m getting hit the same way the video describes.”

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