Nanotechnology being used on Targeted Individuals as a dry run of Humanities enslavement

“Nanotechnology being used on Targeted Individuals as a dry run of Humanities enslavement”
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This is exactly what is happening to me. All is happening 24/7. l feel like you are speaking it out. God bless you. We talk about reasons and how they do it but we have no solution for this crime. This makes me sad.”

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Sadly most people will find it hard to believe or don’t care unless they experiencing it.

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You wouldn´t notice it either way.. unless a hammer hits you you will do business as usual…

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It’s brain/weapon/behavior/medical studies to control and change how God made us.

“Transkript: David Atkins back with another video,
it’s time for the truth today folks and why smart does nanotechnology and all that’s using being used to Target humanity and how they’re using us targeting individuals as the Front Runners and experiments to perfect this method, okay, so it’s going to be quick, but it’s gonna be some good information, so anyway I’m gonna go into
my little devotion like I do, if you’re not a believer in God you feel free to fast forward to the information somebody. I got this as a gift the other day it’s a neat book, it’s a sermon book, but you know I write my notes down in it and my
meditations and stuff and I put the date you know okay so today I’m gonna be I’m just got a real quick motivation for y’all and some food for thought for my Believers and I’m gonna get right into the information to share with y’all: If God’s Gonna make You Like Jesus, he’s going to take you through everything Jesus went through
and Jesus wasn’t spared from difficulty, were there times Jesus was lonely? Yes, were there times when he was misunderstood, yes, were there times when Jesus was disappointed by people, yes, where there times when he was tempted
to be discouraged and give up? Yes. Were theere times when he was just tempted? Yes and if God let his own son go through all that, don’t you think he’s going to let you go through it too, because is more interested in your character than your comfort and the verse I’ve I found that goes along with that Ephesians 4 22-24 that
you put off concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the deceitful renewed in the spirit of your mind that you put on the new man which was created according to God in true righteousness and holiness..God’s interested in our character so sometimes I know us Believers we’d be like man God why am I targeted why am I going through why am I getting hit with directed energy weapons? Why am I getting gang stalked, why people are trying to kill me?… I guess it’s to persevere .. I feel like he wants us to build our character, he wants us to stand strong and all thisand make and learn from our mistakes also .. if we make mistakes and learn from them build our character, okay, here we go. Stratospheric aerosol injections commonly known as Chemtrails have released toxic chemicals into the atmosphere over the past 20 years a significant part of the emissions are microscopic particles that gave rise to a bizarre medical condition named Morgellons disease. The mystical particles that are now found in the environment from cities to remote Lakes also to refer to as smart dust, they are taken into the body mainly through the air, but also with food, water and I
can’t say that word but (Quackzines), anyway I don’t want to get kicked off YouTube but anyway as a side note this name smart dust raises suspicion. Devices that are called smart usually have hidden purposes, smartphones track our location and
collect data. Smart TVs can listen into our conversation. Smart Meters emit EMF waves and can even be used to set homes on fire, some of the components of smart dust are able to self-replicate in the body, this is demonstratable in morgellons sufferers with the prevalence of Morgellons fibers, other components are self-assembling, they travel on the body with the bloodstream and have the ability to find their intended
destination then attach themselves to a specific organ or tissue, in other words
their biological and technological components involved, they have been
created with the use of nanotechnology, unknown to the public, billions of
dollars have been invested in this branch of science since the past decade.

The mystical technological components are also referred to as not Nanobites or
Nanites because they’re essentially tiny robots they’re small enough that the
body doesn’t recognize them as foreign Invaders, they cross the blood brain
barrier and attach themselves to nerve endings in the brain, once in place they
function as neurotransmitters, they’re able to sense and receive signals,
the implications of this process are far-reaching by taking over nervous
system with the placement of nanobites, individuals can become monitored all
times by someone receiving the signals, it’s a two-way communication, so the
signals can also be transmitted to remotely control the subject’s body
functions, even without the person’s knowledge, we are electrical beings, every
thought and emotion has its own electrical frequency, these frequencies
have been identified and the brain’s been mapped out through experiments by
the CIA decades ago, this technology called voice to skull enables the
controller to read the target’s thoughts and emotions from a distance, as well as
induce specific thoughts or emotions that appear to be the target their on. Body functions, such as the heartbeat can be altered, the person that are receiving end can be made to say something against his will or perform action specificactions, the typical Lone Wolf perpetrators of mass shootings are often controlled by this technology. Experiments are being done on many people the population who are called targeted
individuals, these persons are under 24-hour surveillance constantly harassed,
deprived of sleep and made to say or do things against their will, directed
energy weapons are also used on them to cause physical pain and gang stalking in
public places. Doctors typically diagnose them as schizophrenic, they often end up
being alienated from their family and friends and find no help when they turn
to authorities, because they turn a blind eye to this, the goal of the experiment
is to cause physical and emotional pain and drive the targets insane, many commit
suicide as a result, these unspeakable crimes committed by our own government
against unsuspecting citizens are the most horrific violation of the target
individuals privacy and human rights. The emotional reaction of the targets
are observed and fed into a computer data is being collected to create a
computer program that would be eventually run by artificial
intelligence. What’s being done to Target individuals is a dry run the final goal
is to control everyone with this technology, this is where the path of
transhumanism leads to those who promote AI tell the public the artificial
intelligence will enhance The Human Experience, the truth is the outcome
would be the opposite the degradation of of humanity and his total enslavement
please share this video with everybody to raise awareness thank y’all and God

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2 Antworten zu Nanotechnology being used on Targeted Individuals as a dry run of Humanities enslavement

  1. Tim XY sagt:

    Moderna vacci-Nation contains nano-chips,
    as a precursor of RFID-chip-implant = apoc. sign,
    in order to create frequency-puppets.

    Masks are useless and dangerous because of the Titan-Oxide inside.


    Cinnamon (barks) is the antidote to vaccinations.
    Is one of the best remedies for the immune system
    and has the great advantage that it dries out the stuffy nose,
    while hot peppers (or chillies) immediately activate the immune system by causing the nose to run = lymphatic fluid or blood,
    just as a meal makes the immune system active and promotes the recovery process (metabolism).
    Coriander (Lyme disease meningitis remedy) reverses the viral brainstem attack, which e.g. in the omicron variant triggers consciousness disorders in the form of orientation problems etc. – up to the loss of the sense of taste (tongue).

    Make immune lung honey yourself:
    In the spring, collect new buds from coniferous trees (spruce, fir, pine, etc.).
    and place them in blossom honey, cut into small pieces.
    Fill the jar halfway and then top up with honey.

    Medicine Oil:
    a lot of dried, chopped thyme or oregano (for the immune system, lungs, strengthening against tiredness)
    and lots of Bio-Knobel (small) in olive oil with sea salt
    and shake/turn daily.
    2 spoonfuls of it daily with every meal.


    preliminary remark:
    Viruses are allergic to cold (mint menthol), heat (ginger causes heat, as does chili) and dryness (lack of water).
    Corona is not contagious, no more than flu, because it’s only in the blood.
    Immune mineral zinc: rice, chicken.

    5 general keys against all viruses:

    1. Hot substances: chili, hot peppers (its water or tea), ginger, garlic, onion, horseradish, fruit acids: lemon
    2. Bitter substances: eucalyptus (malaria remedy), wormwood (Artemisia annua = mugwort against Ebola), hops, cocoa, yarrow, roots (e.g. valerian)
    3. Yellow substances = flavonoids destroy virus genes: turmeric, vanilla, ginger, orange, carrot, black tea, apple, onion, honey, coriander (brain stem infection)
    4. Soap substances = saponins pack viruses: oats, linden blossoms, ginger, coffee, clove, turmeric.
    5. Blood counts:
    Red Dyes: Blackberry, Cherry, Elderberry, Blood Orange, Black Olive, Cocoa
    Green substances: oregano, thyme, mint (AIDS medicine), green tea, rosemary (adrenal cortex helps immune system), vegetables (cabbage species)
    White substances for lymph blood: garlic, banana, onion, lemon, ginger, rice, chamomile (medicine for leukemia), milk (vitamin D essential), zinc (rice, chicken), egg white, horseradish

    Ginger possesses all of these 5 properties.

    Corona symptoms:
    Burning in the throat: These are viruses that dry out the skin with their suction cups.
    Countermeasure: immediately gargle with menthol mouthwash (or toothpaste) or eat a pepper (drink the water).
    Disorientation or disturbances of consciousness = brainstem attack, antidote is coriander, also: horseradish.
    Loss of appetite: Orange.

    Corona, SARS, flu (influenza)

    Natural remedy given by Mother Maria to Maria Esperanza in 2016 against:
    Colds, flu, sore throats, respiratory infections.
    There will be a flu-like disease that will cause the deaths of a great many.
    This disease will attack lungs and heart.

    ½ crushed larger garlic clove
    2 slices chopped ginger root (rather a bit more)
    1 tablespoon lemon juice
    1 teaspoon of honey

    Put the garlic and ginger in a mug.
    Add lemon juice and honey. Pour boiling water into the cup and let the mixture steep for at least 5 minutes.
    (DO NOT BOIL the mixture itself!)
    Drink every evening, about an hour before bedtime. If you already have symptoms, you should drink a full cup 3 times a day.
    If you don’t have fresh garlic, you can use a Knofi capsule as a substitute.
    If there is an aftertaste or bad breath from the garlic, eat a few sprigs of parsley.

    Blackberries and hawthorn also strengthen the immune system.

    Another important note:
    Drinking medicinal waters that arose during apparitions of the Mother of God
    (e.g. Lourdes, Heroldsbach, San Damiano, Medjugorje, Mercy Fountain of Mary, emergency spring, donkey fountain, etc.)
    raises and strengthens the human immune system in a special way.

    There are some references to this from the Middle Ages,
    that people who drank the water from the donkey well during the plague period survived the plague.

    Summary of all “Corona information”:
    Ginger is most effective (acts against fever condition similar to eucalyptus),
    also: cinnamon (yoghurt with honey), clove, lemon juice, eucalyptus products, mint, thyme,
    Conifers (also juniper berries):
    Spruce, fir, pine – collect numerous new buds in spring and soak them in honey.
    Kitchen: chicken or rice = zinc, fish: lung function, garlic (acts like ginger) and onion, rosemary, turmeric, chili.
    Milk = vitamin D (!), honey = glucose (dextrose),
    Oranges act like lemons (is more intense, for body aches, syphilis medicine).
    Coriander, ginger and garlic specifically keep the head clear of the virus.
    Laurel Oil, Oregano Oil, Honey.
    Mint (Menthol works like oxygen therapy, AIDS medicine).

    394 / 5.000
    Immune system related to the gut:
    Yoghurt, mint, organic garlic, thyme and flaxseed (added yoghurt)
    Pectin from apple or banana.
    Immune involvement of the adrenal cortex: rosemary.
    Lymph glands: onion, garlic, lemon.
    Lungs: Omega 3 (fish, vegetable oils) – fish for lung function,
    Orange, mint, thyme, anise, chamomile or yarrow (bronchi), cinnamon, garlic onion.

  2. Tim XY sagt:

    Moderna hat Nano-Chips darin = Vorstufe zum RFID-Chip-Implantat = apok. Zeichen.
    Mensch wird zur Frequenz-Marionette.

    Masken sind gefährlich wegen dem Titan-Oxid darin.


    Zimt (Rinden) ist das Gegenmittel gegen die Impfungen.
    Ist eines der besten Mittel für das Immunsystem
    und hat den großen Vorteil, dass es die verschnupfte Nase austrocknet,
    während scharfe Peperoni (oder Chili) das Immunsystem sofort aktivieren, indem die Nase rinnt = Lymph-Flüssigkeit bzw. Blut,
    so wie auch eine Mahlzeit immunaktiv macht und den Gesundungs-Prozess fördert (Stoffwechsel).
    Koriander (Borreliose-Meningitis-Mittel) macht den viralen Hirnstamm-Befall rückgängig, welcher z.B. bei der Omikron-Variante Bewusstseins-Störungen in Form von Orientierungsproblemen etc. auslöst – bis hin zum Verlust des Geschmacksinns (Zunge).

    Immun-Lungen-Honig selbst machen:
    Im Frühling die neuen Knospen von Nadel-Bäumen (Fichte Tanne Kiefer etc.) sammeln
    und diese kleingeschnitten in Blütenhonig einlegen.
    Das Glas bis zur Hälfte füllen und dieses dann mit Honig auffüllen.

    viel getrockneten gerebelten Thymian oder Oregano (für Immunsystem., Lunge, stärkend gegen Müdigkeit)
    und viel Bio-Knobel (klein) in Olivenöl ansetzen mit Meersalz
    und täglich schütteln/wenden.
    Täglich davon 2 Löffel auf jedes Essen.


    Viren sind allergisch gegen Kälte (Menthol der Minze), Hitze (Ingwer macht Hitze, auch Chili) und Trockenheit (Wassermangel).
    Corona ist nicht ansteckend, nicht mehr als Grippe, weil es nur im Blut ist.
    Immun-Mineralstoff Zink: Reis, Huhn.

    5 General-Schlüssel gegen alle Viren:

    1. Scharfe Stoffe: Chili, scharfe Peperoni (dessen Wasser oder Tee), Ingwer, Knoblauch, Zwiebel, Meerrettich, Obstsäuren: Zitrone
    2. Bittere Stoffe: Eukalyptus (Malaria-Mittel), Wermut (Artemisia Annua = Beifuß gegen Ebola), Hopfen, Kakao, Schafgarbe, Wurzeln (z.B. Baldrian)
    3. Gelb-Stoffe = Flavonoide zerstören Viren-Gene: Kurkuma, Vanille, Ingwer, Orange, Karotte, Schwarztee, Apfel, Zwiebel, Honig, Koriander (Hirnstamm-Befall)
    4. Seifen-Stoffe = Saponine verpacken Viren: Hafer, Linden-Blüten, Ingwer, Kaffee, Gewürznelke, Kurkuma.
    5. Blutbilder:
    Rote Farbstoffe: Brombeere, Kirsche, Holunder-Beeren, Blutorange, Olive schwarz, Kakao
    Grüne Stoffe: Oregano, Thymian, Minze (Aids-Medizin), Grüntee, Rosmarin (Nebennieren-Rinde hilft Immunsystem), Gemüse (Kohl-Arten)
    Weiße Stoffe für Lymph-Blut: Knoblauch, Banane, Zwiebel, Zitrone, Ingwer, Reis, Kamille (Leukämie-Mittel), Milch (Vitamin D unverzichtbar), Zink (Reis, Huhn), Eiweiß, Meerrettich

    Ingwer besitzt alle diese 5 Eigenschaften.

    Brennen im Hals: Das sind Viren, die mit ihren Saugnäpfen die Haut austrocknen.
    Gegen-Maßnahme: sofort mit Menthol-Mundwasser (oder Zahnpasta) gurgeln oder eine Peperoni essen (dessen Wasser trinken).
    Orientierungsstörungen bzw. Bewusstseinsstörungen = Hirnstamm-Befall, Gegenmittel ist Koriander, auch: Meerrettich.
    Appetitlosigkeit: Orange.

    Corona, SARS, Grippe (Influenza)

    Natürliches Hilfsmittel, das die Mutter Maria im Jahr 2016 an Maria Esperanza gegeben hat gegen:
    Erkältungen, Grippe, Halsweh, Infekte der Atemwege.
    Es wird eine grippe-ähnliche Krankheit geben, die den Tod sehr vieler verursachen wird.
    Diese Krankheit wird Lungen und Herz angreifen.

    ½ zerquetschte, größere Knoblauchzehe
    2 Scheiben zerhackte Ingwer-Wurzel (eher etwas mehr)
    1 Esslöffel Zitronensaft
    1 Teelöffel Honig

    Knoblauch und Ingwer in eine Tasse geben.
    Zitronensaft und Honig dazu tun. Kochend heißes Wasser in die Tasse geben und die Mixtur für mindestens 5 Minuten ziehen lassen.
    (Die Mixtur aber selbst NICHT KOCHEN lassen!)
    Jeden Abend trinken, etwa eine Stunde vor dem Zubettgehen. Wer schon Symptome hat, der soll 3-mal pro Tag eine Tasse voll trinken.
    Wer keinen frischen Knoblauch hat, kann auch als Ersatz eine Knofi Kapsel nehmen.
    Gibt es einen Nachgeschmack oder schlechten Atem wegen des Knofis, dann sollte man einige Zweige Petersilie essen.

    Brombeeren und Weißdorn stärken auch das Immunsystem.

    Weiterer wichtiger Hinweis:
    Das Trinken von Heilwässern, die bei Erscheinungen der Muttergottes entstanden sind
    (z.B. Lourdes, Heroldsbach, San Damiano, Medjugorje, Gnadenbrünnlein Mariens, Notquelle, Eselsbrunnen usw.)
    hebt und stärkt in besonderer Weise das Immunsystem des Menschen.

    Es gibt hierzu einige Hinweise aus dem Mittelalter,
    dass Menschen die während der Pest-Zeit das Wasser des Eselsbrunnen getrunken haben, die Pest überlebten.

    Zusammenfassung aller “Corona-Infos”:
    Ingwer ist am effektivsten (wirkt gegen Fieber-Zustand ähnlich wie Eukalyptus),
    auch: Zimt (Joghurt mit Honig), Gewürznelke, Zitronensaft, Eukalyptus-Produkte, Minze, Thymian,
    Nadelbäume (auch Wacholder-Beeren):
    Fichte Tanne Kiefer – neue Knospen im Frühling zahlreich sammeln und in Honig einlegen.
    Küche: Huhn oder Reis = Zink, Fisch: Lungenfunktion, Knoblauch (wirkt wie Ingwer) und Zwiebel, Rosmarin, Kurkuma, Chili.
    Milch = Vitamin D (!), Honig = Traubenzucker (Dextrose),
    Orangen wirken wie Zitrone (ist intensiver, bei Gliederschmerzen, Syphilis-Medizin).
    Koriander, Ingwer und Knoblauch halten speziell den Kopf von den Viren frei.
    Lorbeeröl, Oregano-Öl, Honig.
    Minze (Menthol arbeitet wie Sauerstoff-Therapie, AIDS-Medizin).

    Immunsystem in Zusammenhang mit dem Darm:
    Joghurt, Minze, Bio-Knoblauch, Thymian und Leinsamen (Joghurt-Beigabe)
    Pektin von Apfel oder Banane.
    Immun-Beteiligung der Nebennieren-Rinde: Rosmarin.
    Lymph-Drüsen: Zwiebel, Knobel, Zitrone.
    Lunge: Omega 3 (Fisch, Pflanzen-Öle) – Fisch für die Lungen-Funktion,
    Orange, Minze Thymian Anis Kamille oder Schafgarbe (Bronchien), Zimt, Knobel Zwiebel.

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