Objectives for torture of target this is most interesting one yet – Omnisense – TICT

“Objectives for torture of target this is most interesting one yet – Omnisense – TICT
(total individual control technology)
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Cointelpro objectives on how to torture and what to do to torture a targeted individual this is the objectives the gangstalkers are given.”

this is going to be a very interesting one, this is objectives for the Target…
People Like Us, the objectives to do what what they want, so I’m going to start
reading this this is a very interesting one, so please stay tuned, this was a lot
better one than the last two…:

This is called total individual control technology by Omnisense,
organized stalking electronic harassment, the new high-tech generation of cointelpro,
in a nutshell government sources are using directed energy weapons and
artificial intelligence to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence,
torture and murder dissidents. In addition security contractors, among others are being hired as military thugs to gangstalk targets, inflicting as much pain and suffering as
possible without leaving any marks. Directed energy weapons programs revolutionized this, counter-proliferation programs are intended to subvert the potentials of a
Target while punishing them with psycho-sadistic techniques, the perversions of
cointelpro are notable, the murders and sadistic ethos of government counter-
proliferation programs Echoes that of the Nazis and this Perpetual network of
war criminals are committing sickening acts upon the global population
and this is the modern day objectives they got for us Target.

These are counter-proliferation centered programs, intended to subvert all progress, to discredit the Target, to character-assassination, to slander the target,
to taint the target´s image, to misrepresent the Target, to suppress the
target´s monetary act of success, to suppress the target´s good character
qualities or people awareness of positive aspects of the target, to arrange a partner for the Target or mind-control the partner of the target, to destroy the relationships of a Target, to co-opt the target´s manifestation, to turn the target into controlled
opposition, in terms of beliefs and actions, to incriminate the target, to round down the target´s output and audience, to marginalize the Target, to eliminate connection and network ability, to suppress the target´s personality, sanitization of pleasure and
emotion and individuality, to punish the target, to torture the target, to destroy
the target´s life, to stop a target from procreating ending a target’s bloodline,
eugenics, to suicide the target, to confirmly assassinate the target, to cover up the
targeting operation, if they see too much power and originality coming from someone, they either use it and siphon it or they undermine it in order to neutralize it.
Cointelpro, covert remote influence technology Suite, thought surveillance, neural AI fo psychic profiling. Directed Energy weapon mind control Network for counter-
proliferation targeting, an extensive in international neural monitoring project can calculate our Target´s potentials before the target is aware of them.
Gangstalking slash organized stalking, trauma-based mind control, no touch
torture, character assassination, slander via proxies, electromagnetic mind control aimed at discrediting the Target, technological illusion, psyops, misdirection mind control of people who provide opportunities for the Target, use the family against the target, mind control family, use of formula pharmaceutical drugs against the target
to orchestrate the detaining of a Target in a psychward, v2k to get a Target
diagnosis to paranoid schizophrenic, exaggerated warped untrue slander about
the target is proliferated, technology Playing devil’s advocate via implanted
thoughts to get a Target in trouble, agenda to incriminate the target.
Use of ego against the target, weaponized mind control against the target, coercing
of a Target into an apparently and appearing overly paranoid an objective
of a stalking, so that means the the stalking is to make you overly paranoid.
Specific technological control over a target’s body language or vocal turn to
generate mistrust, total individual control technology is used as attacking method,
to take away a Citizens rights through faulty mental illness diagnosis
outlandish Black Project technology experiences intended to discredit when
spoken uses of electronic control grid to mind control misfortunes for a Target.
Synthetic social phobias, public speaker-related suppression,
suppression of whatever platform the target is talented in: music, production,
software, to dehumanize a Target. Electromagnetic Neuroscience.”


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