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“David Atkins..today I’m gonna be talking about spooking to death.. it’s a little excerpt article out of Dr Robert Duncan’s book uh Project Soul Catcher.
John 16 33: I’ve said these things to you that me you may have peace in the
world, you have a tribulation but take heart I have to overcome the world but I
like the King James version better he says these things are spoken into you
that in me you shall have peace, but in the world you should have tribulation,
but be of good cheer I have overcome the world which means no matter what happens
to you in the end…most of the disciples I stress this most of
the Disciples of people that followed Jesus suffered, persecution everything..
Big Time persecution, so anyway just keep that in mind and I’m
gonna go ahead and start this video and you know I printed this all it’s
called spooking to death inducing prolonged and intense stress on
the target can cause heart failure and strokes the techniques range from a
runaway adrenaline process to inducing heart a rhythmias and Vascular
contractions to raise blood pressure to unsafe levels in order to find a
defective weakness even during the free torture doctrines
required a physician present when purposely torturing one to death the
rule of law doesn’t apply unfortunately federal laws simply don’t get caught,
deny everything and dead men don’t talk, killing someone with just information
cellular communication and neurological weapons can be more difficult than one
might suspect, it can take a long time in many cases but the combined
probabilities of the thousands of different techniques add up this is why
they are spending so much money in human resources on perfecting this weapon.
As interesting side note many of the behavior modifications to the death
techniques can be defeated by their faith and religion, however religion can
be used against the Target too using the voice of God which I like to call the
voice of devil and in omnipotent techniques it can’t stop the torture but it can stop the quick kills and the use of humans as an assassin for political and Military reasons. Unfortunately Muslim jihads are easily used by these techniques while Christians have some defenses, unless they’re extremists,
spooking also involves many psychological techniques as the stalking and computer tampering the CIA has been proven their creative ways to scare control and torture in physical renditions using barking growling dogs sexual humalition and and playing on ever fear, such as Suffocation or threats against family are traditionally used by these people. If one studies crime families one can understand how the CIA and some other agencies and financial institutions act as a self-protection racket to hide their crimes, in remote Renditions different methods are employed, threats to torture and kill the person their family are still used, but they have to be creative since the physical threats must be implied, one
interesting computer virus developed by the CIA Etc can be inserted by Communications warfare using War using the 802.11 wireless protocols to any
vulnerable computer in the world, using satellites and haarp, like Global
communication systems, specialized viruses can be easily found by the
average person using virus checking software. Virus checking softwares only
looks for the most common viruses and those that spread maliciously that are
reported the CIA viruses are not meant to spread from computer to computer
check this out and only attack the target machine, then Purge themselves
usually, so that they leave no Trace they are meant to be Psycho interactive and
spread from the computer through the visual or audio ports of the human into
their psychology and possibly thereby have that person spread the fear to
other humans. These techniques are still classified in general category of Mind
viruses and psychotronic viruses, despite the way the terror and the fear is
induced into the culture. 802.11 is umfound on DARPA project website, also
including electronic warfare unit in the Air Force,.. as an example of one of these
specialized malware spooking virus was captured by government whistleblower.
Graphic cards have their own processors and can run instruction sets, many
hackers figured out they could insert their own code to be running Graphics
processors and could not be detected by standard virus Checkers this in this
semi-famous satanic spoking virus is used effectively to scare the hell out of the
target it only works if the conditions are right it’s mode of attack is in the
human site using a computer with a video camera on it pointed at the Target the
idea is to make the target see an image of him or herself as if they are
possessed by a demon… or another computer virus that is meant
to drive the target crazy and decrease productivity by 20 percent uses small
newest new instances is like switching keystrokes on their computer every so often and make them believe their computer is breaking down this virus is
also classified under economic Warfare.”

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