Disrupting Human Networks (How they keep Targeted Individuals as well as the world from uniting)

“Disrupting Human Networks (How they keep Targeted Individuals as well as the world from uniting)
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“Good afternoon everyone, David Atkins, targeted individual, today I’m going to read something out of
Robert Duncan’s Book Project Soul catcher on disrupting human Networks and I’m gonna start out with “Ziontube/CIA/NSA-Transcript-Fail: Obama verse” a Bible Verse.
But first you know I’ve had people uh say well you must be on drugs you’re moving like this no I was on psych meds
four four years straight Seroquel, all these psych meds and it caused a tardive dyskinesia and if you look up tardive
dyskinesia, you’ll see it causes these involuntary hand and face movements, so that’s why I moved that way I just
wanted to clear that up…”

“Matthew 12 25 and Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them every Kingdom divided against itself is brought to
Desolation in every city or house divided against itself shall not stand, that’s why they keep us divided, they
know this, that’s why they keep the whole world divided Democrat Republican…it’s all division
and there’s more division groups than that gangs different gangs everybody everybody’s going against each other that’s all part of a big scheme, because they know if we ever unite it’s over.”

“As for government control it’s useful to disrupt groups and movements from organizing or forming or protesting the
Department of Defense had several contacts contracts approved for lifelong studies of relationships how could DOD
study the formation of relationships without spying on American citizens creating network connections through
coincidences by Design is an important way to order Society the tricks to disrupt relationships can be
physical, legal and emotional, even in the non-canical Bible text this technique is spoken of God
commanded Gabriel to trick people into fighting amongst themselves Gabriel was to go to the biters to the reprobates
into the children of fornication The Offspring of the watchers from among men bring them forth and incite them
against one another let them perish under mutual slaughter for the length of day shall not be theirs, Enoch 10 13.
This is just an example on Division and how it operates and so Gabriel Gabriel instigated Wars among the Giants
and the Watchers, in the Quran is mentioned under trickery where Satan makes those on the same side fight
against each other in volume 4 book 54 number 510 named Aisha on the day of the battle.. when the pagans were
defeated Satan shouted o slaves of Our Lives Beware of the forces at your back and on that the Muslims of the front
files fought with the Muslims of the back files thinking they were Pagans..”

“Divide and conquer strategies have been used by the United States and the Middle East, this helps disrupt all monopolies and after Afghanistan where the Cold War was spot the United States used Iraq to fight
against Iran who the Soviet Union was backing, the Soviet Union also has interest in not allowing a union to form
in the Middle East.”

the research of this book studied 30 groups to have formed against the topic
of mind-controlled torture electronicharassment and government surveillance.
The majorities the majority of the groups just bans and shrinks over time this was because of the members
studying how they tried to organize shows a very big weakness, first they have a severe lack of resources, secondly
they were vulnerable to paranoia against provocateurs, those trying to disrupt the group. However this petty bickering is what actually led to their inability to organize and unify into one loud voice.”

“Racial hatred experiments by the CIA, over 75 mind control experiments have been identified from the 650 interviews of American CIA human behavior modification experiments in the last fourty years, one of the particular interests is creating inciting racial hatred approximately. Approximately 44 percent of those interviewed were
conditioned and brainwashed into hating a particular original religion, race and sex, during their years of being
experimental on, in war theories this is necessary to incite Wars between groups while pursuing award world domination
strategy it is important to weaken countries and groups that desires one to adopt that one desires to dominate.
Unit creates strength dividing and conquering is the oldest Warfare strategy in recording text, not only dividing groups who are forming, but inciting them to attack and distrust each other is an important step to create a preoccupation…this means that behind the scenes using various techniques that the CIA KGB and the
Nazi psychologist develops, you try to get groups to fight each other, in order to reduce their numbers their will to
fight another War exhaust the resources before you come in as the political force and take over.”

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