Ukraine crisis: ‘Putin will meet hell’ says former president Petro Poroshenko

“Ukraine crisis: ‘Putin will meet hell’ says former president Petro Poroshenko”

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Ukraine’s former president Petro Poroshenko has told Sky News that this war ‘is not about Ukraine’ but about the “free world”.”

“He added: “Putin will meet hell. Russian people and soldiers will pay a big price.””

“Q: You’ve said recently that putin is not only mad but he is evil as well and you’ve already alluded to
the fact that this may well not stop at Ukraine,does he have ambitions beyond Ukraine?”
“A: Definitely yes and this is absolutely different understanding what happening
uh in ukraine year 2014 and what’s happening uh in year 2022 because putin uh he
lives in the borders of the warsaw pact for him the borders of russia finishing
for example in dresden when he served as a kgb agent uh during his kgb career but i have a feeling that he
still remain the kgb officer and this is his understanding of the world order and world order for him is a russian order
and no nation can feel themselves in the security if they have a Putin as his neighbor, so with this
situation that can be ..baltic states, poland, romania, bulgaria, but the real uh place for putin is not
central in eastern europe..the is real place for putin is the ilitary tribunal in Den Haag and this should be responsibility for the dozens of thousands of Ukrainians which were killed directly by Putin order.”

“I do it with a great pleasure to protect Ukraine and we do not attack anybody, we do not do anything who can
harm any country or any territory but definitely we do our best that to protect our future.”

“..and a significant number of the russian tanks were destroyed during the last 72 hours.. because of your assistance…”

“The hot war we have and the ukrainian person …pays an enormous price we know who is a
russian aggressor putin said that in ukraine they he the people will meet russian soldiers with the flowers
and preparing the molotov cocktail this is the flowers for putin and definitely this is our soil, this is our country,
this is our people and putin has nothing to do here, get out from Ukraine Mr Putin.”

“Putin who hate Ukraine and hate Ukrainian and with that situation uh he launched an
aggression and for the last 72 hours more than 3 000 russians were killed,
more than 20 planes were hit, more than 100 tanks were destroyed and more than 1 000 on personal carrier were
destroyed and this is the demonstration how ukrainian army how ukrainian
soldiers and how ukrainian people uh is absolutely cancel break putin’s scenario.”

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