Your hometown people are jealous and want you to fail.. #chosenones

“Your hometown people are jealous and want you to fail.. #chosenones”

“Your success the work you put in has everything to do with you and nothing to do with anybody else or
how you see or view anybody else but they view it like this why because they get jealous and
insecure and envious and all these other things and some people will come to the point
where they will kill you in your own hometown, you see it happening all the time and it’s a shame,
it’s backwards, you should be celebrated by your own people, you should be, but it’s just
unfortunately, it’s not how it goes and it’s not something that’s ever going to change, so don’t expect it to change,
don’t think these people are going to love you all over again because you’re going to get to a certain point
where they are going to turn on you and nothing else is going to be done or said it set her down,
it’s just how it is and you will get all the love, appreciation, the support, everything, from strangers
that never met you in real life, it’s a weird thing how how things really are, but it’s just completely absurd at the same
time, it makes no sense but it makes sense…your hometown people, your haters, they do nothing, but make themselves look bad,
they can’t even act right around you, they can’t, they cannot, they don’t want to give you anything, because they lack
so much of what you already have, they can’t even hide the fact of how much they hate you and this is really
what it is, it’s completely insane, it’s completely insane, because they know you have so much more
abundance than they do, they know you have so much more than they have which is why they have to act the way
they act…they want to tear you down because you already have so much more, but you earn so much more
you put in the work they did not put in the work, you earn what you earn because the work you put in,
they have what they have because of what they did not’re doing things at a much higher level
than they can even comprehend they can’t get on that level that’s the thing but you’re on that level
you are and that’s why they hate because you’re great and they pretty much want you dead.
The fact that you exist bothers them and they would rather you crawl up under a tree and not do anything,
become nothing, say nothing, do nothing, just be nothing in general, just like they are
and that is the harsh truth, they hate you, they despise you, you make them feel bad without even doing anything to them
personally, you’re not even focused on them, but internally this is how they feel towards you
you don’t even feel anything towards them… People are going to feel how they want to feel towards
you and it’s something that’s not going to change…because it has everything to do with them and nothing to do about
you there are people out there that want to view you as a bad person you can be the best person ever, the nicest, the humblest, the best person ever and there could be people out you painting a bad picture of you, because they have to do that
to feel better about themselves, you can be a better person than these people’s parents.. it’s just crazy people
are absolutely insane in the head it’s just crazy…and you know it all stems down to you achieving things that they
do not, it’s not that they can, it’s that they they just don’t have it in them to do it,
so they can do nothing but hate and it’s it’s the real pandemic for being honest.”

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