Chosen ones are overlooked and misunderstood the most #chosenones

“Chosen ones are overlooked and misunderstood the most #chosenones”

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“But the chosen ones.. even before I was born..and it will forever be that way, forever and just understand
the chosen ones will forever be overlooked and misunderstood, forever, that’s how it’s always going to be,
overlooked, so people see you as not as good as you actually are, because they choose to see you like that,
because they don’t see you fully, they see one thing about you, they watch you, they try to pick out flaws about you,
but they’re not seeing the full picture and they can’t even do what you do it to begin with.
They just overlook you, period. You can do so many different things, you think in so many different ways,
yet these people judge you based off such a small mindedness type of way and the way you think about what they’re
saying is just like they’re clearly looking at you as somebody you’re not, you know you’re not that person,
but yet they want you to believe that you’re that person they want to believe that you are not who you actually are
and they’re not fooling anybody besides themselves, because they are fooling themselves, because they’re overlooking you and you know you’re not that person, you know that, but they don’t because they’re overlooking you and they misunderstand you
and this is what it comes down to, so it is a term, chosen ones is a term.”

“You are chosen because there’s not a lot of people like that in the world there’s not a lot of people
that think the way you think, a lot of people in this world, today, as we all know, are very worldly,
believe everything they see, believe everything they hear, they’re caught up in that society of the world.
They don’t they don’t have their own thoughts, they just don’t, they’re not creative,
they’re not charismatic, they’re like walking zombies, they do not have a mind of their own so,
this is why i use the term chosen ones, particular people that think a certain way.”

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