C0vid Vaxx Regime Introduced In Norway

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C0vid Vaxx Regime Introduced In Norway
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“just a person: ​Same thing in Canada. Irs.”

“Moose Lodge: ​Saw an ad in Germany that Americans need the help of Germans for food.”

“Mark Schenkers: ​Here in the Netherlands the almoat same bs.”

“Moose Lodge: ​In Australia yes
Bob Smithers: ​Cat and Mouse…”

“Baked N Confused: vor 2 Jahren: Nice guys don’t finish last, they don’t even finish the race. – recovering nice guy.”
“Hani G.: vor 2 Jahren: They dont join the race.
“Joe Akash: vor 2 Jahren: True… Can’t finish if you get trampled by the stampede.
– a fellow recovering nice guy.”
“Heath St John: vor 2 Jahren:True , mostly , only whilst you’re on the Earth. In the Eternity of your Heavenly Home , the rules are very different.”
“Cindra Maria George: vor 1 Jahr: “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves. Therefore be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.” -Jesus
“John Phillips: vor 7 Monaten: “Valuing human life is not weakness. And disregarding it is not strength.” — Mirage, The Incredibles
“Karen Pinheiro..Glad to see Outlaw Bjorn is back and on the mend!”

“If you look into the technical details, something like this has never happened before,
because um if you look at for instance polio, the technology is completely different, okay,
now they’re trying to use something not found in nature, to fool nature,
it’s not going to work and we are seeing that now…”

“Trump’s A Commie: ​90% of vaccines are unhealthy.
Troll Patrol: ​I won’t take one, not two.. surely not 5..
itsa me:​They want to set a standard.”

“It’s not us and them, this is between people who understand freedom of
choice and those who do not understand that or who don’t want respect it.”

“finestplanet 1:
​Björn Medical, Firemen, police, military they have no choice or quit. – half will – half will not.”

“Now, I’ve i’ve managed to keep the trolls out of the chat but this
is, it’s like a deadly poison isn’t it, you know it’s like six o’clock in the
morning here and i have it still a bit of a cough so, i’ll have some red bull.
“Focus on getting sleep.” iI hate sleeping, I’m not that kind of person, I hate that now i’m I’m waiting for daylight now, I’m going to get out and film a video for you guys
in North America.”

“You should take your age into consideration…”
“what’s happening now is very much like in in a way it’s it’s like
it’s like an abusive relationship or you…they said well just pay us a
lot of money and we’ll go away and then they went away and they came back the
next spring and then they asked for even more money and so it went you know um
yeah i shouldn’t laugh because that was probably very traumatic for the people…
I say this to people actually and they hate me for saying this but anyway,
I say if you think that this will all go back to normal
normal if if you just if behave like a good boy or girl and you take the you
take your medicine, you’re wrong…”

“People must stop accepting things that are unacceptable and…I am disappointed with people because I would have thought that at this point people would have seen through all their lies…but maybe i was just naive because I shouldn’t have been disappointed..this was to be expected.”

“putting time and effort into creating videos,
you honestly don’t know how it feels to be targeted
and people are targeted. I have been targeted and it’s not nice…”

“my best videos are also my most disliked videos”

“Rolf Steiner: ​Fauci was following orders from the Rockefeller Foundation.
simply bibi: ​yes! Netherlands are going to 2g!
Shadow Sonata:
​The reason the US is blocking any mention of treatments (Ivermectin, NAC, even Aspirin ) is if a treatment exists, the “emergency authorization” has to be pulled. It’ll cost big pharma billions.
Thomas Gorman: ​Global economy is doomed to collapse… even if we do or don’t boycott it.
Caleb Veloz: ​People want to be led like Sheep!!
Tonylama Gilbert: ​Mark of the beast is in the arm in the greek.
Nurnberg 2.0: ​psychological warfare.
Ink le nation 1972:
​The GOVERNMENT FILTERS WHAT WE ARE ALLOWED TO WATCH!.. (kinda like a communist country)
April Cole: ​some channels are popular because of high dislike numbers.
Patricia Ingles: ​Brainwashing of the lazy.
Troll Patrol: ​Buy lavender oil. Sniff the bottle daily. It boosts your immune system. You’ll never get sick again.
Jason Sphinx:​BLUE LAGOON.
Donald FRAZIER: ​All wars are perpetrated by the banking cartel.”

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