Gov´t corruption and smartphone slavery – John McAfee´s best quotes to RT

“Gov´t corruption and smartphone slavery – John McAfee´s best quotes to RT”

“but people should be allowed to make their own choice, technology has given us
the smartphone which will allow us to communicate across the world, sometimes looking at
the person´s face while we’re speaking it allows us to access information
powerful information while we’re in traveling on trains or buses or or
sitting in a restaurant or at our office at the same time it can enslave and if
you look around you you’ll see those who are enslaved, you can walk into many restaurants at
lunchtime and look at the people, over half of them are not looking at their partner or the person they’re sitting across the table from, they’re looking down at their smartphone
and texting, sometimes everybody is doing that, that seems like slavery to me,
where you are enslaved to the device, to the point that you completely block out
human presence and I think that’s a very bad sign.
We need to we need to use technology for what technology is intended for automobiles to get us
places faster telephones, so that we don’t have to run across town to talk to somebody,
but when they become our masters then we become the enslaved.”

“here’s the truth of of of hacking and and security no matter how secure you
want to make a system, someone will always find a way to break in, it’s been that way with safes, it’s been that way with door locks it’s been that way with bank vaults,
there will always be a way nothing can be perfectly secure in life this is just
the way the world works least of all software.
The older the computer the easier it is to hack that computer and what do computers do they don’t just access the internet and and do our taxes, they control steel mills and
food processing plants and virtually everything in life including our cars now,
last year a car was hacked into by two hackers hundreds of miles away
and control was taken away from the driver it was written up in wired
magazine, so, but let’s assume there’s something far more important than automobiles or
even airplanes that can be hacked, what about power plants, in America our power grid
is approaching 50 years old, 50 and our computers are 20 to 25 years old, way before
cyber security was even considered as an issue….”

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