Etienne Charland and Marko – COVID Update, NAGAS, and Timeline Shifts

“Etienne Charland and Marko – COVID Update, NAGAS, and Timeline Shifts”
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Today Etienne and Marko will be going over death rates, lock downs, micro worms, psychic storms, Negas, and Timeline Shifts. Marko is a soul created form the source. He is one of the 50th oldest souls in the universe. He has incarnated first time as patriarch of Andromeda. He has two lifetimes as an Orion military lieutenant. He had fire bending abilities on Orion. We also Etienne Charland who will be speaking about these topics and his intuitive perspective how he perceives we will transcend this situation.

Etienne Charland, founder of the Hanuman Institute, is one of the many starseeds who incarnated on Earth to assist Earth during its ascension process from 3D into 5D. Once known as Hanuman, he has recovered his full psychic powers and he is known to be a fierce Warrior of Light ready to face any adversities. He is one of the major players in Orion, and is constantly involved in inter-galactic affairs between the various groups and federations, who communicate with each other telepathically. He is also the author of the book, The History of the Universe, where he describes the context of what’s happening on Earth, who the Dracos are, and how the dark forces got defeated in 2016. Since then, our planet is going through a karmic cleansing as we go through the greatest vibrational shift known to humanity.”

“The Orions, like a lot of bads reputations…there have been wars …Orions had a lot of military technologies. The Orions are light warriors, spiritual warriors, that´s the core of them. No amount of Mind Control can work on me, because I am hardwired top that. ..The Orions, the strongest guardians in the Universe they come from the Orions. They have the highest level of spiritual knowledge and technologies and prosperity in the Universe. ..and from there the Dracos took over…”

“Military Hierarchy is actually taken from the Orion System. So I was Lieutenant, I was basically a Warrior, making War, having battles.”

“Drawing The Fire Balls out…I cannot rationally explain it…”

bhakta peter: ​hare krsna.
bhakta peter: ​Hari OM.
bhakta peter: ​God Help us all.

“I see no more negative Nagas, I see neutral ones and positive ones. (Marko Pesic)”

/(Kundalini) /(Phonetik) /(Trigger)

“It seems…The Nagas took over the SSP. (Etienne Charla)”

“98% of the SSP is taken by the lightforce. (Marko Pesic)”

“Slavic or Germanic Genetics AB Bloodtype..
Those Vaccines that are mandatory in Europe they are designed to disable slavic-germanic DNA, because that is that kind of DNA that is closed to Atlantean DNA..”

Conspiracy Revelation: 19.7.2020: Your idea that “God” does the cleansing is pretty irrational..and then the question arises which “God”? Some half-demon Monster-Entity or what is in your mind..God/dess is Love…it´s just NWO-Bioweapons..Empty Shells is pretty derogatory and I think those “Empty Shells” will also always be the majority on this Planet. They won´t disable anything, these morons who turn against the non-corruptible woke Germans will lose either way. Call them Zionists, Crown Imperialists, Nazi-Templars (Nazi means in reality against the white race, but 95% are brainwashed and don´t understand), Vatican Romans, NWO-Minions or whatever.

“Corona is Mind Control Synthetic-AI…This Virus.. is synthetic AI and many other things…(MP)”

“Drinking Cocoa ..will just increase haemoglobine and iron inside your blood and of course keeping your vibration higher, meditating and so on.. (MP)”

“Shells and Matrix People..I am not paying attention to the general population anymore…what concerns me is the communities of conscious peoples, the energy workers and the lightworkers, 80% of my clients are goint to have damage… permanent karmic damage. (EC)”

“Damage is 80% in the lungs, 12% kidneys, 4% heart, 4% cardio-vascular. That’s the kind of damage that karmically
won’t be healable for ~22 years in most cases, which means karmic energies stuck in the system long-term.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 19.7.2020: Your answers are really a bit like of amateur doctors and amateur spiritualists…”Galactic Seeds”… I think these conclusion you better leave to real long-term experts and real specialists.

“All of the psychotropic drugs..they create portals in your energy black holes and all the negative entities are coming together…those creates portals, including Ayuhasca..That´s one thing I have been looking at lately ..people who are doing Ayuhasca in Peru the last couple of years, I would say all of them get possessed by demons and a lot of them get their Souls ripped/whacked out of their body and replaced by another Soul. (E.C.)”

“Andromeda has 7 main Queens and Patriarchs. (E.C.)”

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