CYTOKINE STORM AND HOW IT KILLS—I'm A Surgeon–Here's The Medical Answer.

“CYTOKINE STORM AND HOW IT KILLS—I’m A Surgeon–Here’s The Medical Answer.”
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“Why should we listen to you well the reason why you should listen to me the reason why I´m doing this is because what do you think is the number one, currently the number one risk factor
for poor outcomes with coronavirus, by poor outcomes I mean you die…what is the number one risk factor for poor outcomes with coronavirus? So the answer is not age, not high blood pressure, not diabetes, not old people, not smokers. In the United States it´s actually morbid obesity and that´s my following and that´s why I´m doing these broadcasts so my morbid obesity my patients are at the greatest risk my following is at the greatest risk do most people get over this yes 80% will, 20% will need some sort of higher level care and by that we mean you need
“but the vast majority of them will die on the vent and who´s dying? The morbidly obese, the elderly and people with previous lung issues, lung diseases, if you have three comorbidities your your chance of of dying from once you´re on the ventilator is very high so what we want to do is keep you off the ventilator right we got to keep you off of this process, so a lot has been changing over the last last week so that´s why I´m here doing pretty much coronavirus update every single day to try to explain it to you in ways you can understand.”
“He´s just trying to get likes!”
“Fuck you, I don´t care.”
“Stress lowers your immune response.”
“So what is it? So it´s a Hyper Response, basically, to an Attack – in this case it´s a Virus.
“Cytokine storm happens in several medical conditions not always viruses you can have it in pancreatitis, your organs can cause it it ultimately results in something called sepsis
that’s super important.”
“But in this case it appears a lot in viral illnesses,
so h1n1, SARS, MERS and now Covid-19.”
“It’s the whole sponge demonstration how your lungs fill up with fluid that’s basically a result of a cytokine storm, so the corona virus attacks your type 2 lung cells, your type 2 pneumosites, destroys that cell and when it destroys
that cell and how does it destroy the cell, well it gets into the cell, it makes copies of itself and then it fucking pops through the cell. Remember that movie Aliens and the baby like the Alien and the baby comes out the alien comes
out. scared the out of all of us when we first saw that for the first time. Well, that’s what happens to your type 2 Pneumosites..the coronaviruses pops out of that… just bust through the membrane and kills its host.”
“Any BMI ≥ 35 or 40 kg/m2 is severe obesity.
A BMI of ≥ 35 kg/m2 and experiencing obesity-related health conditions
or ≥40–44.9 kg/m2 is morbid obesity.
A BMI of ≥ 45 or 50 kg/m2 is super obesity.
A “super obese” male with a BMI of 53 kg/m2: weight 182 kg (400 lb), height 185 cm (6 ft 1 in). (Wikipedia)”
“Pazazi Morano: vor 15 Stunden: wow people finally realizing how unforgiving natural selection is and the cruel world we live in.”
“Charlie Dallachie: vor 5 Stunden (bearbeitet):
Pazazi Morano true but it’s kinda strange how the body ends up killing itself to eradicate the virus. Even with great immune systems, this is why young healthy people can die.”
“A G: vor 4 Stunden: My guess is that the second and third wave of this virus, just like the Spanish flu of 1918-19, will come back and kill a lot more people, including many young and relatively healthy people. This fall and winter will be full of death.”
“fern Haloo: vor 3 Stunden: @A G I’m hunkering down until 2022.”
“roberto R: vor 1 Stunde: @Jim Veybe just here to demonstrate your stupidity?”
“Rossi Rose: vor 3 Stunden (bearbeitet):
Please no celebrities! Everyone is sick of them already! You do a great job with other medical doctors! Please talk about what media news are the best. A lot of the news outlets are spreading false news.”
“Laurence Egerton: vor 8 Stunden: Stopping smoking is the single most healthy things one can do for their bodies.
Dean Martin said when he quit. “If I don’t take care of my body, where am I going to live?””
“dave renick: vor 15 Stunden: I’ve worked at the same hospital almost 20 years. I’m not being as bold with ID as you because I’m employed and the corporation “might” not like my commentary. So kindly pardon the cowardice. . I’ll say that you’re saying what i would say…except with your uniquely excellent style. So, keep it up please……this is just what people need to hear in a way that they CAN hear it.”
“Micah Moore: vor 8 Stunden: The smoker’s voice was oddly accurate. I see your cytokine storm and raise you a nicotine storm.”
“phyrestorm999: vor 13 Stunden (bearbeitet): 25:09 RIP headphone users.”
“DJJ: vor 12 Minuten: My Airpods blew off my ears.”
“Ohio Tracker: vor 7 Stunden: His Attitude is so refreshing! Straight talk, good timing of expletives! Don’t agree with ALL his opinions but most. Capt. Voung the America’s Medical Super Hero! :-)”
“E J: vor 3 Stunden: Celebrities can afford to stay home for several more months. Myself and my husband need to work, we are not wealthy doctors or celebrities who can sit on our asses at home sorry.”
“pretty money: vor 49 Minuten: so money n lifestyle are more important than staying alive? ok.. good luck lol”
“Lee M: vor 6 Minuten: Make YouTube videos and you can stay home (have to get 100k plus followers)!”
“Jan Schetters: vor 14 Stunden: In the future the love ones will meet again in Heaven or Hell.”
“Insane Beauty: vor 6 Stunden: This guy makes me want to gain weight so he can be my doctor.”
“lopezb: vor 5 Stunden: This doc is the BEST. He tells us the unvarinshed truth that everyone else skirts around. But he does it with freshness and humor that makes it possible for us to hear…”
“vizi5: vor 4 Stunden (bearbeitet): The most amusing and professional presentation about a very severe disease. This dude is brilliant. Keep it up! Unfortunately no buttery voice at all.”
“FreeSpeech FreeSpeech.: vor 9 Stunden: The genome of certain races can be attacked .a racist weapon.”
“Ismael Martinez: vor 1 Stunde: Dude the screaming is not needed. Anyone listening with headphones is just hurting.”

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